Temse Consistency Check Background

The system does not check whether the report has been started severaltimes on the same day. Every start-up of the report updates theinternal counter. Use a periodic background job to start the report toguarantee that the report only runs once a day. If the seven day SAPNORM variant does not meet customer requirements,create a new variant. Job Name: SAPSPOOLCONSISTENCYCHECK Report: RSPO1043 Variant: Standard Variant Frequency: Daily Job Description: Job is for Spool data (Temse) consistency check.The report can delete inconsistencies in the background and it only deletes inconsistencies. Transaction code SM65 is a tool for checking the consistency of background process.Please make sure that no other batch jobs are running while performing this transaction. This tool will lock TBTCO table when you are executing the process and will unlock till the process is done.There 2 types of background processing check here which is the simple test or the expert mode test. . Delete background jobs regularly with report RSBTCDEL2 via SE38. Why spool request is not generated? HOUSE KEEPING JOBS RSPO0041 - SAPREORGSPOOL (Delete old spool files) RSPO1042 – SAPADSSPOOLCONSISTENCYCHECK (spool consistency check) RSPO1043 – SAPSPOOLCONSISTENCYCHECK (Spool or Temse consistency check) Maybe data has been.

Temse Consistency Check Background

The TemSe consistency check checks the following table entries for all TemSe objects:

  • Header entry in table TST01 (TemSe objects)

  • Object associated with the header entry; it can be stored in the file system or in the database table TST03 (TemSe data of the object)


The TemSe consistency check does not check the following entries:

  • Entries in table TSP01 (spool requests)

  • Entries in table TSP02, if output requests exist

Temse Consistency Check Background Image

However, as these entries are important for spool requests, the TemSe consistency check is not suitable as a consistency check for spool requests.

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1, What does SM65 do?

-detecting inconsistencies between batch tables, e.g. find TBTCO entries without corresponding TBTCP entry

2, Where can SM65 help?

-checking server configuration

-finding and deleting incomplete job definitions

3, Where can‘t SM65 help?

-find out why job was aborted

-prevent short dumps in the coding

-fix problems with Temse

4, How to perform SM65 inconsistencies check ?

1) Simple mode test - initial screen of transaction code SM65


2) Expert mode test, select SM65 ->Goto -> Additional tests. Under system wide tests, you can choose options to determine all job servers, 'perform TemSe check','execute external programs', 'consistency check DB tables' and 'Remove Inconsistencies' function to remove any found inconsistencies. You can also set the authorizations under a specific user. Click execute to perform the test.

Temse Consistency Check Background Template

5, How to check batch table consistency regularly ?

Temse Consistency Check Background Sheet

RSBTCCNS performs the table consistency check.
you can schedule SAP standard job SAP_BTC_TABLE_CONSISTENCY_CHECK to Check batch table consistency.
Please refer to 1440439 - New Standard Jobs (2)

Temse Consistency Check Background

6, Why are there inconsistencies?

-For example,If applications do not delete jobs after JOB_SUBMIT fails, there will be an inconsistency

7, Is there any warning in transaction SM65 on the lower release system?

Before the introduction of note 1549293, the consistency check in SM65 locked the complete batch tables.
This means, that batch jobs cannot be created, modified or executed during the run of the consistency check.
After the implementation of 747798 sap note, there will be a warning message.

747798 - Missing warning in transaction SM65

8, Some known issues/improvements of SM65

Please keep in mind that there are following issues/improvements of SM65

Temse Consistency Check Background Check

1893670 - Problems with RSBTCCNS (SM65)
1268572 - Improvement to batch consistency check (SM65)
973411 - Consistency check of the batch system: Optimizations
704572 - SM65: 'Test all job servers' does not work


On lower release system(which lower than 1549293 SAP Note ), While SM65 is running, no jobs can be created or processed, Because the SM65 consistency check of the background processing database tables (TBTCO, TBTCP, TBTCS, BTCEVTJOB, TBTC_SPOOLID, TBTCCNTXT) completely locks the table TBTCO during its entire runtime. However, after implementing the improvements of 1549293 SAP Note by support package only, the consistency check does not lock the whole TBTCO any more and it also does not touch jobs that are currently created, which means that it is safe to run SM65 check.

1549293 - SM65: Improvements in consistency check