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IKS Ready boxes: jynxbox android hd, dreambox hd, dreamlink hd fta, sonicview 360-ihub, limesat air hd. Works good with?IKS 66. We try to provide the best IKS Private Server Service and this box performs very well with our service, just like all other dreambox receivers. Summary of Contents for Surveillix IKS-D207 Page 1: General Specifications General Specifications Regulatory Compliance Box Contents Emissions FCC part 15, subpart B, Class A Model No. IKS-D207. Screws (x 2) CE: EN61000-6-4:2007 Image Sensor 1/3” Sony CCD. BNC service monitor cable Immunity CE: EN60130-4:1995 + A1:1998 + A2:2003. IPTV Reset & Route Checker. Forgot your route? There are three ways to access IKS-6726’s configuration settings: the serial console, Telnet console, and web console. If you do not know the IKS-6726’s IP address, you can open the serial console by connecting the IKS-6726 to a PC’s COM port with a short serial cable.

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There is lot of gossip going on if IKS is secured. Well in short it is - and then it is not. Just to give you a few points on security with IKS:

1) IKS runs on a centralized server that is a share point to servers which relay on this server. Your box is connecting too relays not the IKS Server.

2) IKS servers require UDP connection, not TCP. You can think of UDP as more secure, but the real difference is that UDP packets travel one way (request is sent from the receiver and then full filled by the server but there is no guarantee on data delivery of the packet from the server, meaning that the server drops the link with requestor as soon as it gets it - it may deliver it later on however). The relay - is really a relay in UDP sense - (requests can be made to one server but another server may fullfill it). Since there is no constant connection being open it is almost impossible to catch the very small (tidy) request and data travel from boxes to IKS.

3) IKS Servers accept only connections that have a receiver ID attached to the data package. No request from PC or other device can be made - this really gives much trouble in determining what the content is of the IKS package or intercepting it. I am not sure if the package itself is being encrypted somehow - but it will be easy to do if it isn't. With encrypted packages, even if someone intercepts it - that interception would become useless.

4) In order for the providers to hunt you down they will need to know what servers that nFusion boxes are connecting too. To find out, they will have to intercept the traffic from the centralized server which is located off-shore (but hard to do explained before). I could not locate the servers by looking at the routers access logs - I can only find the servers it is connecting too --- and surprisingly I saw many different connections (rotating relays) --- which gives me positive vibes about IKS.

5) All the suppliers can do is see that your connection is making some request for data that is being transfered from a server and has been identified as suspicious - but before they can even take any action upon it - the new server can be re-set and there you go, another round of finding it again will be needed. This is time eating and very very tidious and an expensive task (not that the providers cant afford it). Even if the provider proves that the traffic from your internet connection is suspicious - they can not prove that it came from your requests and your receiver (they cant trace back anything beyond your router/modem).

Is Setup A Noun

6) 'Charlie' did go to after the small people on the first occasion of IKS (more then 10 years ago -- ohhh yes do not be amazed IKS is nothing new --- it has been used back in Charlie days when a computer was needed that will serve already descrambled packages to the receiver using waffer boards or card emulators) - but 'Charlie' had to physically prove that this was taking place from people trying this (hardware needed to make this function) - unlike today (no additional hardware is needed - so hard to tell if you are really doing anything wrong).

The final decision is always up to you to make. I do not want to sound encouraging or disapointing - use your own wisdom - do lots of reading.

Iks Setup

IKS doesn't mean you won't go down, it just means that you can come back up much faster.

If your connected up to the net with your nfusion and you come home and turn your box on it will tell you if there is any new updates and gives you the option to update your box with the click of the remote button.

If your watching TV on stand alone (emu ON) and it goes down you simply click menu + user settings + emu off and IKS will kick in when you exit to TV.

99.9% of the time its IKS all the way.

Most have not noticed that IKS and Files are on 2 various servers and are ported to 1 that you are connected to.

That should be enough for people to guess there is more than 1 server at work here. I think last count there were 5 ported thru a chain across the web to 1 point of access. That point of access can be changed with a click of a button. So what if someone gets the main click boom somewhere else we go.

Anyone that wants to can easily run a proxy on your system and your bouncing around the world anyways.


Now to the whole sending keys things. The iks does not at anytime send keys to your box.(Its illegal) It does how ever send data to your box so your box knows what to do to get itself going. Kind of like A.I coding. No not any of the pyro team will clarify that part for a good explanation. Why give up a trade secret. I hope this support some of you out with what your wanting to know.


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IKS: Keys Internet Sharing (give keys across the Internet).

IKS Ready boxes: jynxbox android hd, dreambox hd, dreamlink hd fta, sonicview 360-ihub, limesat air hd


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