Net Use X Vboxsvr Sharename

Net Use X Vboxsvr Sharename
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'Shared folder couldn't be accessed by ordinary user (without administrator priviledges) if administrator didn't log in before' is still true with version 1.5.6 and is extremely annoying in a MS Windows Vista Guest, as even the 'Administrator' Users are limited via UAC and the only way I found to enable it is to do a 'net use x: vboxsvrshare. Net use x: vboxsvr sharename You remove the shared resource using a command in the format: net use x: vboxsvr sharename /delete For more information, look here: http://www.microsoft.com/resources/d.mspx?mfr=true. Alternatively, on the Windows command line, use the following: net use x: vboxsvr sharename. While vboxsvr is a fixed name (note that vboxsrv would also work), replace 'x:' with the drive letter that you want to use for the share, and sharename with the share name specified with VBoxManage.

17) put in the command line net use x: vboxsvr(THE Name OF Your Shared Folder) -p and press enter. 18) This will install the Guest Client for Virtual Box in your Windows which will allow you to access your shared folder that you created. Allow it run, and Xp will reboot. 19) Once the XP is reloaded again reactivate your VboxGuestAdditions.iso. Net use x: vboxsvr sharename 注意三点:一是 x 后面的冒号与 之间有空格( x 为你为 共享 文件设定的盘符,需空闲),二是 sharename 为上步中的数据空间名称,在选择位置后,会出现默认的空间名称(如 DDRIVE) , XP 支持默认名称,但有的系统可能不支持,例如.

VirtualBox 3.0 makes simple data exchange between host and guest systems possible through so-called shared folders. This article will show how to access such shared folders.


Net use share name

The shared folders feature is supported by the following guest operating systems:

  • Windows (2000 or later)
  • Linux
  • Solaris

So that shared folders can be used, the respective guest extensions must be installed (such as: Guest Additions for the Windows XP Guest System or Guest Additions for the Debian 5.0 Lenny Guest System).

Net Use Share Name

Shared Folders in the Windows Guest System

The following steps show how shared folders are setup (VirtualBox OSE 3.0.6 will be used in the example):

Net Use X Vboxsvr Sharename

  • Step 1: Select from Machine -> Shared Folders from the menu

  • Step 2: List of shared folders (still empty in this image)

  • Step 3: Adding a folder

  • Step 4: List of shared folders

  • Step 5: Connecting to the drive via net use

When using net use, the desired drive letter must be specified first (e: in the example) and then the name of the share (composed of 'vboxsrv' and the name of the folder).

Shared Folders in the Linux Guest System

The steps for creating shared folders are the same as for Windows guests. The connection is subsequently made using the following command:

Additional Information

  • Sun VirtualBox User Manual (Shared Folders section)

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