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  1. I just ran into the same problem. After working without issue for two months, Remote Printing suddenly refused to work. On the remote machine, start the TeamViewer app, go to Extras/Options /Advanced, go down near the bottom of Advanced Options, find and uncheck 'Use UDP (recommended)', and then reboot the remote machine.
  2. The link you provided seems to simply map remote printers to the local machine,local printer to a remote machine not remote printers to local machine as per team viewer quote below: ((This allows you to print documents from remote computers on your own printer without the need to transfer files.)).
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Printing from vmware vm over teamviewer to local printer Thread starter PK-her0; Start. I can print to my laptop printer over teamviewer from the windows 10 desktop. It will use the Easy Print driver. Long before 2008. It works just like any other print server does. Except your workstation where you are sitting has the printer installed, and provides the driver to the remote session while in session. So when you print from the remote session, your workstation just processes the job to the printer. With only one of the two computers, the Remote Printing feature will no longer turn on although it previously worked without issue. I can click on 'Remote Printing' but a check mark no longer appears to the left of it and my local printer does not become available. I verified the Remote Printing driver is installed.

This guide is for setting up and using remote printing in TeamViewer software.


Without the need to transfer files, you can print documents from remote computers directly to a local printer. From the remote computer, you can access the same printers as it shows on your local computer.

Teamviewer Printing To Local Printer Software


Teamviewer Printing On Local Printer

This is available with TeamViewer version 14.7 or higher. Both remote and local computer should have the same version in order to work correctly.

1. Install the TeamViewer print driver. You will find this option under
Extras > Options > Advanced > Show advanced options > Advanced network settings > Install remote printing

2. Once the drivers have been installed, you can connect to your remote computer and activate the remote printing in the TeamViewer toolbar. Your local printers will be displayed in the print dialog boxes on the remote computer.

Teamviewer Free Remote Printing

3. To run a print job, just print your document as usual. The printer name is labeled as “Teamviewer – your local teamviewer name (ID)”.