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Long kriya art of living

Kriya - For the Heart Chakra Sit in easy pose or in a chair with a straight spine. Breathe deep and restfully, gently, rapidly tapping the heart center in the middle of the chest with your fingertips. Gradually increase intensity, hit with knuckles, then gradually decrease intensity again, fading out. The kriya is a very subtle science. A distilled essence has been presented to you in these challenging times. Yogic practices have the power to transform your life if done properly, so it generally takes years of training to ensure they are imparted in the right way.

This article is all about Kunjal Kriya, Kujal Kriya Benefits, Kunjal Kriya For Skin, Kunjal Kriya For Acidity, Kunjal Kriya For Weight Loss, Kunjal Kriya Side Effects: Many types of Kriyas are done to keep the body healthy. Today we are going to tell you about one such Kriya which proves to be very beneficial especially for the stomach. Today we are going to inform you about Kunjal Kriya, Its Benefits, Steps and Side Effects. Kunjal Kriya is the perfect medicine for many diseases. The Kunjal Kriya is the part of Shatkarma.

Kunjal Kriya strengthens our digestive system. If the person regularly performs Kunjal Kriya, then the person becomes young for a long time as well as the body remains fit and energetic. In Bhakti Sagar, Munis and sages have given six types of Kriyas for purification of the external and internal body, which are called Shatkarma. It has Dhaunti, Vasti, Neti, Kunjal, Nauli, and Trataka. Let us know the steps and benefits of Kunjal Kriya.


Kunjal Kriya Benefits

There are several benefits of Kunjal Kriya. The primary benefits of Kunjal Kriya are given below.

  • Regular practice of this Kriya gives great benefits to the three organs of the body i.e liver, heart, and intestines. By doing this Kriya, the body and mind feel very good and stressless. There is always spontaneity in a person by practicing Kunjal Kriya.
  • By doing this Kriya, all diseases related to Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are cured. Abdominal diseases like indigestion, gas disorder, Acidity, and constipation are eliminated and the stomach remains clean and digestive power increases.
  • Kunjal Kriya also gives benefits in skin-related problems, Weight Loss, Acidity, Bad mouth smell, etc.
  • It cures diseases like cold, cough, asthma, phlegm, etc.
  • This is also beneficial in psychosomatic disorders.
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How To Do Kunjal Kriya – Kunjal Kriya Steps

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Below is step by step guide for practicing Kunjal Kriya.

  • First of all, keep a jug of little warm clean water with you.
  • Wash the hands and take care that the nails are cut.
  • Sit in Kagasana and place your hands on your knees.
  • Sit in this position and drink 4-5 glasses of warm water continuously according to your capacity. You can also drink water with a Jug.
  • Now stand up and join your both legs together and lean forward. Place the left hand on the stomach. Insert the index finger and middle fingers of the right hand into the throat and rub the upper or deep part of your tongue.
  • By doing this water will start coming out. As soon as the water starts coming out keep the fingers out of the mouth.
  • If the water stops coming out, repeat the same action. If the water does not come out even after moving the fingers, it means that all the water has been removed.

Long Kriya Benefits

Things To Keep In Mind Before Practicing Kunjal Kriya

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  • Keep in mind that in Kunjal Kriya, the water should not be too hot nor too cold and do not add salt to the water.
  • Keep the body posture correct while doing it. To do this, stand in forwarding bending direction. It removes water easily from inside.
  • Take a bath 2 hours after performing Kunjal Kriya. Doing Kunjal Kriya before sunrise is more beneficial.
  • Do not practice it daily, practice it once in a week. If you have an acidity problem then you can practice it 3 days a week.
  • Do not practice it during mensuration.
  • Heart, Asthma patient practice it under an experienced yoga teacher. Hernia patients avoid this.
  • Eat after 1 hour of practicing this Kriya.