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KeepSafe is an app that lets you hide and password-protect folders full of images on your Android. With KeepSafe, you can keep your most private photos safe from prying eyes. The first time you open KeepSafe, you have to set a password to open the app. From then on, whenever you want to use it, you'll have to enter this password.

  1. Download Apk Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos v9.31.1 (Premium) (Unlocked) Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos v9.31.1 (Premium) Update. Changelog for 2020-10-01 21:25:20. Similar to Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos v9.31.1 (Premium.
  2. Download Keepsafe to join over 50 million people.

5 web browser alternatives to Chrome and Firefox on Android

February 17, 2019

Privacy is important both on your device and when surfing the web. KeepSafe Browser is another app that understands this and includes protection while you browse.

Surf the Internet Safer in 2019 with Keepsafe Browser

January 2, 2019

Most New Year’s resolutions focus on building better habits for fitness, career success, and even love. But what about better Internet practices? Resolve to browse safely on mobile in 2019 with Keepsafe Browser.

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Keepsafe launches My Number Lookup so you can see the public data tied to your mobile number

December 13, 2018

Ever wonder how much of your personal information is accessible to marketers? Well, there’s a new service called My Number Lookup that makes it easy (and free) for you to check the data that’s publicly available and tied to your mobile phone number.

Keepsafe Premium Apk

September 12, 2018

Keepsafe Launches Unlisted On Android, Announces New App Integrations

June 19, 2018

Keepsafe Launches App For Private Mobile Browsing

May 16, 2018

Keepsafe Acquires LineUp To Launch Keepsafe Unlisted: Phone Numbers For Private Texts And Calls

January 28, 2018

Keepsafe Joins the National Cyber Security Alliance in Global Effort to Support Data Privacy Day by Becoming a 2018 Champion

January 18, 2018

Keepsafe Introduces Protected Photo Album Sharing

October 11, 2017

Keepsafe Expands Personal Privacy Protection with New VPN App

Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault

Download Keepsafe to join the millions of people who have entrusted over a billion pictures to Keepsafe: the most popular photo locker and album vault app. Keepsafe secures personal photos and videos by locking them down with PIN protection, fingerprint authentication, and military-grade encryption. It’s the best place for hiding personal pictures and videos. With Keepsafe, you can protect your privacy, secure your photos, and save phone space.

Use Keepsafe for:
– Preserving special memories
– Storing family photos
– Protecting copies of your driver’s license, ID cards, and credit cards
– Organizing important documents

Keepsafe Photo Locker Features:
• Everything behind a lock – Your photos are secured via a PIN, pattern or your fingerprint.
• Sync photos or videos – Your encrypted Private Cloud securely syncs your photos, albums and videos across all your devices.
• Back up photos or videos for easy recovery – Fear not if your phone is lost, stolen or damaged!
• Face-down auto lock – In a tight situation? Have Keepsafe lock itself when your device faces downward.
• Safe Send photo sharing – Share private photos with confidence: control how long the recipient sees your photo — photos disappear 20 seconds after they are received.
• Keepsafe also doesn’t show up in your recently used apps list!

Keepsafe Premium’s Exclusive Features:
• Protect Privacy
• Album Lock: Assign individual PIN codes to access particular albums
• Break-In Alerts: Takes photos of intruders and tracks break-in attempts
• Secret Door: Disguises your Keepsafe as another app
• Fake Pin: Creates a decoy Keepsafe with a separate PIN code

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