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(Last Updated On: August 23, 2020)

Did you just purchase an iPhone or an android smartphone and encountered uncountable problems with the network? Are you wondering if there’s something you can do about it?

Download imei repair software for pc for free. System Utilities downloads - spd imei changer by SHIJILFONOTLY and many more programs are available for instant and free download.

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Here, I have a long lasting solution. There are many reasons why a smartphone may have problems with the network but the most common is if the phone is blacklisted by the carrier.

IMEI number are the cause of both misery and paranoia within many circles in the internet.

Iphone Imei Changer Software For Pc Free Download


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What is IMEI number?

If you already own a mobile device, then you should be knowing what an IMEI number is.

If you are one of those phone owners who are just concerned about making calls, receiving calls and sending SMS and nothing else, then I can be pretty sure that you don’t know what IMEI number is.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity Number. It’s a unique number that is used to identify a mobile device. It identifies all the devices that are using Terrestrial Cellular network.

Terrestrial Cellular network is the network you use when you are making phone calls, sending messages or even when you want to access an internet connection.

A standard IMEI number is made up of 14 string of digits. When the phone is lost or even stolen, then the authorities can search the phone from the pool of phones sold in the world.

In some cases, there’s also a 16 digits version of IMEI number that contains information on the device’s software version.

This number is known as IMEISV. We usually recommend recording your IMEI number immediately you get a new smartphone to be sure you can be able to deal with cases of theft and loss.

Iphone Imei Changer Software For Pc Free Download

Finding your IMEI number

If you want to get your smartphone’s IMEI number, then there are a couple of ways you can go about it. One of them is to dial *#06# on the phone’s dial pad and the IMEI number will be displayed on the screen.

Download Imei Changer For Iphone

If you have an iOS or an android device, then you can as well access the IMEI number under settings. Go to settings>General>About and the IMEI number will be displayed on the screen.

If you want to copy the IMEI and save it on your Email, then it is simple. Just tap and hold on the number.

Android smartphones may vary but the common rule is that if you visit the settings in any of the devices and browse Phone’s ‘’About’’, you should be able to get the IMEI number.

What is the IMEI number for?

The main purpose of an IMEI number is to provide any device with a unique identification.

If you take it to the practical side, IMEI number is much like Vehicle Identification Number which is used in the Automobile industry.

Whenever you connect your phone to a cellular network, then the network provider will capture this number and identify that specific phone with it.

If a phone whether iOS or an Android device is either reported lost, stolen or if the owner has any unsettled issues with the carrier, then there’s likelihood that the carrier will block that specific phone from using the network.

The carrier may also be able to contact other network providers and notify them of this issue.

For this reason, you may end up not using this device on any Carrier in that specific country at all.

Law enforcement teams always keep record of all the lost mobile devices and hence you can predict the illegality that comes with possessing such a device.

What should I do if my phone has a blacklisted IMEI number?

In this world with advancements in technology beating the mad in theft and troubleshooting world, there are pretty of things you can do and start using the smartphone again.

Above all, one of the best is changing the IMEI number. However, you should bear in mind that this practice is totally illegal in most of the countries.

While it may be illegal in your locality, am sure there are same practices going on.

Changing an IMEI number to unblock phone maybe illegal but at the same time can help you recover your phone.

If you already own an iPhone or an Android device with a blacklisted IMEI, we will provide a small but tricky technique of getting your iPhone back in use.

Imei changer tool download free

Before we start, let me warn you that changing a device’s IMEI number can damage it on the process.

The other thing is that after changing the IMEI number, you should take note of it. Else even when the phone is lost, you may never be able to reclaim it.

Changing the IMEI

You can change the IMEI number using this simple software. Some of these software can help you change the IMEI number of both android and iOS devices such as Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, HTC, Micromax, iPhone device and many more.

I usually think that this is the best, the safest and the simplest method of changing an IMEI number.

Step 1

Download the IMEI software and save the file to the desktop. After this, double click the file and follow the setup wizard and instructions.

Step 2

The next thing is to save the software to the computer’s hard drive and restart the device.

Step 3

Attach an USB cable to the mobile phone you want to change its IMEI. The other port of the USB should be attached to the opposite port in the computer or laptop.

Step 4

The next thing is to click ‘’start’’ on the file and ‘’All Programs’’ After this, double click the IMEI software. Wait for the file to start and detect your phone.

Step 5

Click ‘’New IMEI number’’ or even a similar function on the file. The software will detach the original information from the phone and create a New IMEI number.

Step 6

If you want to retain full control and authority over the smartphone, then the next thing to do is to record this IMEI number. Keep it in a safe place for references in case the phone is lost or stolen.

Top best IMEI unlocks for Android and iOS / iPhone

If for any reason a device is locked, then there are several tool and software that you can use to unlock it. You are only required to get the IMEI number as I already guided you above and get an effective tool to unlock it.

Most of these apps are found freely on different app stores. However, others are available at a cost. I also think that the best apps comes with a pay. For this reason, you can purchase it.

The other thing is that because there are pretty of these devices online, it may get difficult for you to choose the best of all. This is the reason why am putting down best apps to unlock your smartphone in Case the IMEI is blacklisted. For software to change IMEI number Free Downloads, choose any of below applications.

IMEI Swap Service

IMEI swapping means changing the IMEI with another working or non-blacklisted IMEI. In the early years of smartphones, IMEI can be changed or swapped quite easily using hacking tools.

This process is also known as spoofing the IMEI. However, chip manufacturers have increased the security and makes it almost impossible to do this now.

IMEI Unlock

This is one of the best options available today. It uses your IMEI number to remotely unlock it from the carriers. If you choose the IMEI unlock, then you should use another simcard other than the one from the carrier that blacklisted the IMEI.

After the phone is unlocked completely, you will not be required to enter the code again (iPhone doesn’t need code as it’s done remotely on the database).

Just note that this option isn’t free but is safe, faster and easier to use. The other thing is that this option comes with great features such as social media integration and excellent customer service.

The unlock is available in our online Store.

SPD IMEI Changer / Cleaner

SPD IMEI changer for Samsung is a free application that is available to enable you change the device’s IMEI number and start using it again. You are just required to connect the device to your computer and eventually select the normal mode or the working mode.

After this, set the IMEI configuration, read the phone’s data and later write your preferred IMEI.

You can download the apk using your favorite browser and later click on Install. The company provides original and pure apk file and also provides faster download speed than real IMEI change APK mirrors.

IMEI Changing Software for iPhone

If you’ve been searching for a software that can change an iPhone’s IMEI, I wish to say that it’s no longer possible since the iPhone 3G. The only way to do this is by physically changing the chip.

Samsung Tool

This is another very effective device that is available for free to enable you unlock your Samsung device. This tool is a freeware app filed under mobile phone and made available by Z3X-Team for windows.

It allows unlocking, repair damaged IMEI and many other issues for Samsung. You can download this software here https://samsung-tool.en.lo4d.com/download

There are a couple of IMEI Samsung IMEI changer tools for unlocking your phone and start using it again.

Some of them are effective while others are not so effective. For this reason, choose a good app for the purpose. For iPhone, you can use any of below applications.

CIUX Mobile IMEI Unlocker

If you are having any issue with your iPhone or Android smartphones concerning their IMEI numbers, then CIUX Mobile IMEI Unlocker is there to help you. This application was developed and marketed by CIUX.COM. This application lies within system Utilities.

If you are having trouble to change GSM network provider and your iPhone is locked to that present network, then the solution is here. By using CIUX mobile unlocker, you can officiate factory Unlock your iPhone.

You don’t have any time limit. You can do it at the time you want and within your jurisdictions. Install this application for free and use it when need arise.

Unblacklist IMEI Repair APK

May be you bought a blacklisted IPhone on Craigslist or from a person and still wondering how to go about it, download Unblacklist IMEI repair APK to unblacklist your phone and start using it again. This app will use your Windows PC to get to the internal part of your smartphone and fix the problem.

It will repair the bad IMEI for use on your network and also unlocking the device for use on any network. To unlock using this app, you just need to download it on your Windows PC with ADB Drivers and your Phone model drivers installed.

The next thing is to use a USB Debugging checked on your device. The process is easy and hence you can get this app and do the work on yourself today.

Download IMEI Repair APK

This is another very useful IMEI repair software for android. You are only required to download it here and get started. This app will help you tackle all issues with the IMEI number of your device.

If you have downloaded this application on your PC, then transfer it to your device. Use the file manager to locate the IMEI Repair APK file and launch it.

However, before you launch it you need to tap on it and click install. From the app drawer, open the IMEI repair tool and follow the on-screen instructions to repair your IMEI number.

After the problem is solved, you will be able to start using your iPhone or android smartphone on any other carrier.

Medusa Box

This is another application that helps people to re-write the firmware on their devices or even perform mobile repair concerning bad ESN and blacklisted IMEI numbers.

You can as well repair the phone and unblock it for use on that specific carrier and several other across the world.

The Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that there are several ways of getting your iPhone or android smartphone back in use even after getting the IMEI number blacklisted.

You can choose any of the above apps to perform IMEI repairs and unlocks in your phone.

Some offer free downloads while some others offer their services for a FEE.

Although the free download. software can offer the same services but with limited success, we recommend using the paid service available in our online Store because you can be sure of the quality of services offered and the simplicity that comes with it.

You can consider unlocking it first, if not successful a full refund will be given.

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