Wow Archaeology Rare Items List

This is a list of items that are either extremely rare, or no longer obtainable. A good way to find these items, would be adding them to your 'snatch' list of your auctioneer. If you get your hand on any of these items, you can be sure to get a good amount of gold. Info on cosmetic and vanity items can be found in this archaeology item listing. WoW's newest secondary profession has numerous pieces of epic gear, as well as many cosmetic items, pets, and mounts. Includes tips on which races have what, and where each race can be found.

Wow Archaeology Rare Items List

Night Elfs offer many rare vanity items and a few pieces of gear as well. Dig sites can be found in Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, and Northrend. this is one of the four races you can Survey when first skill up Archaeology. (Surveying gives skill up until 100.)

Notably, many level 85 healers can benefit from Tyrande’s Favorite Doll at least as an entry trinket for level 85 content.


A complete searchable and filterable list of all Archaeology Projects in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Always up to date with the latest patch (9.0.2). When I'm working on, for example, Night Elf archeology i look at what artifact i'm going to make and it's an uncommon crap item. Eventually when I get my skill level about 140 COULD those uncommon artifacts turn into Rare artifacts? Or once I get to 140 skill level I will 100% get to create fun rare items? Please explain this to me I don't get it.


Wow Archaeology Rare Items List Minecraft


Wow Archaeology Rare Items List 2020

Below are WoW Dig Site Articles, separate pages dedicated to each listed Artifact.
Level 85 Caster Trinket450+
Level 51 Cloth Chest150+

Wow Archaeology Rare Items List Names

Below are Night Elf Common items with Wowhead links.

Common Artifact Links:
Scandalous Silk Nightgown
Highborne Pyxis
Green Dragon Ring
Inlaid Ivory Comb
Coin from Eldre’Thalas
Cloak Clasp with Antlers
Shattered Glaive
Kaldorei Amphora
Hairpin of Silver and Malachite
Delicate Music Box
Chest of Tiny Glass Animals
Cracked Crystal Vial
Silver Scroll Case
Scepter of Xavius
String of Small Pink Pearls
Umbra Crescent
Necklace with Elune Pendant
Carcanet of the Hundred Magi