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  • MYOB / ABSS Premier is a multi-user MYOB / ABSS system that allows for more than one user to log in to the system at the same time. This is because as your business grows, you need to have the system that makes your tasks easier and quicker, requiring more than one user to process transactions into the system to process sales, purchases and other accounting functions simultaneously, making.
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MYOB Premier Accounting v15

MYOB / ABSS is the most popular accounting software to use. Get it for S$798 Only, with up to 70% subsidy when investing in the software. (Only applicable for MYOB / ABSS Premier & MYOB / ABSS Premier Plus).

MyobAccounting isa popularaccountingapplicationstoday.MYOBAccountingfocusesoncorporateandcommercialservicesin addition toothertypes of companiescanalso apply. The mostsuitableapplication isapplied tomediumenterprises, tolarge companiesfeelinadequate,because thelargenumber oftransactionsthe companyis usuallyverycomplex, sousuallyhave aself-designedprogramin accordance with theneeds ofthe company.
There areseveralreasonswhyweshould usethis softwarein the company, among others:
Having adisplaythat is userfriendly, because thetransaction issimpleandthe formberfiatpicturessofor beginnerswould be veryeasytounderstand.
Having theability toexport data toexcelprogram, so thatitsreportcanalsobe printedinthe programexcel.
Can be appliedto105types of companiesareprovided.
Havingthe financial statementsareverymuchincluding thesettingof taxanalysisanddisplayin graphical form.

Myobsource : http://masprim.wordpress.com/akuntansi/pengenalan-myob-accounting/

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instruction installation

Myob Version 15 Free Download

1. run exe.
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Myob Version 14

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