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Even faster, more powerful, more compatible: The new SoftMaker Office 2016 for Windows is even better than SoftMaker Office 2012Kingsoft Office 2016 Activation Code. You will find around 400 improvements under an improved user interface everything from small time-saving improvements to significant new features such as pivot tables, worksheets with 1 million rows, charting support in TextMaker and Presentations, direct ePUB export for the easy creation of e-books, extended PDF export and much more!
With this premium-quality font collection, you can not only improve your Office documents:
- It comes with 1500 TrueType and OpenType PS fonts that work in any Windows, Linux and Mac OS X application.Kingsoft Office 2016 Activation Code
- Additionally, it comes with the same 1500 fonts in webfont format, so that you can use real fonts on web pages.
- Plus, you can even embed them in PDF files and e-books in EPUB format.
Word processing: TextMaker 2016
From normal daily correspondence to scientific essays, from a greeting card to an elaborately designed newsletter: With TextMaker 2016, you can create attractive documents as fast as lightning, alone or in teamwork with colleagues. You can either print the completed documents or pass them on as PDFs or E-books.
Spreadsheet program: PlanMaker 2016
Presentation software: Presentations 2016
Little work, large effect: You can create impressive presentations as fast as lightning with Presentations 2016. Numerous ready-made templates which can be re-designed at the touch of a button do the work for you. Lend presentations that certain je ne sais quoi with graphics, charts, sound, videos, animations and slide transitions and impress your public with captivating discourses.
E-mails, tasks, appointments: Thunderbird
Thunderbird takes competent care of your E-mails and ensures that you keep your appointments, tasks and contacts under control. SoftMaker has extended the Thunderbird interface, developed functions for fast filing and navigation of large quantities of E-mails and augmented Thunderbird with a fully automatic import from the eM Client.
What's New in Version 2016 (Rev 757.0510):
All programs
- Improvements to PDF export and to the file filters
- Miscellaneous bug fixes
- In labels, lines that only contain empty fields are now suppressed.
- Feature: There is now an icon for EPUB export which can be placed on a toolbar.
- Language codes are now correctly exported to EPUB.
- Feature: There are now compatibility settings for the wrapping of spaces and tabs at the end of a line (File > Properties > Compatibility).
- Some elements on chart sheets (for example, trend lines) could not be deleted.
- Bug fixes related to pivot tables
- Feature: Saving as CSV now has a entry of its own in the File > Save as dialog box.
- After sorting, an existing AutoFilter was ignored.

Kingsoft Office 2016

- Searching now faster in large presentations


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Note: Distribution of Kingsoft Office was discontinued and replaced by SoftMaker Office.

Every time you run any Kingsoft Office 2010 application, built-in default setting are used and software will check for online update. In some situations (e.g. enterprise use) or any time when multi user license holder like to keep all systems identical, it makes a sense to turn off automatic updates. Just follow these instructions for the version distributed through online updates.

  1. Go to Kingsoft Office Tools and run Configuration Tools.
  2. Click in Advanced then Update Settings tab.
  3. Choose in Update mode: “Do not check for updates automatically”.

Instructions are slightly different for a current commercially distributed version from BinaryNow. Follow these instructions for the version which is the last version that does not use Kingsoft activation portal.

  1. Go to Kingsoft Office Tools and run Configuration Tools.
  2. Click in Advanced then Update Settings tab.
  3. Under Connection insert a false settings, e.g. and port 4828.

Note: Kingsoft Office 2010 (6.6.02477) will try to update itself, but due false connection settings it will not be able to connect to update server and will continue working as is. This means that you serial key will not be verified at Kingsoft activation portal and you will not be able to download new updates. If you update to 2496 build than your serial key will be verified through Kingsoft activation portal and new build will be provided to you.

Note: Kingsoft Office users qualify for an upgrade discount to SoftMaker Office 2018.

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