Facets Healthcare Tutorial

Facetscan be termed as a One-Stop Service Center for healthcare payer organizations. Itis an integrated health care payer administration solution, designed to handlethe complex requirements of managed health plans. The role of facets in health insurance is of great importance.
Newregulatory requirements such as ACA as well as ongoing Medicare and Medicaidupdates demand flexibility in payer’s technology and processes. TriZetto hasdeveloped Facets to provide solutions tothese complex requirements. Facets is scalable,serving both large and smaller plans. Facets claims processing tool has given new directions to health insurance industry.
TheFacets system automates and streamlines critical business functions across theenterprise, including member enrollment, premium billing, claims processing andcustomer service, helping payers decrease administrative spending whileimproving both healthcare and business outcomes.
Facets healthcare tutorial for beginners
  1. Example page from Tutorial Click on picture for full-size view. To read the text, display it full-screen. Facets: Many-Facet Rasch Measurement Tutorials Instructor: Mike Linacre, Ph.D. Software operation and basic concepts Facets Software installation and operation Facets, elements, persons, items, raters.
  2. 250+ Facets Testing Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is the difference between Medical claims and Hospital Claims? Question2: What are the basic fields in a claims screen? Question3: Revenue code is used in which type of claims? Question4: What are the common errors while processing claims in facets? Question5: How to you adjudicate a claim?

FACETS INTEGRATION SERVICES OFFERINGS With our eight-point critical success factor approach and a proven implementation methodology, our Facets Integration Services Offerings are aimed at reducing implementation timeline and operational costs for health plans.

Thecurrent version of Facets is 5.0 and Facets is organized in Application groupsand the main Application groups are asfollows:
1.Accounting application group

Facets Healthcare Tutorial

3.Billing application group
5.Claims Processing application group

Facets Trizetto

7.Commission application group
9.Customer Service application group
11.Dental Provider Agreement application group
13.ITS Application Support application group

Facets Claims Processing Training

15.Medical Plan application group
17.Pricing Profile application group
19.Subscriber/Member application group
20.Utilization Management application group