Pokemon Silver Randomizer Rom Download

Pokemon - Silver Version ROM Download for Gameboy Color GBA. Play Pokemon - Silver Version for Free on your PC, Mac or Linux device. A randomizer made by me! I just want to say thanks to you Baaka i have spent so much time playing this and i still am never have gotten to enjoy a pokemon game before cuz i have never had a consol to play it on once again thank you alot.

Game NamePokemon Emerald Randomizer (Hack)
ConsoleGameBoy Advance
Game Release2005-01-05
GenreHack, RPG
PublisherGame Freak
Image Format.gba
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Pokemon Soul Silver Randomizer Rom

Create your own personalized Pokemon Emerald Randomized ROM:

Features v. 2.2:

  • Specify or set random starter Pokemon
  • Randomize Wild Pokemon
  • Randomize Unique Pokemon
  • Choose or randomize starter Held Item
  • Switch Pokemon Stats Around
  • Randomize Pokemon Types
  • Randomize Pokemon abilities
  • Randomize Wild Held Items
  • Palette: Use Type-based or random colors
  • Redefine trade evolutions
  • Randomize pickup Items
  • Randomize Field Items
  • Randomize Trainer Class Names, Held Items, Use Items.
  • And More...


  1. Download the randomizer and the rom
  2. Open Randomizer (Requires Java installed)
  3. Extract The Emerald ROM with winzip/rar/7-zip and open it with the randomizer (Ignore CRC error).
  4. Choose your perfect randomized settings.
  5. Save the new randomized ROM.
  6. Play it!

Pokemon Soulsilver Extreme Randomizer Rom Download

Credits: http://artemis251.fobby.net/downloads/emerald/

Alternative 2: Universal Pokemon Randomizer

Use the Universal Pokemon Randomizer v1.72. The Process is same as above.

Credits: https://pokehacks.dabomstew.com/randomizer/


Pokemon Emerald Randomizer (Hack) GBA ROM Download:

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6.65 MB
Jan 29th, 2019
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Pokemon Silver Randomizer Rom Download
  1. Pokémon Renegade Platinum
  2. o-----------------------------------o
  3. Please note that you *cannot* randomize everything due to how the hack has changed things.
  4. Trainer battles, gift Pokémon, TMs, field items and static encounters (legendaries) are off limits - you'll probably end up with crashes in places if you try to import these.
  5. You will also be unable to carry any text changes the randomizer makes across, so you may have issues in some cases where the text change is near essential (e.g. starters, in-game trades).
  6. This process requires the use of a computer (not a phone). This will work on Windows, I'm not sure about Mac or Linux (but if you can find an alternative to crystaltile2, that might work).
  7. Tools
  8. You need the following things:
  9. - A Renegade Platinum ROM
  10. - The Universal Pokémon Randomizer (available here: https://pokehacks.dabomstew.com/randomizer/)
  11. - crysatltile2 (available here: https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/818/)
  12. Steps
  13. 1) Randomize your Platinum ROM using the Universal Randomzier as normal and save it.
  14. 2) Open your now randomized Platinum ROM in crystaltile2.
  15. 3) Click the icon near the top that looks like a DS (two left of the ? button in the blue circle) to open up the file explorer for the ROM.
  16. 4) On any of these files, you are able to right click them and select 'Export' to save the file to your PC.
  17. At this point, you'll want to export the files corresponding to the elements you've randomized.
  18. So again - find the relevant file in the list, right click it, select 'Export' and save the file.
  19. The files are as follows...
  20. Pokémon Base Stats, Abilities, Types are found in 'poketool/personal/pl_personal.narc'
  21. Pokémon Evolutions are found in 'poketool/personal/evo.narc'
  22. Starter Pokémon are found in 'FSI.CT/overlay9_0078.bin' (this will be near the top of the explorer)
  23. In-Game Trades are found in 'fielddata/pokemon_trade/fld_trade.narc'
  24. Pokemon Movesets are in 'poketool/personal/wotbl.narc'
  25. Wild Pokémon are in 'fielddata/encountdata/pl_enc_data.narc'
  26. 5) Next, open your Renegade Platinum ROM with crystaltile2. Again, hit the DS icon to bring up the file explorer for the ROM.
  27. 6) When right clicking the files, you should also see an 'Import' button as well as the 'Export' we used earlier. Simply right click on the files corresponding to the stuff you want to pull from the randomizer (the names are identical to the ones listed above), click 'Import' and select the .narc you exported for that file, and that should insert it to the ROM.
  28. 7) After you've imported whatever you like, you should be able to just close crystaltile2. In my experience, it seems to save the ROM automatically, despite the message that pops up confirming shut down. Just close crystaltile2 and hit 'Yes' to the prompt about being shut down.
  29. 8) Pop open the Renegade Platinum ROM you just edited in crystaltile2 in whatever emulator you use and your randomized changes should be active.
  30. Caveats
  31. - As explained above, text changes will not carry across as Renegade Platinum adds a LOT of extra text strings as well as changing existing ones (move names, Pokémon names etc) so it isn't feasible to do so.
  32. - If you've randomized the starters, you will find that the pictures when selecting them in Rowan's briefcase will not have changed - the randomizer doesn't know how to do this. It does normally change the cries and text, but as we retain the original text, it means you're reliant on the cries alone to figure out what the new starters are. Good luck!
  33. - If you've randomized the requested Pokémon on the In-Game trades, then you'll probably have an extremely hard time figuring out what they want, as the text will still reflect what the trade originally was.
  34. - If you've randomized wild Pokémon, the levels of the wild Pokémon will still be those of the original Platinum, instead of the boosted levels you get in Renegade Platinum. If this is a problem, you can instead use this AR code to get almost entirely random Pokémon on each wild encounter:
  35. B2101D40 00000000
  36. D4000000 00000001
  37. D7000000 02FFFD00
  38. D5000000 00000001
  39. B2101D40 00000000
  40. D7000000 000233EC
  41. D2000000 00000000