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The Shadowlands expansion comes with a LEVEL SQUISH which will change how you level up in World of Warcraft forever. The Shadowlands expansion comes with a LEVEL SQUISH which will change how. Blizzard have already stated that the level squish will not affect you going back and farming old raids just as we do now. Of course there will be bugs and problems when it first goes live, it would be unrealistic to expect anything else and no doubt the forums will fill up with ‘I quit’ posts because of various reasons associated with mentioned bugs and issues. They squished the current max level down to 50 — with it going up to 60 when Shadowlands drops. And they added an hour-long tutorial experience that takes players from level 1-10. For levels 10-40. The 'Level Squish' will reduce the total number of levels required to access the most current game content. The new level cap will be dramatically lower than the current level cap of 120. How much would you like or dislike a reduction in character levels? Ion first shard this idea at the March 21st Q&A.


The incoming level squish for Shadowlands is a part of a new leveling system and will provide a meaningful sense of progression for players.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands players will be getting their levels squished from the current max of 120 to 60. For the pre-patch, players will be brought to level 50, being able to level back to 60 when the expansion launches. According to the official press release, “Shadowlands will introduce a new leveling system, meant to provide a meaningful sense of advancement with every level achieved.”

A level squish refers to changing the way a player character scales as they earn experience and gain new levels. With the reduced level cap, it will now be easier to reach endgame content like raiding and players won’t have to spend as much time questing in older zones. It also helps Blizzard balance and adjust character stats.

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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was revealed earlier today during Blizzcon 2019 and it looks like players will be traveling back to Icecrown. Shadowlands will be available next year and bring tons of new places to explore in the large world of Azeroth. The trailer also mentions that you can “choose a covenant,” showing what looks like leaders of each of the four zones. The accompanying cinematic trailer sees Sylvanas Windrunner ambush the current Lich King in Icecrown, Bolvar Fordragon.