How Does Cleanmymac X Work

Like any computer, your Mac needs some clean up work done every once in a while. Before downloading a Mac cleaner software however, you should know that some Mac cleaners can actually make your Mac worse, instead of better!

Some reasons that you should be cautious of which Mac cleaner you choose, include downloading a virus, installing a program that works improperly, or by downloading multiple cleaning programs that will just add to the clutter on your Mac’s hard drive.

Cleanmymac review apple

Why do you need to clean up your Mac?

We get it, your mac isn’t the top performer it once was. That is a solid reason for getting a mac cleaner to restore past performance.

Another thing is to consider is privacy and protection. Do you have viruses or injections on your laptop? Yup, a legit mac cleaner will help this, too.

CleanMyMac X is notarized by Apple as a malware-free application. It deletes only those files that are 100% safe for removal. How long is the license valid for? You can buy either a one-year subscription or a one-time purchase. CleanMyMac X will go hunting for any bits of junk specific to the categories in the Cleaning menu, and will let you know the results so you can decide if you want to remove them or not. Some of the things that CleanMyMacX will remove that won’t affect the functionality of your system include. System Junk – Outdated cache files, old logs, extra application binaries, unused language files. For your kind information, CleanMyMac X 4 free work safely and intelligently scan your Mac OS and clean your entire system, delete large size and unused files, reduce the size of your iPhoto library. Uninstall those apps or tools that are unused or unneeded apps or fix the ones that started to work improperly, manage all your extensions from. I generally uninstall and use Malwarebytes to remove the spyware aspects of this software whenever I find it installed on a client machine. (I agree with Kai Howells) So, you could guess that I don’t really much care for this software.

Getting a Legit Mac Cleaner.

By getting the best Mac cleaning software (and not just a “one trick pony” apps) you’ll be able to optimize, speed, protect and un-clutter your computer pretty quickly.

But wait… is Mac Cleaner even safe?

The short answer would be yes. Mac cleaner safe and it does work. This app just like Antivirus, Firewall or Speed-optimization software people are using for PC (Windows, eww)

The only difference that a good mac cleaner does it ALL in one program. No more installing 5 different apps, each for its own purpose – maccleaner does it all.

Why do you even need an Antivirus software?

Mac owners (or Apple fans) answer to this question is usually “No, I do not need an anti-virus program for my Mac, because Mac’s don’t get viruses”. Although it’s true that Mac’s do not get viruses as often as Windows, but they do still get them!

In fact, there are new viruses popping up every day (and malware programs), that are directly targeting Mac computers!

If your Mac got exposed to such a virus in any way, you’d be happy you got a real Mac cleaner (which includes an anti-virus program) that will either block the virus all together, or locate and destroy it before it harms to your files and passwords.

Keeping your computer protected from malware and viruses, is not something all Mac cleaning software programs include. Therefore, finding a reputable, good-quality Mac cleaning software that includes advanced antivirus protection is VERY important.

Final thing before you use a Mac cleaner: Know what you’re downloading!

By downloading a Mac clean up software, you could actually be downloading a virus or malware program to your computer. In fact consider the names of the four most popular Mac viruses: MacSecurity, MacProtector, MacDefender, and MacShield. Each of them sound as if they will be a beneficial Mac clean up tool, when in fact they are all viruses that will corrupt your Mac’s hard drive, and steal your personal information.


So what can you do to be safe? Just remember that like with any computer, you should only download what you know is safe. To avoid downloading bogus Mac clean up software, you should be sure that the program is one that is recognized via awards, and other acknowledgments, and promoted as a good Mac clean up utility, by those in the computer industry.

Another sign of a Mac cleaner that may not be what it says it is, is that it will be offered to you completely for free. Therefore, one should consider spending a few dollars on a good Mac cleaning software program, which will help them feel confident that it is a legitimate program, and company. Purchasing a safe, and reliable program that will do what you need it to do, is definitely worth the price.

Next step? Get your Mac scanned and cleaned up!

If, before reading this article, you never used a mac cleaner – please start using one now. We’ve already done the heavy lifting for you and after reviewing 23 different mac cleaners, we found the best, safe and legit software you should use in 2019. Read our review of MacKeeper here, the link to download it (completely free) is there too.

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  • Reviewed by: Robin C
  • Last modified: June 30, 2019

It’s been quite some time since I published any software reviews in our blog. Here we are today, with an ultimate Mac App Review to turbocharge your Slow mac Speed and Performance to a Super fast Productivity machine.

Honestly, I won’t recommend this Beautiful app to newer Mac computers. If you have recently bought a mac, then this app is not for you, or the time hasn’t come yet to download Cleanmymac X on your Mac computer.

If you have older mac even with latest Mac OS Mojave running on it, then this App is for you.

Apple may support the latest Mac OS Mojave for your 2011 mac computer, but you may still face Slow Speed issues due to the third party apps like Adobe Creative Suite Products, Microsoft Office for Mac, VLC or any other media player and other apps that you use for Productivity and Entertainment purposes.

Have you upgraded to Mac OS Mojave? If not, do it right away. And don’t worry about any slowdowns or performance issues. After using Cleanmymac X for a week I am confident that whatever slow speed issues older mac’s affected by, Cleanmymac X can fix it very well.

Apple is very focused on improving the Speed and Performance in Mac computers and iOS Devices with this year OS upgrades. Flash Storage (SSD) and the latest software’s with APFS File Systems makes a perfect combo. However, it’s not Apple, but the third-party apps that we use and cannot be without for Productivity and Entertainment Reasons.

These third-party apps, store tons of temporary files and consumes plenty of storage space without our knowledge.

They even left unused and not removed after you uninstall the Apps. It does not just waste your storage space, also affects the system speed and performance. Your search results taking more time to load and frequently you seeing the rainbow loading icon are some of the signs that your mac is becoming slow.

Is Cleanmymac X Enough? Will it Work as Promised?

Well, Macpaw is not some new software vendor. They are here for a long time and I personally used Cleanmymac version 2 and 3 in my mac. My first Mac computer was HDD powered, So for a new system, it was working fine. But after a few months of usage, I noticed so many lags and apps opening where so much hectic.

Cleanmymac 2 was my first cleaner app for mac that I tried and felt totally worth buying for. Then I upgraded to Cleanmymac 3 and it made my MacBook Pro and iMac lot smoother running with HDD.

Cleanmymac Review Apple

Just last year I upgraded to SSD powered MacBook Pro’s and gave my older iMac an upgrade too, by replacing the HDD to SSD.

As I said earlier, for a new Mac computer, you won’t feel any speed issues in the beginning. But after few months of usage, when we start to install the third-party apps that we cannot avoid for Productivity reasons, the mac starts to show me the Rainbow loading icon frequently in my iMac. Even with SSD installed in it.

That’s when I thought to get Cleanmymac 3 again installed in my iMac and in my experience, it works as promised. It removed tons and tons of temporary files and unwanted user files, apps files stored in the SSD Drive. I was surprised and happy to see Cleanmymac does the job once again.

If you want a lookback, CleanMyMac 3 Review, Is it a Good Cleaner App for Mac OS?

Cleanmymac X is newly launched and I am trying it on my iMac replacing the Cleanmymac 3. The new interface looks Sci-Fi like and has one new security feature that is so essential for present-day computing.

Malware Removal tool. I am not sure how effective it will be, but its bundled with Cleanmymac X and I am happy that there is a security software present in the mac that I can trust. Macpaw promises that it will fight against all types of -wares, such as Spyware, adware, and Ransomware being downloaded and installed on a Mac computer.

Have to wait and see how well it performs in fighting against those Malware.

I usually follow decent security practices, however, I think this Malware Removal security feature may come handy if it works as promised.


Performing a Smart Scan

For the past one week, I have been using the Smart Scan (previously Quick Scan) feature to quickly scan my SSD installed iMac for any leftover files, temporary files, user data (that is not necessary) stored in my disk. It automatically fetches everything quickly and shows it to me where I can simply click one button to clean them all.

You are the BOSS

How Does Cleanmymac X Work In

If you want to try their advanced system cleaning feature, you may dive into their individual option area, where you can clean little more deeper and it won’t be random. I mean, the files and apps that are selected by Cleanmymac X are always kept transparent and YOU ARE THE BOSS to decide which files, apps, and app data should be removed.

It presents the list of files to be cleaned, and we can remove them automatically or manually after a short review. You should see it in action to be impressed.

Macpaw Cleanmymac 3

How does cleanmymac x work vs

Alright, before giving my conclusion, i like to show you some screenshots of this Sci-Fi like Cleanmymac X app that is running on my Mac.

These are some of the important feature highlights that I want to share it with you today, and there are few more features that I left in this Cleanmymac X Review. However, you can give this app a try and explore some more features it offers.

How Does Cleanmymac X Work

Cleanmymac X comes in many Languages

Conclusion: Cleanmymac X Final Verdict

As I said at the start of this Cleanmymac X Review, I won’t be suggesting this tool if you have recently bought a Mac computer. Your mac should be fine unless you have stored plenty of Data and looking for some Trusted Utility manage your Storage effectively and Speed up your Mac.

For all Mac OS Yosemite and above users with MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and iMac, I definitely recommend this beautiful Cleaning app for you to try. And see how different it makes in boosting your Mac’s Speed and Performance by keeping the Storage Clean and Optimising the Apps and System as well.

If you are happy with my Cleanmymac X Review and interested to purchase the app right away, then click the following link to take you to the checkout page.

Price: $34.95

License Info: Single Mac

(You get upto 50% Discounts with Next Version License Purchase).

Thank you very much for your valuable time. I hope you have turbo boosted your Mac computers Speed and Performance by selecting the right App today. Do use it for a week or two, come back here and let us know how Cleanmymac X performed for you.

Does it work as Promised? Worth the Price? You tell us in the comment box below after trying this App in your MacBook Air, Pro, mini or in Older iMac’s.

Feel free to share this Cleanmymac X Review with your friends and followers at Twitter, Facebook and Google+ if you find it useful. Have a wonderful Productive day.