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Gakuen Hetalia (学園ヘタリア, literally Hetalia Academy or alternatively Hetalia School) was an unfinished dating sim project by Hidekaz Himaruya, first released as a demo on January 11, 2007 and based on his Hetalia: Axis Powers series. The game is to be released on Japanese PSP systems on March 24. The limited edition version will include a metal charm set, a clear bookmark set, and other items, while pre-ordered copies will. The title screen for Gakuen Hetalia. Gakuen Hetalia (学園ヘタリア, literally Hetalia Academy or alternatively Hetalia School) was an unfinished dating sim project by Hidekaz Himaruya, first released as a demo on January 11, 2007, and based on his Hetalia: Axis Powers series.

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I played the Portable version and I really love it. Since there is no English version of the guide, I thought I might do one myself for those who need a little help. I have used a guidebook to help with this, so I might scan the guidebook in the future. The PSP and the Nintendo DS and DS Lite are region free, so anyone can play it. The drawback is if you have little knowledge of Japanese. I wish I knew Japanese. But here’s the story of Gakuen Hetalia Portable/DS…
Based on the unfinished otome game Gakuen Hetalia by Hidekaz Himaruya, you play as a new female student named Seychelles who attends to World W Academy. After bumping into a mysterious old man with a handsome face, he gives you a note labeled in Latin “appointment tabellae appointment nota”. Soon as he disappears, you head towards the meeting room to meet with the other students, who consist of the Axis and Allies.
When you hand them the note, they tell you that you are held responsible for holding this year’s school annual party. It’s a Cross-National Party to have the students understand more about cultural exchanges and getting along with each other despite their differences.
In order to have a successful party, you need to plan carefully and get to know your students very well.
The gameplay of this game is that you have to choose between one of the 8 nations to host this party within 30 days:Italy, Germany, Japan, America, England/Britain, France, Russia, and China. Each character will appear at a certain time and place in the school. The times are Morning(I, Noon(II), and Evening(III). Locations are the Entrance, Meeting Room, Main Hall, Classroom, Lunchroom, Library, Music Room, Art Room, Track field, Rooftop, and the School Yard.
Go to the area of the character you want and hit the circle button (O) to confirm. If the nation you want isn’t there, go to an empty spot to skip it. Certain areas will be locked off at certain times, mostly just the morning and evening times.
Monday - Friday is time to talk to the characters as well as bond with them. Every Saturday is the review of the people you bonded with and Sunday is the time off to hang out with them outside of school.
Weekend locations are: Your dorm room, the park, hillside, flea market, and the beach.
Sometimes during the empty classes, you may get a mini guessing game. In which a character will say, “Dare da?(Who is this?)” and you will have to guess which nation said. Pretty easy if you know the different voices for the 8 nations.
When going to the character’s route, different scenarios will happen at the time and place you are in. The player will listen and watch at the event that’s occurring. At some point as well, you will have to make a choice. If you pick the correct choice, Italy angels will appear above the character showing you made the right one and bond with the nation. If you pick the wrong one, they won’t appear which means you did not bond well and the scenario will take a turn for worst.
The scoring system is in points and ranks. Each nation has a different number in points to increase the relationship, scenarios to happen, and rank to get there. The Guessing Game can increase your relationship with them, but not by a lot when making the choices. I’ll be sure to note how much points each nation gets in their route.
Certain choices won’t affect your points, but continue to increase the bond with the character. Sometimes the scenarios wont’ involve the main character for a while to show the life of the characters in the school, some may callback to the jokes made in the canon series. Keep an eye out for that!
It’s important you strengthen the relationship between you and your character. Every Saturday, you’ll be graded on how you’ve bonded with them. Blue faces (-_-) are your default one, which means a low relationship, a C rank (0-31 points). Green ones (^_^) show you have a good one, a B rank(32-63 points). Yellow ones (^ ‿ ^) says it’s better, an A rank(64-95 points). And red ones (^ ▽ ^) mean you maxed out the relationship and have the perfect S rank(96+ points)!
The better your rank & relationship, your party will look amazing! The party grading system is based on these 5 things: Toastmaster, Dishes(the food), Music, Interior, and the Guests that attend there. Speaking of guests…
You will also be introduced to the side characters in the game: Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Greece, and Canada! These characters can be routed during your school time, but they won’t be able to host the party. Instead, they will be one of the guests attending to the party and give you a new furniture item for the interior decoration. Each character will have a different item added to the party, so guess which belongs with who. ;D These characters will help you increase the party grade, so try to get them when not focusing on the mains.
The four duties to the party are the Toastmaster, Dishes, Music, and Interior. To have the main character as your default choice in party duties, you need to make the correct choices to rank points and be in certain days to trigger Heroine Events. These Heroine Events will allow you to build a relationship with Seychelles and make a great party! However, triggering these Heroine Events will get you to miss other CGs in the game, so I recommend playing with the Heroine Events first before playing again to get the others. I will note how to avoid the Heroine Events.
You can also mix different characters for the party duties. However, I recommend routing with each character first and maxing out their relationship before placing them in their jobs. Failure to do so will result in a bad grade and ending.
You can route with more than one character, this results in Amicos. Amicos are when you route with more than one character for the party, resulting in a special ending between them and Seychelles after it.

Character Routes (Under construction)

  1. Axis

Gakuen Hetalia was ported from PSP to the original Nintendo DS in 2012. The reason I say this is because there's an active DS fan translation scene on the GBATemp.net forums. Just look in the DS section on the forum for Fan Translation. Choose your character, then choose robe for him/her, and prepare to look like your imagination for him/her.

  • Japan
  1. Allies:
  • America
  • England/Britain
  • France
  • Russia
  • China
  1. Neutral
  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Switzerland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Canada
  • Greece

There are three unlockable characters in this game, but don’t have their own route. Instead, you need to find them during certain characters’ routes. I’ll be sure to note about if the unlockable character will be in each route.
If you have any other questions, comments, or anything to help, feel free to send it in my ask! Thank you!

Hetalia school adventure game to ship in Japan on March 24

The game develper Otomateposted a promotional movie for its Gakuen Hetalia Portable game on its website on December 28. (In the linked page, select the 'スペシャル' option from the top menu.) The video was then screened at Tokyo's Comic Market 79 convention from December 29 to 31.

In the game's parallel-world story, Seychelles (the manga character named after an island archipelago nation northeast of Madagascar) transfers into the World W Academy (Sekai W Gakuen) and is immediately volunteered for the committee that puts on the school's annual 'Cross-National Party.' The game revolves around Seychelles interacting with her classmates to get to know them better.

Her classmates include the characters of the Hetalia franchise such as Italy (Daisuke Namikawa), Germany (Hiroki Yasumoto), Japan (Hiroki Takahashi), America (Katsuyuki Konishi), England (Noriaki Sugiyama), France (Masaya Onosaka), Russia (Yasuhiro Takato) and China (Yuki Kaida).

The game is to be released on Japanese PSP systems on March 24. The limited edition version will include a metal charm set, a clear bookmark set, and other items, while pre-ordered copies will also have an original drama CD. G-mode and Wai-Wai offer a separate Gakuen Hetalia Mobile game community for Japanese mobile phones.

Thanks to Rachel S. for the tip.

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