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Aug 17th, 2014

“Bryan was an artist behind a computer. At age 15, his Minecraft Company, Emenbee Realms, hosted over 1 million unique players and reached a top 10 international ranking. Following his technological talent in high school, Bryan continued studying computer science at RPI where he excelled. Versions 1.7 - 1.12 supported! Delve into your greatest Minecraft experience with the best community at Emenbee Realms. Projects shared by members of this server Courthouse Structure - Vigo County. MinecraftPocket-Servers.com is not affiliated with Minecraft PE and Mojang AB. Tracking: 4069 servers Version: 1.17.1 Legal Notice.

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  2. <title>Rules Emenbee Realms</title>
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  17. <h4>Chat:</h4>
  18. <li>Spamming is not allowed, this includes command spamming.</li>
  19. <li>Chat with all capital letters is not allowed.</li>
  20. <li>No advertising other servers or websites.</li>
  21. <li>No bullying other players.</li>
  22. <li>Do not ask for staff ranks such as Jrmod. If you say you are from PMC you shall be kicked with message “You are now op!”</li>
  23. <li>Do not evade questioning from a mod.</li>
  24. <li>No roleplaying in global chat. If you would like to do so go on Creative and make a party channel.</li>
  25. <li>Do not be dishonest when speaking with a moderator, this may result in a punishment being much worse.</li>
  26. <li>Do not make random Modreqs.</li>
  27. </ul>
  28. <h4>If you are still a guest then these punishments will be exponentially more harsh since it is likely that you are just here to troll or annoy other players</h4>
  29. <ul>
  30. <li>Report bugs and glitches to the forums or a staff member immediately.</li>
  31. <li>Do not use mods or clients that give an unfair advantage. This includes having anything installed on your client while playing on the server, whether you are using it or not.</li>
  32. <li>X-raying by any means in prohibited. This includes even having the mod installed or a resource(texture) pack.</li>
  33. <li>Do not evade bans by using alts or other methods.</li>
  34. <li>Scamming is not allowed, but this only applies to scam in game and we will not replace items.</li>
  35. <h4>Mods that are allowed include:</h4>
  36. <li>Optifine</li>
  37. </ul>
  38. <h4>Building:</h4>
  39. <li>Griefing is not allowed, this includes misuse of water and lava.</li>
  40. <li>Building inappropriate structures is not allowed.</li>
  41. <li>Do not build anything that will cause lag.</li>
  42. <li>Setting home in someone's property without their consent is not allowed.</li>
  43. <li>No claiming over someones land with a protection stone, even if it is not claimed.</li>
  44. <li>No killing someones domestic mobs such as sheep, horses or cows. However if they are not completely protected we will not respawn your animals, and you need photographic evidence.</li>
  45. <h4>Wilderness Specific:</h4>
  46. <li>Stealing from unlocked chests/furnaces is allowed.</li>
  47. <h4>Town Specific:</h4>
  48. <li>You must follow the town’s rules as long it does not go against any of these rules.</li>
  49. <li>Stealing from unlocked chests/furnaces is not allowed.</li>
  50. <li>Towns are not allowed to claim over other player’s property in the wilderness.</li>
  51. <li>Do not extend your town too close to other towns.</li>
  52. <li>You must have a valid reason to kick another player.</li>
  53. <li>No building at the boundary of a town unless you have permission from the owner. In case the town expands we will not ensure your property.</li>
  54. <li>Towns cannot claim the island part of the end nor a very large portion of the nether.</li>
  55. <h4>Pvp:</h4>
  56. <li>Pvp is allowed in the wilderness (minus prot stones with it blocked) and in some towns.</li>
  57. <li>Spawn camping is not allowed.</li>
  58. <li>No killing people with inappropriately named weapons.</li>
  59. <h4>Donor:</h4>
  60. <li>Do not use god mode, fly mode, /jump, /vanish, or disguises in pvp combat or in the arena section of the spawn.</li>
  61. <li>No excessive trolling with mob disguises or vanish.</li>
  62. <li>Using donator perks such as /fix for friends or for money is frowned upon.</li>
  63. <h3>Factions Rules</h3>
  64. <li>Stealing from unlocked chests/furnaces is allowed.</li>
  65. <li>Do not ask for items, money, or ranks, ever. Items are never replaced for any reason.</li>
  66. <li>Homes are allowed anywhere that they can be set.</li>
  67. <li>Do not glitch into bases. Going to the top of the nether is allowed, however.</li>
  68. <h3>KitPvP/OpPvP Rules</h3>
  69. <ul>
  70. <li>No combat logging. If you are found somehow evading the combat log plugin instead of just losing your items, but you will also be temp banned.</li>
  71. <li>Spawn is a PvP free zone, and if an exploit arises that allows you to kill in it you will be punished.</li>
  72. <h4>Scamming/Glitches:</h4>
  73. <li>As with factions, items will almost never be replenished if you are scammed.</li>
  74. <li>Trading in game ranks for donator ranks is discouraged and will not be dealt with by mods.</li>
  75. <li>Paying for teaming is even more frowned upon. If you get scammed it is not our fault, only team with people you can 100 percent trust.</li>
  76. <li>If someone in your team kills you, that is allowed also.</li>
  77. <h3>Creative Rules</h3>
  78. <ul>
  79. <li>Roleplaying is 100 percent NOT allowed in global chat.</li>
  80. <li>Advertising roleplays in global chat is not allowed.</li>
  81. <li>Anything that is related to roleplaying at all is not allowed in global chat. (Use PartyChat or /msg)</li>
  82. <li>Read /warp roleplay if you don't know how to use PartyChat.</li>
  83. <li>Don’t get involved in peoples role play if you are not playing.</li>
  84. <li>Role playing should only be done in party chat.</li>
  85. <li>Don't use 'l()()K', 'LOOK', '<----' or any other form of attention grabbing in chat.</li>
  86. <li>Don't encourage spam, for example: 'say 123 to join my rp'.</li>
  87. <h4>Ranks/Plot Checks:</h4>
  88. <li>To get any builder rank, you need to get member first.</li>
  89. <li>The order of the ranks are Builder, followed by Designer and then Artist. It is possible to skip from Member to Designer if your build is good enough.</li>
  90. <li>You are limited to one plot check a day. If you ask for more, you may be muted or jailed. This is toensure that you don’t go around asking every mod for the same build and hoping one of them thinksit is good enough.</li>
  91. <li>Only Designers or higher are allowed in the Designer world that contains larger plots.</li>
  92. <li>Do not argue with a mod about your build’s quality. They know the standards.</li>
  93. <li>Do not ask in chat for a plot check, or message a mod. Instead, send a modreq and if you do not get a reply do /plotme comments.</li>
  94. <li>Getting help from another player will make it harder to earn Builder, and you will be instantly declined if you have had help for Designer and Artist. It doesn't make a difference if you remove them from the plot, as mods can still use logblock to see who placed what.</li>
  95. <h3>Mini-Games Rules</h3>
  96. <ul>
  97. <li>No griefing other players, as this is meant to be a solo game.</li>
  98. <li>If you share an island with another player, do not lock the chests unless you own the island.</li>
  99. <h4>CTF:</h4>
  100. <li>No team griefing.</li>
  101. <li>Do not completely destroy the map.</li>
  102. <h4>DISCLAIMER: This is general and we have many more rules. If a mod says it's a rule unless it specifically says otherwise, then it is probable it is.</h4>
  103. <?php
  104. ?>
  105. <script src='/js/jquery.min.js' type='text/javascript'>
  106. <script src='/js/bootstrap.min.js' type='text/javascript'>
  107. </body>

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