Samp Cleo Wallhack

Samp Cleo Wallhack

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Gta samp wallhack cleoSamp cleo wallhack cs 1.6

CLEO 4 is distributed in an archive. To install the library unpack the archive into the game directory.

CLEO 4 supports different versions of GTA San Andreas: 1.0, 1.01, 3.0 (steam), but scripts and plugins are not guaranteed to be compatible.

CLEO requires an 'ASI Loader' installed to run which is provided with the release. The ASI Loader requires overwriting one original game file: vorbisFile.dll - be sure to make a backup of this file. No additional files are replaced, however the following files and folders are added:
- cleo (CLEO script directory)
- cleoFileSystemOperations.cleo (file system plugin)
- cleoIniFiles.cleo (ini config plugin)
- cleoIntOperations.cleo (int operations plugin)
- cleocleo_save (CLEO save directory)
- cleo.asi (core library)
- bass.dll (audio engine library)
- vorbisHooked.dll (Silent's ASI Loader)

Samp Cleo Wallhack Cs 1.6

All plugins are optional, however they may be required by various CLEO scripts.

Samp Cleo Wallhack

CLEO 4 for San Andreas needs the BASS.dll v2.4 to be installed. This dll file can be downloaded from the official site of Un4seen Developments Ltd.