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Minecraft PE had a pretty decent collection of seeds available online but with the addition of infinite world types back in version 0.9.0 the seed collection has been split in two. Castle seeds for 0.9.5 working approved By notch creator and founder of mojang, Minecraft: Pocket Edition Questions and answers, iPhone/iPad.

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Below, we’ve listed our top 3 Seeds you need to use in Minecraft! Seed Number 1 ‘Multi-Biome Spawn’: - This Seed has a small cave at the spawn with loads of resources for armour.

Perhaps this is the best Hogwarts built in Minecraft! Everything that you could see in the movies is recreated here from vanilla blocks without the use of modifications. By the number of key locations, this Hogwarts beats any other: do you want to visit Dumbledore’s office or cook a magic potion in the potions class? You are offered about 100 of all known places where the main events of the movie series took place.
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Some locations:

Hogwarts kitchens
Teleport room
Malfoy manor
Potter cottage
Potions class
Magical offices
EntranceBest seeds for castle minecraft
Hagrids hut
Charms classroom
Bell tower

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This is not all that may surprise you as a Harry Potter fan, to get around the whole map you may need a few hours. In addition to Hogwarts itself, there are also minor locations and buildings, the structures are very briefly shown in the movies. For better perception, take along a friend who is also well acquainted with this school for young wizards.

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Best Seeds For Minecraft Pe

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