Limitations Of Microsoft Paint

Paint was no more used by the users but the new looking and the improved Paint module in Windows 7 gave it a new. There is a new interface which is well known as “Sports Ribbon User Interface” at the top, which gives the access to the various features, indirectly helping you to paint easily. MS Paint Features for Windows 7. This painting tutorial shows you an easy method of creating gradient effect in MS Paint. Actual time to paint was about 30 mins. I just used my laptop to d.

It is fun to paint different images and shapes using the the cool MS Paint features in Windows 7. You can do anything you want and for serious painters, it is a place to display their painting abilities. But in most of the cases, lack of knowledge about the software and its tools leave us helpless. In this article we are going to discuss different aspects of MS Paint so that you can enjoy your painting to the fullest.

How to open MS Paint?

Firstly go to start menu then click on “All Programs” and then click on the “Accessories” and after that select “Paint”, it will open the paint.

After opening the paint you can paint whatever you want. When you open the paint you will be impressed by the attractive look of the front page, unlike Windows XP.

Paint was no more used by the users but the new looking and the improved Paint module in Windows 7 gave it a new. There is a new interface which is well known as “Sports Ribbon User Interface” at the top, which gives the access to the various features, indirectly helping you to paint easily.

MS Paint Features for Windows 7

1) Artistic Brushes

There are various kinds of artistic brushes which a user can use to make the painting more realistic. The different types of brushes are

  • Oil Brush
  • Crayon
  • Watercolor Brush
  • Marker
  • Natural Pencil
  • Airbrush

These brushes are very innovative in painting and very useful in providing a classic look to your painting. In XP, it was not possible to use these kinds of brushes but in Windows 7 it is all about creativity. The average user just loves working in this kind of environment where they can draw almost anything they desire. Of course you might not be the next Picaso but you can have fun trying!

2) Shapes

Ms paint

In XP the shapes which the user was using was on the left side of the drawing area, but in windows 7 it is on the top which gives the user a clear view of all the shapes that are available in paint. There is a wide range of shapes available in the new version of paint. In XP there is limited number of shapes which were not good enough from the user’s point of view. Every user needs “n” number of varieties so that he can fulfill all his requirements. The available shapes are:

  • Line
  • Circle
  • Rectangle
  • Up Arrow
  • Clouds

We can even use a heart shape in it, isn’t it amazing. I am very happy that the MS Paint features includes a heart for the girls!

3) Arrangement of Tools

Limitations Of Microsoft Paint Colors

In the older version of Paint the tools were arranged on the left side of the drawing panel but in the newer version of Paint everything is well managed which gives a proper feeling that this is a real canvas.

In XP some tools were on the left side, some on the top which gives less area to draw and the user was not comfortable in that, but in windows 7 each and everything is neatly positioned so that every tool which the user wants to use is under his eyes. Every tool in the newer version of the paint is on the top of the drawing area. Every tool is under some kind of tabs like, Home, View. Nothing is merged, every accessory is well placed in the paint.

4) Changing Sizes

This is one of those new MS Paint features provided by Microsoft in Paint which means that whatever shape the user had drawn he can change its size to smaller or bigger after drawing the shape; this was not available in XP.

If the user wants to enter text in the textbox and there is not enough space to insert the text then in XP it will give an error message, but in Windows 7 it can be easily done without any problem.

5) Full screen View

There is a new feature in windows 7 which was not present in the XP; it gives the user a full screen view so that he can see where actually he is drawing. It is a very innovative idea and at the same time simple to use.

6) Quick Access Toolbar

At the top of the window, there is a “Quick Access Toolbar” which gives the basic control options

  • Save
  • Undo
  • Redo

You can even customize the Quick Access Toolbar by clicking on the arrow just next to the Redo icon, you can add various tools like

  • Open
  • New
  • Print
  • Print Preview

This is very helpful to the user while saving or opening a file, one need not to go to the main menu and rather perform the operation from this menu. Image source.

7) Rulers and Gridlines

This option enables rulers and gridlines in the drawing line which means that the user can accurately draw a point by scaling on the drawing area.

Rulers will help you to point to locate the exact point where the point should be placed and gridlines will be visible in the form of combination of vertical and horizontal lines to give the user the ease of drawing.

8) Color Selection

The newer version of paint allows you to select multiple colors with the help of the mouse, it means that you can use any color with your mouse, you do not need to go to the color box and then select the color you want to use.

The Left Mouse Click will act as the Primary Color, the Right Mouse Click will perform the task of selecting the Secondary Color and the third color can be chosen by pressing Ctrl key + any mouse click. This will be very easy to use and have no complications. The newer version has a wide range of colors to be used; you can even merge your desired color to have the perfect color to be used.

9) Saving the Painting

Another great feature of new version of paint is that you can save the drawing or the painting in file formats.

  • PNG Files
  • JPEG Files
  • BMP Files
  • GIF Files

10) Duplicity

Limitations Of Microsoft Paint Templates

If you have a shape drawn in the drawing area and it is in the perfect size and position and you want to draw another copy of that shape, you just have to copy the image and paste it wherever you want it. There is no need to redraw that image.

Paint is a simple software for photo editing, while Photoshop is the same software yet powerful. There are some features of Photoshop that aren't available in using Paint. For example, paint doesn't have the clone stamp tool, a tool used to replace part of a picture that you don't want and remove it by replacing with it's background. So there Photoshop gives more options for editing photo images, while it's not into the case with Paint. Painting is a very simple drawing program while Photoshop is the most powerful drawing and image editing program.

Big differences are in between this two software as we know. Both programs are graphical editors, both from the improvement of the image, as we want. However, there are many differences between the two. Despite these differences are supported, as there are still some considerations to do to the program that we choose in processing images. Not just a program that just because we know them to decide, but also take into account the lack of cut and other important aspects.
Basically, the difference between the MS Paint and Photoshop availability. MS Paint is on each computer when you install Microsoft. No user of Microsoft, which does not take the benefit of MS Paint uninstalled from your system if you are aware. On the other hand, it is less likely if any, of a system failure or file when using MS Paint. This is because MS Paint does not need much RAM or faster processor. It just means that MS Paint can be used even if the computer we use is a bit old now. MS Paint is free of errors in what was known, it is easier to use and safe to use. Apart from that MS Paint is also easy to use, especially for those who want to become familiar with basic image editing.
Simple tools and commands that are associated with MS Paint really easy to handle. Thanks to this is MS Paint is a good starting point for those who want to develop skills in image processing. However, due to limitations in the tools of Paint for image editing and creation also limited. On the other hand, a Photoshop image-editing software is needed for the construction of very detailed and precise. There are many functions and commands that are available in Photoshop that you can not be found in MS Paint, so it is useful. When you create an image that is impossible, you can do with Photoshop.
You can also create your own images in Photoshop with all the features available in this software, you can certainly create images of different functions and tools of Photoshop. With Photoshop, imagination is the only limit to your creativity. Nevertheless, the learning and use of Photoshop tools is not done overnight. It takes time and effort to really be able to be comfortable with Photoshop. Basically, the fundamental differences in MS Paint and Photoshop. There is even a bigger difference between the two, you can see even when presented the two programs. With all the basic information on both programs, what we now know what program to use?