Traveller 5 Core Rulebook Pdf

Traveller 5: Core Rules Slipcase 5.0 out of 5 stars 5. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Classic Traveller 08 Marc Miller. 5.0 out of 5 stars 5. (which I was forced to buy on pdf, and thus this book hardly gets used). Be very careful when ordering! Dystopian Wars Rulebook 2.5 PDF, 22.7MB MODEL STATISTICS. Dystopian Wars Version 2.5 Compliant Statistics. The following 7 PDFs contain the Version 2.5 compliant Dystopian Wars Core Nation ‘Living’ statistics. These files have been uploaded for free so that our gaming community can download them and use with their new 2.5 Core.

Cepheus Engine (pay What You Want)

Having fully bought into the 1st Edition of Mongoose TravellerTraveller 5 Core Rulebook Pdf, never got a chance to play it, and seeing a new second edition out...
This is going to be a tough one. I hate buying games to collect and eventually box.
I hear they updated the technology level to a more modern level. I like the 1970's level of technology as a throwback gamer, but I know times change and that retro-view is being left behind. I also hear starship design rules are not included in the main rulebook. I am feeling a PDF is a better purchase here initially. If I buy in.
People, from the reviews, seem to like this edition a lot. I also like supporting Mongoose's efforts, since I like the setting and love hard sci-fi. They went to a difference licensing model (TAS instead of Open Game), so there is that to consider. Again, this is a tough one. I feel more in tune with Labyrinth Lord and the connected universes around the Goblinoid-verse these days than to take a hard sci-fi detour in my interests so maybe I will wait.

The Green Pirates

This one is on my radar, or ladar, or menson whatever detector these days...so noted. I would say cautiously looking forward to this one and I need to do some more research before I dive in.