1. Solman Workcentre Error
  2. Solman_workcenter Http 500 Error
  3. Solman Workcentre 3215
  4. Solman_workcenter Unable To Load Groups
SM_WORKCENTER is a SAP tcode coming under SV module and ST component.View some details & related tcodes of SM_WORKCENTER.

SAP ABAP Transaction Code SOLMANWORKCENTER (SAP Solution Manager: Work Centers) - SAP Datasheet - The Best Online SAP Object Repository. What is the difference between using Transaction- SOLMANWORKCENTER and Work Center with Web Browser: Service AGSWORKCENTER? Below one opens SAP Solution Manager in a Web Browser. Read More Questions: SAP Solman Interview Questions Part1 SAP Solman Interview Questions Part2.

  • Transaction description : Solution Manager: Work Centers URL
  • Module : SV-SMG (Solution Manager)
  • Parent Module : SV (Service)
  • Package : AGS_WORKCENTER (AGS Work Center)
Solman workcenter can t open ie

SM_WORKCENTER related transactions

AGS_WORK_LAUNCHERSolution Manager WorkC: Launcher
CALL_CPSCall CPS scheduler
RZ01_REMOTEJob Scheduling Monitor
SM61_REMOTEBackgroup Control Objects Monitor
SM62_REMOTEEvent History and Background Events
SM65_REMOTEBackground Processing Analysis Tool
SM69_REMOTEMaintain External OS Commands
SMX_REMOTEDisplay Own Jobs
SM_WORKCENTERSolution Manager: Work Centers URL
SOLMAN_WORKCENTERSAP Solution Manager: Work Centers
ST22_REMOTEABAP Dump Analysis

Now days SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is very hot topic and everyone is taking about solution manager 7.2.

In this tutorial, i am going to cover few important points of Solution Manager 7.2

Solman Workcentre Error

SAP has launched Solution Manager 7.2 and Existing solution manager 7.1 is going out of support by end of 2017,It’s time to upgrade solution manager 7.1 or build new solution manager 7.2.

Point to Know in Solution Manager 7.2:


Improved User Experience :

Solman_workcenter Http 500 Error

SAP changed complete user experience in solution manager 7.2 and made it very easy to use for users,Solution Manager 7.2 is based on FIORI and UI5.


Solution Manager 7.2 on SAP HANA:

Solution Manager 7.2 is available on SAP Hana Database.

  • License for SAP Solution Manager included in support contract so you can try Solution manager 7.2 on SAP Hana Database without any extra cost for HANA database
  • Build up experience in running SAP HANA
  • Drastically faster text search functionality opens new opportunities.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Stack:

Solman Workcentre 3215

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is no longer dual stack & runs 2 single stacks (ABAP+JAVA).Solution Manager 7.2 is based on SAP Net weaver 7.4.
In case of Solution Manager 7.1 to 7.2 upgrade,split is done after upgrade.


Solution Manager Work center (NEW):

One place control for all solution manager functionalities.Solution Manager work center is opened by Fiori launchpad.SAP Solution Manager launchpad for personalized user experience and Fiori Apps for dedicated use cases.

Solman_workcenter Unable To Load Groups


Tcode– Solman_workcenter will take you to Fiori launchpad/Solution Manager work center.

URL for Launchpad/work center


Have a look on new look and feel of solution manager 7.2 work center:

All Solution Manager functionalities ,you can find in below screen in form of Fiori apps.