Windows Xp Pro Change Product Key

Master key for windows xp sp2 & sp3 kxmpr-2cdkm-w4qg8-vpqyx-rb4wq rhkg3 8yw4w 4rhjg 83m4y 7x9gw vddf2-jjwm3-x7p27-frhrt-8bvht cc7wf-3vxv8-2k9kr-8k2wk-krmky. 'A small application that allows users to easily change Windows XP product key number by entering new valid XP product key into the field provided and the just press the ‘Change Key’ button. Then the application will run the patched activation process so that the Windows is fully activated after reboot.'

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I have about 20 computers all with OEM product Keys. I built the first one and installed all updates including service pack 3. I imaged that hard drive via ghost and tried to change the product key.

Windows XP SP3 ISO Image File with Product Key Free Download

Windows Xp Pro Change Product Key

Windows xp sp3 iso image file free download. As the size is of this windows is high, so download image file having light size.

If you do have your Windows XP product key but you're missing your Windows XP CD, you could argue that, since you did actually purchase XP and you have a valid product key and should be able to legally download a Windows XP CD image from anywhere. Microsoft isn't on board with that argument, though. Windows XP expert product key All Editions Universal Product Keys Collection. Windows XP Professional product key secret’s an operating gadget created through Microsoft in 2001. Soon after its release, it has become the most widely used non-public operating device in the world.

Windows xp was the great update by Microsoft in the world of computers and technology. It has all the basic features with fast speed and easy user interface. Recently Microsoft has developed a new Windows version named as Windows 10 Technical Preview.

After Windows Xp sp3 Microsoft has released other windows versions like Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, respectively.


Why am I Sharing Windows XP SP3 ISO with Product Key?

There are following reason that will lead you to know that why am i sharing this pack.

  • It has light size.
  • Supported for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.
  • No dll, registry or any other errors detected in this pack.
  • SP3 is a new version and has some improvements.
  • Easy to download and easy to install.
  • Product key is included so that you can activate this.
  • It is genuine bootable windows XP SP3 ISO.
  • Works on all the PCs; older and newer both.

Windows Xp Product Key List

How to Install Windows XP SP3 ISO Pack?

Follow the following simple steps.

Windows Xp Pro Change Product Key
  1. Download the pack from given links.
  2. Open .rar file using pass. (ycracks)
  3. Burn ISO image file.
  4. Download Rufus software.
  5. Plug in your USB Flash.
  6. To make it bootable, select NTFS as file system in the drop menu.
  7. Then click on the buttons that looks like a DVD drive, that one near to the checkbox that says “Create bootable disk.
  8. Choose the XP SP3 ISO file.
  9. Click Start.
  10. Restart your PC.
  11. Press any key when demanded.
  12. Then simply do as you are demanded.

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Free download ISO file + Sata Drivers from following links.

Also try KMSPico Activator for Windows

Product Key For Windows Xp

Sometimes it becomes necessary to change the product key of Windows XP, but by default XP doesn’t provide any option to do that. As a result, many people may decide to re-install the operating system itself which is often a tedious and time consuming task .

How To Change Product Key Windows Xp

However, here is a small hack using which it is possible to change the Windows XP product key without the need for re-installing it. This makes it possible to input a new product key and make your OS genuine. Here is a step-by-step procedure:

  1. Open the Registry editor (Go to Start menu -> Run -> type regedit and hit Enter).

  2. In the Registry editor navigate to:

  3. In the right-side panel open “OOBE Timer”

  4. Edit/Change at least one entry there, press OK and close registry editor. This will temporarily deactivate your Windows.

  5. In “Run” type the following command and press Enter:

  6. Activation wizard appears as follows:

  7. Select the option “activation by phone” and click on “Next”. In the next page click on “CHANGE PRODUCT KEY” button, enter a new valid product key, press OK and close the wizard.

  8. Reboot the computer. After the restart type the same command (as shown in step-5) in the “Run” box.

  9. Activation wizard appears again and it shows the message WINDOWS IS ALREADY ACTIVATED.


That’s it! You have now successfully changed the product key of your Windows XP computer.

Windows Xp Change Product Key

Free windows xp product key
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