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  • I do not have the option to boot from a USB device, so am unable to use my bootable flash drive. One of the choices in the (F2) boot sequence is USB Device, but when I use F12 to to select the device to boot from, that choice is not listed. The boot sequence allows me to check or uncheck the USB.
  • Put a PC anywhere with this Foxconn Nettop nt-A3500 Ultra-thin Nettop Home Theater Barebones PC! The Foxconn NTA350-0H0W-B-A-NA barebones system features an embedded AMD E350 1.6 GHz dual-core processor and the AMD A45FCH chipset, a great match for light and nimble computing. This barebones system just needs a DDR3 SO-DIMM 1066 MHz with up to 4.


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Nt A3500 DriversDriverscurrent plan is to load OpenelecXBMC, specifically the X86_64 Eden r9916 build for Fusion, but no matter what I do XBMC will be the interface of choice. I also have no interest in having a keyboard and mouse connected directly to the unit, or even wireless ones. My plan is to have this machine boot up directly into XBMC and only use the official XBMC Android Wifi remote app to navigate. This has to be as much like your typical DVD menu type experience for my wife to use to play movies for the girls when I am not home. If she has to use a keyboard and mouse or do anything other than hit up arrow, right arrow, enter....than game over.....
however, my media is on a NAS on the network and i am beginning to think it would be nice to task my new HTPC with FTP transfers during the evening, something I usually do with my laptop using Filezilla
I do have a copy of Win 7 x64 Pro I could load on it, but I was really looking forward to not having a fully fledged bloated OS on that machine...seems a waste and I am using that license on a Netbook my kids use occasionally so I would rather not yank it for this. Drivers

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I am tempted to load Ubuntu or Mint....but then there are problems getting all the proper hardware drivers loaded and getting XBMC up and running on it and the Linux+XBMC combo tends to be less stable than Win 7 + XBMC or OpenelecXBMC......not to mention I am pretty noobish with Linux and typically have a 'just let me double click it' attitude when it comes to my operating systems. I spent enough years memorizing and typing command lines years ago before we had the WWW, frankly, I embrace our GUI Overlords in my old age.

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Nt-a3500 Drivers


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  • assembling new HTPC tomorrow evening
  • Foxconn NT-A3500 unit
  • 4Gb ram, 20Gb SATA HDD.....nothing fancy, nicely mounted to the back of the 55' using the included VESA mount
  • XBMC will be GUI/player of choice
  • Do not want heavy OS, Openelec with no perceivable OS being preferred, this should not appear to be a PC on the TV to anyone else
  • Would like to be able to SSH into unit and initiate FTP transfers from remote site to local NAS, not sure if Openelec supports this or how to do it.