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  1. EnGenius Solutions. Tools to empower your sales! Utilize the ezProduct Selector, Wi-Fi expert resources and image library to quickly gather info for project proposals and bids, and confidently sell more EnGenius wireless solution.
  2. Download:Download Hikvision Views Apps Software Description:A mobile application for a smartphone, the Product Selector Tool allows the user to easily search and find Hikvision products based on several different variables such as: form factor, channel number, resolution, special function, and more.
  3. EnWifi is a convenient Wi-Fi management tool for EnGenius-brand outdoor and indoor Wi-Fi devices. Configure and monitor EnGenius access points/CPE from a smartphone or tablet. EnWifi offers single or group device configuration and updates on your network’s latest status. Access EnGenius devices anytime. Supported models: EnGenius outdoor/indoor devices, please refer to the supported model.
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COSTA MESA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--EnGenius Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance, versatile networking and telecommunications solutions for businesses and consumers, today announced the availability of the EnGenius ezMaster Network Management Software. The addition of the free ezMaster software to the comprehensive portfolio of Neutron Series of enterprise-class managed access points (APs) and WLAN controller switches provides users with a highly-flexible, scalable distributed network solution with a low Total Cost of Ownership.

The scalable Neutron Series Distributed Network Management Solution enables users to easily deploy and manage a few or 1,000+ Neutron Series APs and controller switches to support 10,000+ concurrent users on an unlimited number of networks distributed across a campus, cities, regions, or even countries, regardless of their size and infrastructure. The Neutron Series provides the flexibility to meet the managed WLAN needs of any size organization. Users can locally manage Neutron Series APs using Neutron Series controller switches to manage up to 50 APs each, or manage an unlimited number of distributed networks using the ezMaster Network Management software.

Click HERE for infographic on Distributed Network Management.

You may wish to use a different name that’s easier to remember for the default EnGenius DDNS service used for the EnShare™ feature. To specify your own DDNS name, follow these steps: The Enable option should be selected by; A.Enter the name in the Domain Name text. Select a time interval to refresh the DNS records from the.

Deployed on a local or remote server or in the Cloud (available in 2016), the EnGenius ezMaster Network Management Software enables users to manage wireless access points and controller switches through an intuitive GUI that provides centralized bulk configuration, provisioning and monitoring. Designed for large, geographically diverse organizations, campus environments, or managed service providers, ezMaster’s comprehensive at-a-glance network dashboard and rich analytics enable IT administrators to monitor and manage all network assets from a single location providing significant savings on CAPEX and OPEX.

Benefits of the Neutron Series Distributed Network Management Solution

  • Optimized Wireless Performance – Features including background scanning, automated transmit power controls, and channel allocation ensure optimized RF coverage and wireless performance in dense RF environments. In addition to fast roaming to provide seamless client connectivity between APs, the Neutron Series features Band Steering and Band Balancing to maximize network performance for client devices.
  • Centrally-Managed Enterprise-Class WLAN without Fees or Subscriptions - The affordable price point of the Neutron Series products, the free ezMaster Network Management Software, and the fact that the Neutron Series access points are free of subscriptions, licensing and technical support fees reduces CAPEX and OPEX giving the Neutron Series the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) among the competing Tier 1 solutions.
  • Simplified Deployment and Provisioning - The ezMaster software makes it quick and easy to deploy, manage and operate distributed networks, eliminating extensive learning curves with features such as Automated AP provisioning and intuitive configuration tools to help streamline mass AP deployments.
  • Rich Reporting and Analytics - Featuring an easy-to-use web interface, the ezMaster software gives IT managers instant insight into inefficiencies and issues with the networks. Wireless client monitoring and traffic and usage statistics allow potential problems to be pinpointed and addressed before they impact users. Centralized network visibility in areas such as traffic flow, demand, and network topology make it easy to identify network issues across all managed networks.
  • Accessibility without Compromising Security – Neutron Series Wi-Fi Protected Access encryption, 802.1X with RADIUS server, rogue AP detection, email alerts, and real-time wireless invasion monitoring protect the network from attacks. To provide guests access to the network without compromising the security of the network infrastructure, Neutron Series offers Captive Portal and Guest Network capabilities to block access to main corporate computers and create separate Virtual LANs for increased security, network reliability and bandwidth conservation.

Risk-Free Trial Program Enables Resellers and End Users to Experience Performance and Benefits

Through the end of 2015, EnGenius is offering resellers and end users the ability to try ezMaster and the Neutron Series family of products for 30 days at no risk. At the end of the 30-day trial, users can purchase the products at a discount or simply send them back to EnGenius. For more information on the 30-day Neutron Series Try and Buy Program, visit http://www.engeniustech.com/neutron-try-and-buy-demo.html.

The EnGenius ezMaster Network Management Platform is available now as a free download from the EnGenius website. The Neutron Series family of managed WLAN Controller/Switches and Access Points are backed by one year warranties and are available in North America via authorized retailers, distributors and value-added resellers. For more information on EnGenius Technologies and its families of long-range wired and wireless datacom and telecom products visit www.engeniustech.com or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

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About EnGenius Technologies

Established in 1999, EnGenius Technologies, Inc., is a US-based industry expert in wireless communications and radio frequency (RF) technology, delivering feature-rich, long-range wireless communications technology for voice and data. The versatility and performance of the company's solutions lower total cost of ownership, increase productivity and maximize return on investment.

EnGenius’ growing portfolio of networking solutions including Gigabit PoE switches, indoor and outdoor wireless networking products, and IP cameras for business deliver long-range connectivity, robust feature sets and versatility for class-leading performance at affordable price points.

The leader in premise mobility communications, EnGenius’ cordless business telephone systems and portable handsets deliver extremely long-range and reliable connectivity outdoors, throughout multi-story buildings and in complex environments.

For the most up-to-date firmware files, click HERE.

General Tools

Grandstream IP Phone Custom Ringtone Generator
The Grandstream Ringtone Generator will let users create ring tone files for all Grandstream IP phones. This tool is now available in Linux and Windows version. Please follow the instructions included in the ZIP file to install and use the application.
Ringtone Generator for WindowsRingtone Generator for Linux
Other Tools
Grandstream IP Discovery Tool
GWN Discovery Tool
GWN Manager

UCM GUI Demo Tool

UCM GUI Demo Tool
The UCM GUI Demo Tool is a visually interactive portal of either the UCM6510 or UCM6200 series web GUI.

GS Affinity

GS Affinity is a Grandstream CTI application that offers a smooth call management and control interaction between the GXP17xx/GXP21xx color phone series and the computer running the application.

GS AffinityUser Guide

GS Manager

The new Grandstream Device Management Tool is a powerful deployment tool for Grandstream phones.
GS ManagerUser Guide

XML Configuration File Generator

XML Configuration File Generator is a new tool from Grandstream to help users generate XML configuration files for batch device provisioning.
Windows: XML Configuration File Generator v4.1User Guide
Linux: XML Configuration File Generator v1.8User Guide

Configuration Template

Configuration Template

GUI Customization Tool

GXV3350, GXV3370, GXV3380, GXV3240/3275, GVC3200/3202 and GAC2500 allow users to customize the GUI desktop layout as well as GUI configurations on the phone, offering users with flexibility and control. The GUI configuration includes display/hide certain applications, configure parameters on the phone with specific configuration items, control the display appearance and enable/disable some applications and much more.

(For GXV3350, GXV3370 and GXV3380)

(For GXV32xx/GAC2500/GVC320x)

Engenius Discovery Tool Download

Universal Phonebook Editor

Universal Phonebook Editor is the latest software from Grandstream to help users manage their Phonebook better. The phonebook has many functions. Users can add contacts by clicking on the import button and also save the phonebook by using the export button. Users can also add a new phonebook, batch add contacts and groups, and move contacts into different groups. The phonebook can be also be uploaded to the phone through Httpd. The Universal Phonebook Editor is a convenient, compact and powerful tool.
Universal Phonebook Editor v3.6.7User Guide

IP Surveillance Tools

GS Upgrade Tool

GS Upgrade Tool is a Windows-based firmware upgrade utility to help users to flash firmware for the security products such as GDS3710 and Grandstream IP Camera products in LAN environment. Using this tool to upgrade can prevent bricking the device during firmware upgrade process due to Internet interruption or power outage, as well as help users to upgrade firmware at installation sites where Internet access is restricted.

GDS Manager

Grandstream GDSManager is a management software for the GDS3710 based on a Server/Client architecture, providing RFID card management, basic reports for door entrance and attendance management.

  • Download GDSManager Software Release Notes

GSurf Pro V2

Grandstream Video Management Software (VMS) V2 is the enhancement version of Central Management System for Grandstream cameras and encoder/decoders. It provides a one-stop control for devices, video recording and alarm events. Use GSurf_Pro V2 to monitor, search and record up to 72 cameras simultaneously, manage videos locally or remotely via the controlled server with Client/Server architecture. Powerful features, yet easy to use design, make this a total solution package when combined with Grandstream IP surveillance products and 3rd party sensors.
Grandstream GS_Search is a program that is used to capture the IP address of Grandstream products.
» Download GS_Search
Lens Calculator
The lens calculator is a handy tool that helps you to do the following:
  • Calculate the dimension of the scene for a fixed distance and focal length.
  • Calculate the distance to place the camera to capture a specific scene with fixed focal length.
  • Calculate the focal length needed to capture a scene with specific dimension and distance.
How To Choose The Right Lens
It is important to choose the correct lens for the GXV3601 IP Camera for the best video quality.
» Click Here for more info
Bandwidth Storage Calculator
Need to know how much bandwidth and storage space your camera recordings use?
» Click Here to use the storage calculator
Supported Browsers
To watch the video stream online using the web configuration interface, users would need to install additional plugins for the web browser. We have release a new beta plugin to support all models of surveillance on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. Please see disclaimers below regarding firmware support for certain browsers:
Supports all firmware.
Supports only firmware and higher for GXV3504, GXV3601/LL/HD, GXV3611/LL/HD, GXV3615
Supports only firmware and higher for GXV3662_HD, GXV3651_FHD, GXV3500, GXV3615WP_HD, GXV3662_FHD, GXV3672_HD, GXV3672_FHD
Note: Please uninstall any previous plugin prior to installing new plugin.
AVI Tool Version 1.0
All the video files recorded using GSurf or GSNVR can be played back using the GSReplay tool on any Windows computer. In case the user wants to be able to convert files to a more popular format like .avi which can be played by any player, then he would have to use the AVI conversion tool provided. This tool will converted any of the H.264 files recorded to an .avi file that can be taken anywhere.
» Download AVItool
Besides from converting the files to a playable format on your PC, there's another option. You can download a Windows codec package that will include the H.264 file format. Click Here to download the Windows codec package, system requirements, and full specifications.