Topspin Academic License

Free License For Academia With the following code you can activate you GCQYT-BCR65-G55Y6-B8V7V-XCXPY Just write it down (or copy it to the clipboard installed TopSpin already you can download it here. And follow the instructions. If you have not Your license is valid for 15 years. Current faculty, staff and students of Bryn Mawr College have the ability to obtain ChemDraw free of charge as part of a Bryn Mawr site license. This applies only to current College affiliates with a valid Bryn Mawr e-mail address. This software via download is available both for Windows and for macOS. This download should not be. Please choose version 4 of TopSpin, with a free academic license for 15 years. It has a new license manager, Codemeter. Make sure to download free Topspin4 from the Bruker site (link above) when in UCL or logged into UCL VPN from home in order to receive a license ticket with a long code.


Basic TopSpin processing is now free for academic users. TopSpin, both version 3.6 and 4.0, are available from the UiB Software Center. The software can also be downloaded from Bruker's web page. You need to create an user account at Bruker's site in order to download the software and generate a free license.

Topspin Academic License

If you generate a new license (after March 2019), the free Topspin license will also include a slightly amputated version of the small-molecule structure elucidation module, CMC-se Classroom edition.

Additional modules

TopSpin contains several more advanced modules which require additional licenses. We have a few licenses for CMC-assist, Dynamics Center, and for processing 3D-5D NUS spectra. These licenses are available under the CodeMeter license manager, which means that you need TopSpin 3.6 or newer to use them.

To use these additional licenses you need to add the UiB license server to CodeMeter: Open the Code Meter Web Admin interfance (http://localhost:22350). Go to Configuration --> Basic --> Server Search List, and add the UiB server 'lisens9.uib.no'

Version 3.6 vs. version 4.0

TopSpin is currently developed in two parallel version: 3.6 and 4.0. For processing the differences are mostly cosmetic. Older version does not support the CodeMeter licenses. For acquisition version 4.0 is used on the 600 MHz, version 3.6 is used on the 850 MHz, version 3.x is used on the 500WB, while version 2.x is used on the 500 MHz routine instrument.


MestReNova/Mnova can be downloaded directly from Mestrelab, and in the future also from Software Center. We have licensesfor basic NMR, qNMR and, and Reaction Monitoring for Mnova 14.2.0 or older. You can obtain the license files by contacting José Guerrero. From Mestrelab you can also get 45-days demo licenses for other modules.

Once you have acquired the licenses, start MestReNova. If you have no valid license, the registration wizard will open. Install the license files one by one. If the the registration wizard doesn't open automatically, you can start it by opening the Licence Manager (one of tiny icons in the top right corner of MestReNova) and clicking on the shopping cart.

Please note that you need to be connected to the university network (via eduroam or uib-guest, or by cable). Alternatively, you can use it from home via VPN.

Other software

  • NMRPipe is a UNIX-based collection of programs and scripts for primarily used for processing of protein NMR-data.
  • Sparky is a program for assignment of protein-NMR data. It is old, but still developed.
  • CARA is a more modern program for assignment of protein-NMR data. Development of the program seems to have stopped (last updated i 2016).
  • CcpNmr Analysis seems to be the best option for analysis of protein-NMR data. It is regularly updated.
Mnova Campus LicensesJose Garcia

Our Mnova Campus license package allows students, researchers and teachers to work anytime, anywhere, on their NMR/MS data processing tasks.The way this license works is simple and has been designed to ensure all users get the most out of the software whether they are working onsite at the University or at home.


What’s best? The Campus license represents a huge saving.

This is the ideal entry package for users who want to process and visualise their data in a single software tool, whether this is NMR or MS. With this package you will be able to open, view, process, analyse, report and predict NMR and MS data, from multiple vendors.

Use Mnova at home, lab or in class. Once users are auto-registered, they can use Mnova to work on their analytical projects at home, in the lab, anywhere… Even without an internet connection! Mnova is multiplatform and can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux.

All the Mnova users at your organization will be able to analyse and report their analytical data with Mnova. As an administrator you don’t have to do anything! The Campus server will be located at your University. The users just need to connect to it to get started. Forget about named users!

The best World´s Universities are using Mnova for Campus!

Campus licenses are specifically designed for Universities with a large number of potential users. Students, researchers all can work anytime, anywhere, with the software they need for their task, even if they don’t have a network connection (provided that they have registered beforehand).

My department is small, are there options for less than 150 users?

Sure, we have options for smaller groups. Simply let us know the number of potential users and we will make an offer that is tailored to your needs.

I’m interested but I’m not sure if my department will approve this purchase.

We will be happy to set up a three-month trial of the Campus license for the plug-ins of your choice. We would be glad to answer your questions or arrange an online meeting to demo the software and answer your specific questions.

Bruker Topspin Software

No, Mnova is delivered electronically.

This looks like it will be a nightmare to administer…

Topspin Academic License Meaning

The MLicServer would be installed on a computer that works as a server. This computer (located at your University) will need to have internet connection at least every 90 days, but we recommend that the server has permanent internet connection. The MLicServer has been developed by us, it is very easy to install and maintain and can be put on Windows, Mac or Linux machines.

Your users renew their license every 90 days. If they fail to do so then that license key becomes available for another user. As an administrator you don’t have to do anything!

This type of license will give your faculty, researchers and students access to the same platform to process, visualize and report NMR and (optionally) LC/GC/MS data; independently of the NMR/MS equipment they are working with and the OS installed on their computers (Windows, Mac or Linux).

So all students and PhD’s at your faculty will have the opportunity to work with Mnova, which is now state of the art NMR software and is becoming the standard in pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

A campus license is controlled by a license server. So, if you are the license administrator of a campus license you will be able to enable or restrict the access to Mnova to specific users by accessing the License Server Graphical User Interface. That way you’ll be sure about who is using the software. The server registers each client machine the first time that client machine connects to it by running Mnova.

Topspin Academic License

Any member of your University with access to the network (it is not defined by email address, etc).

The license server administrator could always knock machines off the server if a decision was made that some licenses are needed and that some specific machines should not have them, so this allows you to circumvent the 90 day period if you needed licenses quicker.

What happens when a student leaves the University?

Mnova Campus licenses are designed to take care of people leaving at the end of their studies, as they fall off after 3 months, ready for the new academic year, and also to take care of students who may potentially activate the software out of curiosity but end up not using it. If a student goes longer than 3 months without being in the campus network and using Mnova, the license will be released and another student can use it.

Some of my students have Mac computers, others have Windows. Is this an issue?

Not at all. Mnova is a multiplatform software. The license provided will work on both OS (even on Linux machines).

So, after installing Mnova on their laptops, will students be able to use Mnova at home?

Once registered, users can use the software within the institution, whilst connected to the server, but also whilst not connected to the server ( at home, travelling…), as each time the client connects to the server a 90 day clock is started which will allow 90 days of software usage without connection.

Is a Campus license the same as concurrent/ floating licenses?

The campus license has one fundamental advantage over the concurrent license:

The license server is set up in such a way that a client machine can validate and then disconnect and continue to run the software for up to 90 days without seeing the server. This is very convenient for people to be able to use the software away from site (at conferences, home during summer recess or at PHD writing time). Another advantage is that should a user leave with a machine, they would automatically lose use of the software and release the installation after 90 days. You can find more about concurrent licenses here.

Case study

Watch out for Dr. Josh Kurutz’s video where he explains the fantastic improvements achieved by students at Northwestern University after the installation of an Mnova campus license.

Find out more about the Mnova Campus in this article published:

“The Journal of Chemical Education” by Nancy S. Mills (Professor of Chemistry at Trinity University) and Michael Shanklin (Professor of at Palo Alto College).