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Octopus box is a professional tool for LG and Samsung device. You can unlock, flash, repair IMEI, recover, install the stock firmware, solve camera and network problems easily. Using micro USB cables with this box, you can solve the problems of any LG and Samsung device. The interesting fact about the box is you can get technical support by sending an email at [email protected] In this article, we present how to use octopus Box.

  • Octopussamsung1.9.4 1.9.4 Loadhttps://mega.nz/#!VZ4lnZTK!fNGzMOQ25meiN.
  • Octopus Box Crack is a professional and standard phone technical solution. It has the help of 1670 Samsung, 1780 LG models, and several others. It integrated complete tools of Octopus Samsung LG and Medusa JTAG box. OctoPlus Box runs on Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Octopus Box Full Support: Link

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Features of Octopus box

  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hub to ensure faster peripheral connectivity
  • Online support
  • Easy to install
  • Direct release
  • Reset of all locks
  • Reading of phone information
  • Flash writing, Full Flash, calibration data
  • Full Flash reading, calibration data
  • Reset to factory settings
  • Read and write EEPROM and NVM
  • A quick change of region
  • Formatting of FFS
  • Repair of damaged IMEI

Download Octopus Box Samsung Cracked

How to use Octopus Box

To use the box, you should complete the registration.

To register for Octopus Box, connect Octopus Box to the PC via the USB AB cable.

Start Octopus Box Software.

In the language and country selection window choose the language of the interface and your country.

Click on the « ОК». The Octopus Box update program will appear.

Click the “Follow” button and follow the prompts.

Problems with registration

If your copy of Octopus Box Software does not register, describe the whole situation and send an email to [email protected] Please add your log message to the operations of the software update program. This log can be found in the folder below:

Octopus box samsung software

>C: Program Files GsmServer Octopus LOG

After completing registration, you will able to use the tools.

Unlock LG and Samsung device with Octopus box

To unlock any LG and Samsung device, connect your device to PC through USB cable. Run octopus software. Remember that, you need to install octopus box driver before the start. Otherwise, it will not work perfectly. Let’s know, how to unlock the box.

  • Make sure that USB debugging is enabled. You will find it in the phone menu. If necessary, the drivers can be installed.
  • Click on the “Check Connection” button once using the “ABD Information Read” before unlocking.
  • To locate the “Read Information” button, use the RJ45 cable or choose the telephone modem.
  • To locate the “Unlock Pattern” button, use the RJ45 cable or choose the telephone modem.
  • Versions after the “4XX have no support for unlock pattern.
  • Next, follow the on-screen instructions for each device.

For example, on LG k8.

Before starting:

Run the unlock client in “Start”> Multi Unlock client> unlock client.

Enter your username and password. Click on “Save login data.”

Under the Settings tab, make sure to choose “the main server.”

Make sure “Save Access Data” is enabled.

Also Download: CM2 Dongle

Step 1

  1. Install the Drivers of your LG K8. Go to Start> then All Programs>Nextgen Server> Then Code Reader> then K8 drivers. Connect the phone to a USB cable.
  2. Start the “Start mode” mode by simultaneously clicking on * & # keys with the headset turned on.
  3. Connect the LG K8 phone to your PC via a USB cable
  4. Windows will download and install the necessary drivers to activate the Android phone’s unlock software.

Step 2

  1. Remove the CNS with this Android unlock software
  2. The first step is to start the client/software unlocking function. Click on Start> All Programs>Nextgen Server> K8 Unlocker.
  3. Click on the “Unblock CNS” tab.
  4. Start the “Flash Strap Mode” by pressing the *, #, and Power on the phone keys.
  5. Then connect your K8 phone to your PC using a USB cable.
  6. Unlock New or Old CNS, as necessary.

Octopus Box Crack

Octopus Box Samsung Software Crack Download

Octopus box is available now in crack version. Download Octopus Box Crack from here. After download, unzip the crack file. Turn off antivirus in your PC. If you didn’t turn off antivirus, it will remove octopus loader file automatically. Now, right click on octopus loader.exe as “Run as administrator”. Wait for a while, it will take time to start. Use octopus crack version and activate antivirus now.

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Final thought,

The Octopus Box is the new version with the activations available for LG and Samsung. The Box works without the need of a test point (no-TP), without opening the telephones or welding plates or adapters. For this reason, it is the safe and risk-free option to release and repair LG and Samsung mobile software. Download Octopus Box Setup files from here and don’t forget to share.

OctoPlus 3.0.1 Box Cracked Full With Torrent Free

Octopus Box Crack is a professional and standard phone technical solution. It has the help of 1670 Samsung, 1780 LG models, and several others. It integrated complete tools of Octopus Samsung LG and Medusa JTAG box. OctoPlus Box runs on Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10. You can run it for the setting of IMEI, open flash, unbrick, Hardrick, etc. you can also use it for the repairing of numerous cell phones. With this software, you can easily change your languages. It allows you to repair EFS, Wi-Fi address, Bluetooth, and many others. This program has a quick repairing speed due to smart repair files.

OctoPlus Box Crack is the latest and most standard operational solution in the industry. This software updates for one time every week. You can read and write complete Flash and calibration data files. The manual option has a comprehensive description of all function uses. It has a rapid peripheral connection speed. The program has a standard FTDI combination circuit for mobile phone service through serial connectivity. You can also unlock the complete Flash file in binary format. The users can easily apply new devices to the list of helped models.

The users can easily work with images and media files through the system operating system. It helps to find out the user contacts and SMS texts, media files, image file name, and many others. OctoPlus Box is a simple and instinctive user interaction software application. There is no difficulty for any kind of user to understand it. The material extractor tool of this software is awesome in its functions.

OctoPlus Box cracks with torrent features:

Octopus Box Samsung Software Version 2.4.7 Crack

  • OctoPlus has to help for more than 1030 devices of JTAG.
  • Using it, you are always aware of all the detail of your mobile phone to the readout.
  • The secure Alcor smart card handler is useful for compact smart card security.
  • LED get and share indicators for easy and connection control.
  • It also has a unique package for JTAG functions.
  • You can see, save, and extract data files and directories from the device with eMMc and JTAG interaction.
  • The users can also see and save directories from binary dumps.
  • It has the support for ext. 2, ext. 3, ext. 4, NTFS and FAT.

Advantages of OctoPlus Box Crack:

  • OctoPlus Box has unlimited language selection choices.
  • It also offers you several extra operation features to meet your needs.


  • You can read and write boot/flash, remove boot/flash and also repair it.
  • OctoPlus Box is several brand applications. It permits you to operate Flash/unlock/repair functions.
  • With it, you can also repair expire boots of mobile phones, PDAs and modems.

What’s new?

  • The latest released version of OctoPlus Box is 3.0.1
  • It has more than 250 latest models to help list.

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Octopus Box Samsung Download




  1. Download OctoPlus Crack file here
  2. After that install and run
  3. Then setup it all and close
  4. Follow more instruction in Notepad
  5. All done! Enjoy
OctoPlus Box Crack
OctoPlus Box Crack
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