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(18) 18 product ratings - Tektronix 2225 50MHz Two Channel Oscilloscope With 2 Probes Excellent cond. Interactive simulation emulates an oscilloscope. It performs a time-domain (transient) simulation and runs until paused or stopped. Probes are needed to show graph data. If you start interactive simulation from the schematic, the schematic remains visible, letting you monitor the output from placed probes.

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A digital oscilloscope is a sophisticated electronic device composed of various electronic and computer components operating together for the acquisition, encoding, display, and storing of information that reflects a user’s signals of interest.

Mainly, there are two types of oscilloscopes; analog oscilloscope and digital oscilloscope. Digital oscilloscopes are the most advanced ones. Computers are used to process and view wave forms by the most modern oscilloscopes.

Best Digital Storage Oscilloscopes Reviewed

We’ve gathered the best digital storage oscilloscopes for the money reviewed to help beginners, students and hobbyists:

1.Rigol DS1054Z

Founded in 1998 and mainly focused on electronic measurement and chemical analytics, Rigol Engineering Inc. has been producing quality engineering products. Their primary mission is to provide low-cost, reliable research and technology goods for engineers, educators, and scientists to enable them to address measuring problems in an open manner. The company is headquartered in Beijing, China.

Well, when it comes to the downside, Rigol DS1054Z may not suit you the best. The machine holds a fundamental flaw, which is that most of the functions are actually for 35 hours trial period. Once the trial period expires, the users have to purchase the services from the manufacturer for hundreds of dollars. Doesn’t that sound bad? The trial period was not mentioned in the advertisement, as well. Other than this, another major disadvantage is that the resolution of this device is relatively low. The fan of this device may also cause a bit of discomfort as it is a little noisy.

Weighing 6.6 pounds, the Rigol Digital Oscilloscope is a benchtop body style oscilloscope. This machine comes with two of the RP2200 double passive probes. Additionally, one DS1000Z CD is also included in the package. The company makes you less worried about offering one whole year of warranty. Moreover, the machine provides a bandwidth of 50 MHz across four channels. As a whole, you can achieve so much in a single inexpensive package. The capture rate Up to 30,000 wfms/s waveform makes it even more amazing.

This oscilloscope will offer a Waveform Capture Rate of up to an exceptionally massive 30,000wfms/s. The device comes pre-equipped with a 12 Mpt memory, but if you want extra storage, it also offers USB connectivity and an optional 24Mpts memory depth. The screen employs the latest innovative “UltraVision” technology. The display is capable of showing show multiple intensity levels waveform as well. Rigol Digital Oscilloscope also offers a real-time sample rate of 1G Sa/s.

If you are looking for an economic level Digital Oscilloscope, then this one can serve as an excellent solution for you. You can get innovative technology, industry-leading specifications, powerful trigger functions, and broad analysis capabilities for an affordable range of price. Moreover, the state-of-the-art waveform display sets it apart from the rest.
Benchtop with 50Mhz Bandwidth
Upgradable more profound memory to 24 Mpts
Multiple Waveform Displays
Additional accessories
Trial Basis Functions
Low Resolution
Noisy fan

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2.Siglent SDS 1202X-E

Siglent Technologies is a leading global manufacturer of electronic testing and measurement devices for research and development, engineering, production, sales, and services. The company blends creative characteristics and versatility with high quality and performance dedication.

With an impressive 200 MHz bandwidth across 2 channels, the powerful Digital Oscilloscope from Siglent is quite popular among the scientific community. Using this machine, you can get a real-time sampling rate of up to 1 gsa/use. It uses the latest of SPO technology.

One issue you might come across while using this device is that the input calibration is often not maintained when the voltage range is changed. The company later recalled those models, but that problem still seems to be present among the latest models. An additional feature of history mode is also present in this model. However, this feature is also inconsistent. It becomes faulty at times.

The record length is also up to 14 Mpts, which is quite amazing. Considering the fantastic features, we can undoubtedly say that the cheap and affordable price range is a huge plus point of this machine. With a higher sampling rate, the user can capture much more signal to analyze in one go. Moreover, the display is also fabulous and can show Color temperature display and 256-intensity grading. It is quite similar to the intensity-graded trace function, but the traces are marked with colors.

It offers the standard and traditional Serial bus decoding function. Moreover, the device is entirely accurate and get exact measurement to14M points. The Waveform Capture Rate also offers capabilities up to 400,000 wfm/s. Unlike Rigol, Siglent provides you with a device that does not make that much noise.

If you want excellent signal fidelity and performance within your financial range, then the Siglent Digital Oscilloscope is perfect for you. The brilliant features will get you hooked to this machine. However, the inconsistency of some features may push you away from it. So, know your requirements and decide wisely.
200 MHz bandwidth
Real-time sampling rate up to 1 GSa/s
The latest generation of SPO technology
Up to 14 Mpts record length
Color temperature display and 256-intensity grading
Waveform Capture Rate: 400,000 wfm/s
Input Calibration Issues
Inconsistent history mode

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3.Tektronix TBS 1052B

Tektronix, Inc. is a company known for the manufacture and analysis of test devices, such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, camera, and wireless communication tools. It is an American company and is famously known as Tek. The company is committed to performance and compelled by possibilities.

The TBS1000B models have outstanding visibility of signal, calculation accuracy, and analytics at very affordable prices. The TBS1000B is fitted with a 7-inch TFT monitor for a simple summary and accurate view of any signals on the device. Furthermore, the invention features an improved user interface influenced by Tektronix’s accessible instrument array MSO / DPO. The user-friendly software offers quick access and high resolution to all oscilloscope features.

There are some flaws that this oscilloscope holds. The machine has issues when it comes to triggers, display rates, and min/max functions. The display refreshes about 5 frames per second, which is quite low for such a powerful machine. Moreover, it doesn’t display a min-max voltage. Triggers also misfire sometimes and are not set correctly.

This digital oscilloscope offers a bandwidth of 50 MHz across 2 channels. It also gives a 2GS / s sample rate in real-time, which is quite impressive in contrast with the other devices on the market. Additionally, the sample rate is capable of recording up to 2.5kpts per channel for acquiring detailed waveforms. This digital oscilloscope is UL Certified, and CE approved as well. It also comes with CAT II 300V safety rating. As the machine does not possess a cooling fan, it creates relatively lower noise.

The manufacturer offers a massive warranty for 5 years, which includes misfiring functions, faulty hardware, and corrupted software. The dual-window FFT allows the users to monitor both the time and frequency domains with ease simultaneously.

Ewb Oscilloscope Model

The digital oscilloscope by Tektronix provides users with extensive monitoring and analysis tools. You can monitor two domains simultaneously with the dual window display. The rates of the sample are considerably higher than the competitors, as well. However, the flaws that it holds alarms you to decide wisely.
Dual Window FFT Display
Dual-channel frequency counter
UL Certified, CE approved, CAT II 300V safety rated
Zoom Function for Detailed Signal Analysis
Advanced triggers, such as pulse and line-selectable video triggers
5-year warranty
Slow Display Refresh Rate
Min/Max Voltage Display Issues
Triggers often misfire

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4.GW Instek GDS-1054B

Good Will Instrument Co. Ltd. was founded in 1975 and was the first qualified Taiwanese company to specialize in electrical test and measuring instruments. As a power supply producer, GW Instek started developing high-precision electronic test and measuring instrumentation quickly. GW Instek has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and designers of test and metering products following its decades of experience in the testing and measuring market.

Coming to the downside of this oscilloscope, we have not much to say. The device has received immense appreciation from the public. However, a single disadvantage that it possesses is that there is no phone support available. Other than the lack of mobile support, the noisy fan of this device may also create a bit of inconvenience or discomfort for the operator.

The Digital Oscilloscope from GW Instek offers a bandwidth of 50 MHz for signal capture. It provides you a variation of 4 channels and a maximum sampling rate of 1 GSa/s. The GW INSTEK GDS-1000B Series shows excellent usability and features. The display that this machine offers is fantastic. It comes with a 7″ (800 x 480) WXGA LCD display with 256 color gradient display function. The color gradient display function strengthens waveform performance and analysis in real-time.

Most of the storage can be performed in real-time or after the acquisition on the buffer is a crucial feature of this DSO. The FFT frequency domain signal display offers up to 1Mpts. Moreover, the memory depth is 10Mpts per channel independently. The waveform update rate is up to 50,000wfms/s, which helps users with a precise observation of the individual waveform variation.

What’s brilliant about this machine is that it offers higher level measurement technologies. These include diversified trigger functions, X-Y mode analysis, and Go/NoGo function arm. The zero vital feature provided by this oscilloscope provides for more detail and precise waveform analysis.

All in all, it is a fantastic digital oscilloscope with impeccable functionalities and an affordable price range. The machine is intuitive, easy-to-use, and a powerful general-purpose oscilloscope.

10M maximum memory depth for each channel
Higher Level Measurement Technology
256 Color Gradient Display
Zero Function Key
The waveform update rate is up to 50,000wfms/s
No mobile support
Noisy fan

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At Keysight, the team is committed to providing comprehensive solutions and confidential insights into the electronic design, testing, manufacturing, and optimization to help clients speed up innovation that connects and secures the world. Keysight solutions streamline networks, integrate workflows, and validate future technologies that are backed by decades of research and expertise with an ever-growing performance.

As far as the downside of this machine is concerned, there is not much to say. The device does not possess any technical flaws. It has built an exceptional reputation. However, the only thing some people might find a little annoying is the fact that this device has a relatively smaller display. Moreover, since the machine doesn’t offer a zoom function for the waveforms, it became harder to observe the signals efficiently.

The digital oscilloscope from KEYSIGHT is a fantastic product for professional use, as it is specially designed for this purpose. With a robust waveform update rate of 50,000 wfms/sec, this oscilloscope offers detail signal waveforms for analysis. Moreover, it is one of the few oscilloscopes that comes with built-in language support for over a dozen different languages. This feature makes it easy and accessible among the various communities across the globe.

One striking thing about this machine is that it offers powerful functions and capabilities for analysis, such as Math functions, FFT, analog bus, and protocol triggering/decode. The oscilloscope comes with a robust and modern built-in 20 MHz wavegen and frequency response analysis. This device efficiently assists you in detailed report.

The KEYSIGHT 1000X digital oscilloscope comes with a certificate of calibration, language support, and localized power cords. These are the things that set it apart from the competition and make is immensely popular among the users.
Language Support
Math Functions and FFT
Built-In Wavegen and Frequency Response
Powerful Waveform Update Rate
Best for professional use
Relatively smaller display

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Since 1993, Owon has been a certified research institute and a manufacturer of electronic products around the world in design, manufacturing, marketing, and delivery. The company has produced and provided both standardized and customized solutions in the last two decades, including testing equipment, smart energies, smart home appliances, embedded ICs, and optoelectronic displays.

While having a look at the disadvantages, this device lack one significant aspect. There is no software available for signal analysis. This primary drawback holds this machine a little back. However, at the same time, the lengthy list of features helps in establishing its name in the market.
Ewb oscilloscope app

The large display immediately catches the eye when this oscilloscope is opened for the first time. The exhibition has an 8-inch LCD with an 800x600 pixel resolution. With this high-resolution multi-touch screen, the machine offers a better view of the detailed analysis of waveform signals. The oscilloscope screen also extends SCPI and LabVIEW. Additionally, the facility of multi-interface options, such as integration-USB host, USB device, USB port, and Pictbridge, and LAN.

This latest digital oscilloscope from OWON offers a bandwidth of 60 MHz and a waveform sample rate of 1GS/S. The waveform refresh rate is robust at a surprising percentage of 45000 WFMS/s. It also offers 40M record length. The multi-trigger and bus decoding function adds more to this already exceptional device. You can scan for a bright display of the input signal automatically using the Auto-set button.

This oscilloscope offers it all, given the price range. From powerful waveform signal capture to a touch-screen display for analysis, it provides everything. The 60 MHz bandwidth allows it to refresh faster and give a detailed insight into the signal analysis.
60 MHz Bandwidth
8-inch touch screen display
Multi-interface options
Auto-set button function
Powerful Waveform refresh rate
No Software for signal analysis

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7.Hantek DSO5072P

Qingdao Hantek Electronic Co., Ltd. is a general device manufacturer specializing in the development, software, sales, and service. It has been awarded an International Quality Management System certification by a national company with a modern and high technology. Hantek has formed an active combat team and an excellent brand of instruments. The technical strength of Hantek is solid.

At the downside, two prominent things have to be mentioned. At first, the fact that it has 2 channels rather than 4 is essential to remember. The dual-channel feature makes it appropriate for the amateur level. Other than this, this device comes with a euro cable and adapter, which many customers would want to change.

As far as the range criteria are concerned, they are quite suitable for a starting level. There is a bandwidth of 70MHz, sample speed of 1GSa / s, a record length of up to 40 K, and a dual channel. It has a full color display of 7.0 inches. This is good for better analysis, menu navigation, and adjustment of wave signals. You can simultaneously read 2 different channels and mathematically measure signals and even use the Fourier fast transformation (FFT) algorithm.

The accessories that come with the machine includes the power supply, two probes, a handbook, a USB cable, and a software CD for monitoring the performance of the device. It's also very quick with this oscilloscope to calculate the signal properties. In order to measure time or cycles of voltage, you can also use cursors. It comes with an efficient probe of 1 KHz so that your device can be rapidly tested and calibrated.

We find this to be a good oscilloscope with all the requisite features for a very reasonable price. So, it is definitely a good choice when it comes to the price/quality ratio when you're looking for an entry-level bench.
70MHz bandwidth
1GSa/s Real-Time sample rate
Large (7.0-inch) color display
Record length up to 40K
Trigger mode
Multiple automatic measurements
2 channels instead of 4
Comes with a euro cable and an adapter

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8.Micsig TO1104

The company wants to restore power to the manufacturers at SainSmart. Goods and ideas are easily spread by mass production, technological advances, and rapid globalization. The company possesses ground-breaking and innovative ideas. It drives with the determination of providing you with the best.

The 28Mpts Memory depth and ZOOM software are the highlights in a Micsig TO1000 series with better accuracy and description of waveforms. The mini tBook can also record long time. Lower noise level is less than 1mV to help you achieve more precise measurements without inconvenience.

On the measurement choice page, 31 auto measurements are available to the user. The tBook mini can simultaneously calculate and display 5 parameters. The 'multi-level frequency rating' system can also be viewed in full, with detailed signals and with a very large number of measurement values. The book Mini-series full-touch tablet makes it a very lightweight oscilloscope. It is the perfect portable handheld measuring device in addition to the 8000 mAh battery.

All in all, the device is a perfect example of an innovation meeting concept. The excellent features it provides you make it one of a kind. With all these fantastic features, you can use with for both professional and beginner level.
100 MHZ bandwidth
28 Mpts Memory Depth and ZOOM-Technology
Lower noise
31 Types of Auto Measurements
Multi-Level Intensity Grading Display
Full Touch control
Not for pro or education projects uses

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The business wishes to energize SainSmart's manufacturers. Mass production, technological developments, and rapid globalization are quickly transmitting goods and ideas. The company has ambitious and creative concepts. This allows you to be confident that you have the best.

On the downside of this machine, there is a lot to mention. The device has a very small display, which makes it hard for it to stand out in the market. The non-durable nature of this machine has been reported by many customers. This creates an unpleasing image. With relatively low bandwidth, this machine is not suited for professional use. You can, however, use it for the beginner level.

In the SainSmart DSO family DSO oscilloscope, DSO213 is the most recent. DSO213 updates the analog bandwidth in comparison with DSO203 to 15MHz (8MHz DSO203) and a maximal sample rate of 100MSa / s (72MSa / s DSO203). The 3 inch, 400x240 color screen shows any measured AC current, including sine, triangle, sawtooth, and triangular shapes.

One main benefit is held a quick and easy activity, just like playing a smartphone. The small shape factor fits in any pocket comfortably and is therefore always ready when it is needed. The integrated 8 MB flash storage makes it easier than ever to save and share waveform files.

Ewb Oscilloscope App

All in all, the machine is not very successful in pleasing the public. It possesses many drawbacks. However, if you are a beginner or a hobbyist, then this device might be the right option for you to consider on budget.
4 channels
Color Display
Simple to Use
Easy Saving
Small display
Not recommended for professional use
Low bandwidth

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10.SainSmart DSO212

At SainSmart, they want people to regain trust in the manufacturers. Mass production, technological advances, and rapid globalization allow easy dissemination of products and ideas for this brand. The company strives to promote the use of such innovative devices for all DIY lovers, the hobbyist, and professionals. For this purpose, the company has been working hard to produce ever-lasting and quality equipment that can serve everyone. All these efforts make this brand stand at a notable position as one of the leading companies in the market.

When it comes to the downside of this oscilloscope by the SainSmart, two lacking factors contribute to this aspect. As this device is pocket-sized for the sake of easy portability, you might face difficulty while reading the text from this device. Such work requires precise readings, so a more extensive display always gets the preference. Moreover, the poor instruction that comes with this machine makes it harder to use. You may face trouble in operating the tool because of these instructions.

On the flip side, the beneficial and functional features of this oscilloscope make it desirable. No doubt, the text is a bit too small to read conveniently, but the brightly colored display is still there to help you cope up with that problem. For providing you ease in operation, the buttons and wheeled buttons are featured in this device. The manufacturers have made this pocket-sized so that you can take it anywhere with you. This portable nature is a huge plus point.

Moreover, the built-in 8 MB flash memory installed in this machine makes you able to save your data in it. The SainSmart DSO212 has a functionality of 2 channels for better use and versatility. The sleek and compact design makes you free from the struggles of operating a large unit. With the robust aluminum alloy finishing and sturdy frame, this unit will undoubtedly accompany you for a much longer duration.

All in all, SainSmart DSO212 is one of the top options that are available in the market. This device works as an all-rounder for hobbyists and professionals alike. If you want a sturdy and powerful alternative to choose, this one can prove as a fantastic choice for your needs.

Bright color display
Buttons for operation
Built-in 8 MB flash storage
Sleek and compact
2-channel functionality
Aluminum alloy finish
Text is too small
Poor instructions

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Digital Oscilloscope: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

When it comes to investing your money in a digital machine, you are always looking to get the best. Getting your hands on the best device in the market is a bit tricky. For this purpose, we have created an ultimate and brief buyer’s guide for you to easily know what you should look for while buying an oscilloscope.


The bandwidth of an oscilloscope dictates how well the oscilloscope is accurately measuring in the display. For more accurate results, you must pick a bandwidth 5 times higher than the peak frequency of the signal level. For most amateur circuits, a 100MHz bandwidth is adequate.

Sample Rate:

It refers to the number of oscilloscopic measurements per second. The higher the sampling frequency, the more accurate and faster the tests are. You can track irregular incidents with an improved sampling frequency.

A number of channels:

It is normal to see 2 or 4-channel scopes for entry-level oscilloscopes. The value is increased by including additional streams. A 2-channel range is usually sufficient for a hobbyist.


The cost is a very important aspect because it defines how much you can pay. There are amazing starting level oscilloscopes at low cost comparing to professional ones like Rohde & Schwarz as an example that cost thousands of bucks . But you can still get a toy oscilloscope or a DIY package for the examination of specific circuits if you do not want to spend that amount of money.

The Conclusion

Coming to an end, we hope that our version of the ultimate buyer's guide for the best digital oscilloscope will undoubtedly help you. It is extremely important to note all the points and look for each and everything in detail.

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