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You need to create a Splunk.com account, access the free Trial version of the Splunk software, and download the tutorial data files. There might be other prerequisites, depending on which Splunk platform you use.

Create a splunk.com account

This license allows you to try out all of the Enterprise features in Splunk for 60 days, and to index up to 500 MB of data per day.Once the 60 day trial expires (and if you have not purchased and installed an Enterprise license), you are given the option to switch to Splunk Free. Enterprise License. Standard splunk license Allows you to use all splunk’s Enterprise features, including:. Authentication. Deployed Management. Scheduling of Alerts. Role-based Access controls Enterprise Trial License:. 500 MB/day upon initial registry. Expires 60 days after start of using splunk. Build apps and integrations for Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise, test in your free development Splunk platform instance, and deliver in the Splunkbase marketplace. Develop for Observability Manage, integrate with, and access features of your Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring organization with the API.

You need a splunk.com account to download the free Trial version of the Splunk software. Creating an account is free. If you do not already have a Splunk.com account, you need to create an account. If you already have an account, you need to log in to that account.

  1. In a separate browser window, go to https://www.splunk.com/.
    • Use CTRL+click on the link to open the web site in a new browser tab.
    • By using a separate browser tab, you will keep this open this tab with the Search Tutorial instructions. You can switch back and forth between the browser tabs.
  2. In the upper right corner of the window, click the Splunk Account icon .

    If you are already logged in, your name appears next to the icon.

    • To create an account, click Sign Up and complete the registration information.
    • To log in to an existing account, click Login.

Choose a platform

You can use this tutorial with a Trial version of Splunk Cloud or Splunk Enterprise. The main difference in the Trial versions is the length of the license.

Enterprise Trial License Splunk
Splunk Cloud
When you start a Splunk Cloud Trial, you have access to Splunk Cloud for 15 days. The Trial license includes all of the features in Splunk Cloud, and access to select premium applications and add-ons. You can index up to 5GB of data each day.
Enterprise Trial License SplunkLicense
After 15 days, the access to your Splunk Cloud Trial expires.
Splunk Enterprise
When you download Splunk Enterprise for the first time, you get a Splunk Enterprise Trial license for 60 days. This trial license includes all of the features in Splunk Enterprise, and access to all premium applications and add-ons. You can index up to 500MB of data each day.
After 60 days, the Enterprise Trial license converts to a perpetual Free license and some of the features, such as user preferences, authentication, and alerting are disabled. The Free license also includes the 500MB daily indexing volume, but there is no expiration date. See About Splunk Free in the Admin manual.

System requirements

Ensure that your computer meets the system requirements for your chosen platform.

Splunk Cloud

You must have a web browser. The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers are supported with Splunk Cloud.

Splunk Enterprise

You can use Splunk Enterprise on Linux, Windows, or Mac OS. For this tutorial, your computer must meet the specifications listed in the following table.
RequirementMinimum supported hardware capacity
Non-Windows platforms2-core 64-bit CPU at 2GHz or greater, 4GB RAM
Windows platforms2-core 64-bit CPU at 2GHz or greater, 4GB RAM
Web browserThe latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers are supported.

Download the tutorial data files

This tutorial uses a fictitious game store, called Buttercup Games, that sells games and related items in an online store.

You must download several data files to use with the tutorial. The data files contain web access log files, secure formatted log files, sales log files, and a price list in a CSV file.

If you use the Safari browser, under Preferences > General, ensure that the Open 'safe' files after downloading option is unchecked. The tutorialdata.zip file must be compressed to upload the file successfully.

  1. Download the tutorialdata.zip file. Do not uncompress the file.
  2. Download the Prices.csv.zip file. Do not uncompress the file at this time.

Access the Trial version of the Splunk software

For this tutorial, use the latest version of the software.


If you downloaded the Splunk Enterprise Trial software previously, download the Trial software again. It is possible that your Splunk Enterprise Trial license converted to a Free license. The Free license has some limitations that will not allow you to complete all parts of this tutorial.

  1. Go back to the tab in your browser for the Splunk web site, https://www.splunk.com/.
  2. In the upper right corner of the window, click Free Splunk.
  3. Choose the platform you want to use and click on the link to download the Trial software.

Splunk Cloud

  1. Confirm that you are not a robot.
  2. Click Start Trial.
  3. A confirmation page appears stating 'Your Splunk Cloud Trial is Ready!'. Click View My Instance.

    You will also receive an email with the URL to your Splunk Cloud Trial and other useful information.

  4. Accept the Terms of Service. Splunk Cloud should open in a browser window.
  5. See Next step.

Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Enterprise Security Trial License

  1. Identify the installer that you want to use with the tutorial.
    Operating systemFor this tutorialAvailable installers
    WindowsUse the MSI file graphical installer that is appropriate for you computer. 2 installers. An MSI file for 64-bit and an MSI file for 32-bit.
    LinuxUse the file that is appropriate for your Linux distribution.3 installers. A RPM package, a DEB package, and a compressed TAR (.tgz) file.
    Mac OSUse the DMG packaged graphical installer.2 installers. A compressed TAR (.tgz) file installer and a DMG package.
  2. Click Download Now next to that installer.
  3. See Next step.

Next step

The next step depends on the Splunk platform that you are using.

Splunk Cloud

Splunk Web should launch automatically. The email you receive about your Splunk Cloud Trial contains the username and password that you can use to access Splunk Cloud. The default username is sc_admin.
If you see a window welcoming you to the Splunk Cloud Trial and inviting you to Drop your data file here, close that window. You will upload the tutorial data In Part 2. For now, go to Navigating Splunk Web.

Enterprise Trial License Splunk Key

Splunk Enterprise

You must install Splunk Enterprise.

Splunk Accept License

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