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514 is #TeamPink, but no actual effect (also: 654, 687, 468, 842) 578 is 1337 mode (also: 753, 359) 596 is destroy column 5. Looks like there are lots of duplicate effects, but it'll allow them to add in additional things over time. Just tried several versions of 137/317/371/etc and they all have the same effect. Looks like the numbers are interchangeable. Gwenpool Bonus Mission 10: Poole Party Collectibles. True Believer: 75,000 Studs Pink Brick: Just as the level begins, smash away the drink dispenser by the aquarium, stage left. Slip through the vent, and Mind Control one of the swimmers. Use them to hit the button on. STEP 2: After you buy the first “Studs x2” Pink Brick you should activate it right away as you play through the Story Levels, and the following Gwenpool Bonus Missions shown in our Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 Pink Bricks Locations Guide that contain the Pink Bricks you need to unlock the money cheats with And if you have enough money at. If you're a fan of LEGO games in general, then we have other cheats pages, including LEGO Star Wars Force Awakens cheat codes, LEGO Harry Potter cheat codes, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes cheat codes.

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Go to Gwenpool's room in the Avenger's mansion. It is located on the second floor in the main hall, the door in the back left. It becomes unlocked as part of the tutorial in the Avenger's mansion, right after completing the first mission. Enter one of the following codes on Gwenpool's computer to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Baby Groot (Ravager)QG3VH9
Captain BritainM68P3L
Crimson DynamoCDS278
Giant-Man (Hank Pym)GAVK9R
Grandmaster (Ragnarok)LBYT59
Green GoblinXG7SAL
Misty KnightBK9B3Y
Scarlet SpiderJD9GQA
Vision (Civil War)4U9DAT
Vulture (Homecoming)7KDY3L
Winter Soldier8KD3F6

Gwenpool Cheat Codes Lego Marvel Avengers

Steam achievements

How To Unlock Gwenpool

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select 'Community', 'My profile', 'View all my games', then the game and view stats.

Gwenpool Cheat Codes Lego Marvel Superheroes

    Commotion in the Ocean: Complete 'Torg-nado'.
    EGO the LEGO Planet: Complete 'The Road to Knowhere'.
    Grandmaster Greetings: Play 'Capture the Infinity Stone' in 'Grandmaster Mode'.
    Kang's for the Memories: Complete 'Out of Time'.
    By A Horse's Hair...: Complete 'On Board The Sword'.
    Comic Book Collector: Unlock and view all Minikit comics.
    Road Rage 2: Smash 100 vehicles.
    We are Groot: Have Groot and Groot (Small) in a party.
    'Nuff Said: Witness the 100% LEGO Stud Fountain.
    'Tis but a scratch!: Defeat 30 enemies using The Black Knight (Nathan Garrett).
    404: Xandar Not Found: Complete 'No Eson of Mine'.
    A Bridge too Noir: Complete 'Noir Night-Mayor'.
    A Family Feud: Complete 'Inhuman Nature'.
    A Hero's Job Is Never Easy: Rescue all Peril Characters.
    Another Gold Brick in the Wall: Collect all Gold Bricks.
    Are You Not Entertained?: Destroy 100 enemies as Hulk (Thor: Ragnarok).
    Ash-gard: Complete 'Surtur-n Doom'.
    Back to where it all began: Explore Ancient Egypt as Kang.
    Bicentennial Battles: Have various Captain America characters join forces in a single party.
    Carnom-Nom-Nom-Nom: Complete 'Symbiote Surprise'.
    Celestial Selfie: Take a selfie with Eson the Searcher in 'No Eson of Mine'.
    Challenge Accepted: Complete 10 challenges in Chronopolis.
    Circus of Crime, Doesn't Pay!: Complete 'High-Noon Saloon'.
    Dancing in the Moon Knight: Activate dance mode and make 5 characters dance.
    Dog Meet Dog: Have Cosmo and Lockjaw in a party.
    Don't Stop, Believer!: Obtain 'True Believer' in every level.
    Fin Fang Fanboy: Play as Fin Fang Foom in 'Defying Conventions'.
    Hala from the other side: Complete 'Hala, is it Kree You're Looking For?'.
    He's a friend from work: Complete 'Red King Revelation'.
    Hello World!: Collect Gwenpool.
    How Now Shou-Lao: Complete 'K'un-Lun Konundrum'.
    I want my Mummy: Complete 'I Sphinx We Have A Problem'.
    Journey through time and space: Complete all quests in Chronopolis.
    Kang, the Conquered: Complete the story.
    Live and Let Fly: Complete 'Hydra Hijinks'.
    Monster Squad: Have Morbius, Cap-Wolf, Triton and The Living Mummy in a party.
    No More Tomorrows: Complete 'Avenger's World Tour'.
    None Shall Pass: Complete 'Castle Hassle'.
    Once, Twice, Kree Times a Sentry: Complete 'Kree-search and Development'.
    Operation: Rebirth: Create a custom superhero.
    Searching the Sanctum: Complete 'Rune to Maneuver'.
    The Council of Kangs: Have multiple Kangs in a party.
    The Inhabitants of Chronopolis: Purchase all characters.
    The Klaws Are Out: Complete 'What's Klaw's is Mined'.
    Time Waits For No Kang: Complete all races in Chronopolis.