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TTS Pro Acapela International Voices for iGO Primo Android By Zervdim & ScorpioPirate TTS Pro International Voices: Greek Arabic Belgium Czech Danish Dutch English UK English US Finnich French German Hungarian Indonesian Italian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russia Slovak Spanish Swedish. Hi all tried everything No loquendo in settings or tts. When I set iGO Primo to use its TTS Pro voices (using the Android default TTS engine), the music mutes when the GPS announces directions (which now include street names), then the music un-mutes once the announcement finishes. This is 100% correct. So as you can see, my iGO Primo build is a good correct working version. IGO Primo (for Apple iOS, PND/PNA devices), introduced in 2010, is as of 2015 the primary product of the iGO Navigation range. Version 6 was introduced at the end of 2012, with search, green routingextras through in-app purchase, real-time traffic monitoring, TTS Pro, and 3D display of junctions. IGO NextGen Voices and Languages ANDROID International TTS Pro Voices Nuance (ve) v.9.130 for NextGen Basarsoft 9.62 Android For users who are facing logging problems please be sure that you select ' Remember Me?' 4) Run iGo and it will ask for you to set your current language and voice settings. Choose the TTS voice that was not working before. 5) iGO should be working with TTS again. The only problem is that by doing this igo will ask for your language and preferred voice everytime you run it. I can live with that, though.

The latest software update introduces features, such as Google search, TTS Pro and satellite imagery.

The latest version of iGO primo® is now available to hardware partners worldwide. Version 1.2 of the flagship navigation software enables partners to provide connected services, off-road (point-to-point) navigation and automatic speech recognition (ASR) to their users. Among the connected services are Google local search, online traffic and cameras alert point community. The voice user interface powered by Nuance Communications supports the controlling of the main in-car functions by voice, one-shot destination entry and point-of-interest (POI) search by voice, as well as text-to-speech (TTS) for reading out personalized route guidance. The product update replaces version 1.1 in the iGO Navigation product portfolio.

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“Connected navigation is guidance, travel experience and lifestyle all in one,” said Tamás Vahl, CEO of Nav N Go Kft. “iGO primo® being connected to the internet delivers accuracy and increases daily relevance of navigation, taking the user’s navigation experience to the next level. Connectivity is the way forward, and iGO primo® has the potential to consolidate affordable connectivity in the navigation market.”

Connected services: real-time information
Routing and guidance can be optimized through live services on a navigation device via mobile network connections or embedded SIM cards. Google’s local search function integrated in iGO primo® 1.2 looks up POIs online, based on the given location. Online traffic delivers real-time traffic information, calculating the route by avoiding crowded road segments. Speed camera data is available online from classic data providers as well as from peer alert point community members that report mobile cameras as they spot them on their way.

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TTS Pro: enriched voice features
TTS Pro in iGO primo® 1.2 is powered by Nuance Vocalizer for Automotive to enhance text-to-speech instructions for more personalized guidance. TTS Pro also announces traffic events delivered through Live Traffic or RDS TMC. Its natural voice guidance now notes objects along the road, such as traffic lights or petrol stations, making instructions even easier to follow. In addition, TTS Pro gives a verbal summary of the planned route and provides the driver with country information after crossing a border. The speech recognition functionality, which uses Nuance VoCon 3200, allows the driver to control the device, and speak the full navigation address in one-shot.

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Satellite images support navigation
iGO primo® 1.2 introduces satellite imagery as backdrop in maps. Integrated into the navigation software, these photos provide immediate orientation to users. The images are available in both 2D and 3D maps.