Dragonclaw Hook Mod

The regatta fix is included. If you want the regatta fix separately, let me know and I can make a version of the mod with only that. This mod only works with version 1.4 of TEHO. When 1.5 is released I'll make a new version of the mod for it. At least it's something to do if you've stopped playing while waiting for version 1.5. Pudge - Dragonclaw Hook. This is Butcher aka Pudge - Dragonclaw Hook Mods immortal item for Dota 2 Reborn. This item from common Treasure Sithil's Summer Stash alongside with Faceless Void - Timebreaker back then when Dota 2 using source 1. This item so expensive and popular cause in the pro scene The International 2013 (TI3) with pro player from Na'Vi Danil 'dendi' Ishutin is doing 'fountain. Advanced Hook Launchers Mod 1.16.3/1.12.2/1.7.10 is the mod for Minecraft that adds the different hooks with launchers for you to climb, abseil, jump off the cliffs, pull entities or players, and even slay the dragons. This mod has thrown a delight for Minecraft fans by introducing this spectacular tool.

Welcome you to Advanced Hook Launchers Mod 1.16.4/1.12.2/1.7.10! Minecraft is an endless world that includes several terrains, from the great plain to the vast oceans, from the deep caves to steep cliffs. Therefore, if you are careless, death is waiting for you.

If you play Minecraft with the main purpose of exploring and venturing these terrains, it is very pity if you miss that mod supporting you a lot. This mod provides a lot of special types of hooks with launchers that allow players to teleport, climb, jump off the cliffs, abseil, or eventually kill the dragon. This ability helps you get rid of the dangerous terrains, overcome obstacles, and save your moving time.

Next, this article will introduce key features this mod offered below.

  • Advanced and realistic physics
  • Consider the relation between the weight of players and the weight of the targets
  • The hook just can endure a definite maximum weight
  • The elasticity of the rope decides its tension force
  • Use the multiple machines at once
  • Allows multiplayer mode
  • Full configuration setting:
  • Set up the strength and fire resistance of the hook
  • Modify the color, length, and elasticity of ropes
  • Expand the durability and increase reeling speed of the launcher

Additionally, each hook has its specific features as below:

Pudge hook

  • The capability to hook both players and entities
  • Pull automatically
  • Allows medium distance
  • Hook strength: high
  • The ability to fire resistance: high

Spear hook

  • Climbing
  • Allows long distance
  • The ability to fire resistance: medium
  • The rope elasticity: medium
  • Cause damage to entities on hit

Web hook

  • Climbing and jumping off cliffs
  • Allows long distance
  • The ability to fire resistance: low
  • The rope elasticity: high
  • Cause no damage to other players

In conclusion, Advanced Hook Launchers Mod 1.16.4/1.12.2/1.7.10 mainly helps you overcome terrains quickly and keep you safe. It requires Minecraft Forge and ForgeEndertech.


How to install Advanced Hook Launchers Mod

  • You have already installed Minecraft Forge.
  • Locate the Minecraft application folder.
  • On windows open Run from the start menu > type %appdata% > click Run.
  • On mac open finder, hold down ALT > click Go then Library in the top menu bar.
  • Open the folder Application Support > look for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you have just Advanced Hook Launchers Mod downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • When you launch Minecraft and click the mods button you should now see the Advanced Hook Launchers Mod is installed.
- added The International 10 Collector's Cache
- added Immortal Treasure II 2020
- added The International 10 Collector's Cache II
Version 3.9.6
- compatibility update
- added most TI 10 Battlepass items
Version 3.9.4
- compatibility update
- compatibility update
Version 3.9.2
- compatibility update
- compatibility update
Version 3.9.0
- compatibility update
- compatibility update
Version 3.8.8
- added Frostivus 2019 Treasure
- added Treasure of Unbound Majesty
- added Treasure of the Fallen Cinder
- compatibility update
Version 3.8.6
- compatibility update
- compatibility update
Version 3.8.4
- portraits fix
- compatibility update
Version 3.8.2
- compatibility update
- added Treasure of Twilight Procession
- added Sacraments of the Witch Supreme
- added Prelate of the Wyvern Legion
- added Scale of Elasmyr
Version 3.8.0
- added Treasure of the Crimson Witness
- added Trove Carafe
- added Immortal Treasure 3
- added Earthshaker's Arcana
- added Tiny's Majesty Of The Colossus
- reworked all of Tiny's sets
- added Reptilian Creeps and Blue version for Colorblind
- compatibility update
Version 3.7.8
- fixed Jugg Arcana interaction with Jagged Honor
- compatibility update
Version 3.7.6b
- added Collector's Cache Treasure 2
- added Immortal Treasure 2
- added sets from Collector's Cache Voting Stage that didn't make it through
Version 3.7.5
- compatibily update
- added The International 2019 Collector's Cache
Version 3.7.3
- compatibility update
- added Overgrown Empire Terrain Styles
- fixed Call Of The Bladeform Legacy
- fixed Techies Arcana
- fixed Earthshaker's Judgement Of The Fallen
Version 3.7.1
- added TI9 Towers
- added TI9 Immortal I Treasure
- added TI9 Effects
- added TI9 Jungle Sets for Ursa, Dazzle and Sven
- added Overgrown Empire Terrain
- added Sentinels of Ruin Ward
- added Beetlebark and Plod courier
- added TI9 Cursor Pack
- added TI9 Music Pack
Version 3.6.9
- added Blue Skin for Radiant Creeps for colorblind people.
- fixed Drow problem causing Scripts to get stuck.
Version 3.6.7
- compatibility update
- Mars and Drow portrait update
Version 3.6.5
- compatibility updateDragonclaw
- compatibility update
Thanks to DARKGONZS for reporting these bugs:
- fixed Windranger's Bindings Of The Battleranger Hair not having 2 styles
- fixed Doom's Daemon Prince Of Khorne Styles (and swapped the wings to match the set)
- fixed Bloodseeker's Blade of the Blood Covenant
- fixed Axe's Mantle Of The Cinder Baron to work with Replace Parts
- fixed Elder Titan's Worldforger Styles
- fixed Sven's Warrior's Retribution Set Styles
- removed KotL's unused armor slots
Version 3.6.3
- removed some ads
- attempted to fix 'Getting Mods stuck at x%' problem
- attempted to fix 'Build stuck at 0%' problem
- added Gingerbread Baby Roshan (totally forgot about him)
- fixed Batrider's Ghastly Nocturne
Thanks to wiibodo for insisting I make these fixes:
- DID NOT put Brewmaster's Tipsy Brawler Mane on the head slot because then it won't work anymore since Brewmaster's head works only with Replace Parts
- fixed Chen's Locuthi Barding of the Penitent Nomad
- fixed Chen's Desert Gale Mount
- changed Chen's Drape Of The Progenitor's Gaze slot
- removed Chen's unused mod parts
- fixed Bloodseeker's belt slot for all items
- re-added Dazzle's Yuwipi Set
- fixed Keeper of the Light's One Horn
- added Legs part to Legion Commander's Judge Of The Battlefield and Sharpstar Armor
- fixed Pugna's Golden Nether Lord's Cape slot
- DID NOT change Templar Assassin's Focal Resonance slot because it won't work anymore without Replace Parts
- fixed Pudge's Hook of the Royal Butcher slot
- added Troll's Shoulders of the Imperious Command mod part
- re-added Lifestealer's Torment Of The Chainbreaker
- added shoulder slot to Monkey King's Riptide Raider
- added shoulder slot to Monkey King's Havoc Of Dragon Palace
- added legs slot to Necrophos' The Plaguemonger
- added tail slot to Viper's Fervid Monarch
- added tail slot to Viper's Sign Of The Netherfrost
- added wings slot to Jakiro
- added shoulder slot to Troll's Icewrack Marauder
- fixed Hunter's Dawn Spear slot to weapon
And thanks to all of you for using my program all these years.
- compatibility update
- added Monkey King's Masks of Mischief
- added Enchantress' Eminence of the South Star
- added Medusa's Memories of the Vow Eternal
- added Centaur's Contested Fate
- added Crystal Maiden's Winter's Warden
Version 3.6.1
- compatibility update
- added Frostivus Treasure 2
- fixed Naga's Naginata of the Allure
- fixed Antimage's Hatchet of the Shifting Sorcerer
Version 3.5.9
- added Frostivus Treasure 1
- fixed Drow's Mania's Mask and Silent Wakes ambient effects
- added Rubick Arcana The Magus Cypher mod with a few mentions:
1. Made styles for each hero but they DON'T change in game when you steal a spell.
2. The styles are not 100% accurate as I made them myself
3. Not all spells change when stolen. Here's a list of the WORKING spells:
- Doom Ulti
- Earth Spirit Ulti
- Warlock Ulti (but Golem does NOT change color)
- Witchdoctor Ulti (the ward projectile does NOT change color)
- Enigma Ulti
- Windranger Powershot
- Lion Ulti
- Invoker Meteor
- Shadow Demon Ulti

4. The following spells DON'T WORK and in order to make them work I would have to replace them for the default hero too so I decided not to do that. But I will be adding them in the future as separate spells.
Here's the list with the spells NOT working:
- Wraith King Hellfire Blast
- Death Prophet Ulti

5. The rest of the spells are just recolors and didn't bother making them now because I plan to make a feature to let you guys recolor particle and materials and do whatever you want.
6. Made styles for Rubick's TI8 Immortal Crux of Perplex to match the Arcana's styles.

- added Treasure of the Azure Fervor
Version 3.5.7
- fixed Ankaboot's Abdomen
- fixed Sword Of The Bladeform Aesthete Effect
- added Treasure of the Carmine Cascade
- added Anime Announcer and Mega Kill Announcer
- added Darkest Dungeon Announcer Pack
- fixed Sven's Vigil Triumph Sound
- fixed Sniper's Full-Bore Bonanza Sound
- made Evil Invoker Voice
- made Mega-Kills: Corrupted Gaben
- made Old Clockwerk Speaker
- made Human Tinker Voice
Version 3.5.5
- fixed Sylvan Vedette
- fixed Axia Of Metira loadout animation when other mount is equipped
- fixed Lucentyr's eyes effect
- fixed Wings of Vashundol effect
- fixed Golden Atomic Ray Thrusters not being golden
- fixed Tiny's Crystal Dryad
- fixed Tiny's Scarlet Quarry Weapon and throw effect
- fixed Tiny's The Igneous Stone Weapon and throw effect
- fixed Zeus' Righteous Thunderbolt
- fixed Huskar's Searing Dominator again
- fixed Dragonclaw Hook
- added TheFatRat Warrior Songs
Added the following mods by Kundless - Edge of Magma
- Golden Sea Rake's Bridle
- Staff Of Gun-Yu Immortal Path
Version 3.5.3
- Grimstroke compatibility fix
- added support for Weekly Giveaways
- added lazyload for mod images (for server speed)
- added The Spoils Of Dezun
- added Gimlek Decanter
- added Mask Of The Confidant
- added Cult Of Aktok
- added Crux Of Perplex
- added Orb Of Deliverance
- added Glaive Of Oscilla
- added Mandate Of The Stormborn
- added Sylvan Vedette
- added Golden Mandate Of The Stormborn
- added Axia Of Metira
- added Crimson Edge Of The Lost Order
- added Crimson Edict Of Shadows
- added Crimson Censer Of Gliss
- added Crimson Mournful Reverie
- added Crimson Emerald Conquest
- added Crimson Hearts Of Misrule
- added Crimson Unbroken Fealty
- added Mega Kills: Gabe Newell
- fixed Unbroken Fealty Skeletons causing lag
- fixed Pudge Arcana Red X error (I explained how to do that in this video but you no longer need to do that)
- fixed Slark's Hydrakan Latches Red X error when other item is equipped by an ally or enemy
- updated Huskar's Searing Dominator
- fixed preview videos
Version 3.5.1
- fixed a small issue with mods resetting
- fixed Bonkers the Mad
- added Censer of Gliss
- added Hearts of Misrule
- added Bloodfeather Feast
- added Golden Bloodfeather Feast
- added Ghastly Nocturne
- added Tempest Revelation
- added The Order Of Cyprin
- added Masque Of Awaleb Bundle
- added some of Toyoka's item effects (blink, bottle, mekansm, and shadow amulet)
- added Meepo Announcer Pack
- added Cauldron of Xahryx of Eminent Revival
- added Leviathan Whale Blade of Eminent Revival
- added The Lightning Orchid of Eminent Revival
- added Fin King's Charm of Eminent Revival
- added Tormented Staff of Eminent Revival
- added Pitmouse Fraternity
- added Fires of the Volcanic Guard
- added Third Awakening
- added Shackles of the Enduring Conscript
- added Shimmer of the Anointed
- added Cruelties of the Spiral Bore
- added Loaded Prospects
- added Ire of Molten Rebirth
- added Pattern of the Silken Queen
- added Dread Ascendance
- added The Rat King
- added Raiments of the Obsidian Forge
- added Legends of Darkheart Pursuit
- added Twisted Maelstrom
Version 3.4.9
- added Summer Terrain
- fixed Kunkka's Inverse Bayonet
- fixed Arc Warden's Head Slot, BUT it only works with Replace Parts
- fixed Phantom Lancer's Humble Drifter and Vengeance Of The Sunwarrior Hat Slot, BUT they only work with Replace Parts
- changed Ancient Apparition's Shatterblast Crown to work with Shatterblast Core, BUT now it works only with Replace Parts
- fixed Slark's Golden Hydrakan Latch not being golden
- added Elder Pyrexaec set for Jakiro (it's the Elder Convergence set combined with the 2 immortals)
- added login system on the site for users
Version 3.4.7
- Compatibility update
- added Cavernite Creeps
- added Immortal Treasure 2
- added Sprays
- Compatibility update
- added Amaterasu (courier)
- added Radiant Hulk, Radiant Hulk Halloween, Dire Hulk and Dire Hulk Halloween (Warlock Golem)
- fixed a bug with mods selection
Version 3.4.5
- added TI8 Collector's Cache Treasure
- Compatibility update
Version 3.4.3
- added Lion Prestige Item - Hell-Spar Anathema
- added Chinese Announcer and Mega Kill Announcer
- added Staff Of Gun Yu Immortal Path
- added Octarine Scepter (Ogre Magi)
- added Shadow Blade (Legion Commander)
- added Hook Of The Grand Abscession
- added Hook Of The Feast Of Abscession
- added Desolator (Nature's Prophet)
And more mods by Andi
- added Cosmic Warlord (Underlord)
- added Warfare Expert (Troll Warlord)
- added Nuclear Creation (Tinker)
- added Boxing Champion (Tidehunter)
- added Transformerblade (Terrorblade)
- added Galileo Galilei (Sniper)
- added Inflatable Shark (Slardar)
- added Plastic Robot (Timersaw)
- added Silent Artillerist (Phantom Assassin)
- added Eimer Hillburrow and all of it's 7 styles
- added Trailgazer
- added TI8 Effects
- fixed Winter Major Teleport Effects
Version 3.4.1
- added The International 2018 Music Pack
- added The International 2018 Cursor Pack
- added Jade Baby Roshan
- added The Emerald Abyss
- added Roshan Emerald Abyss Skin
- added Vigil Of The Penitent Scholar
- added Violent Precipitate
- added Desolate Conquest
- added TI8 Immortal Treasure 1
- Emerald Conquest Dragonclaw Hook Mod
- Mournful Reverie
- Span of Sorrow
- Shatterblast Core
- Edict of Shadows
- Golden Edict of Shadows
- Savage Mettle
- Glare of the Tyrant
- Codicil of the Veiled Ones
And more mods by Andi
- added Cannon Bearer (Earthshaker)
- added Trumpet Charmer (Enchantress)
- added Mad enigMax (Enigma)
- added Burning Incandescence (Faceless Void)
- added Rocket Samurai (Huskar)
- added Blond Farquaad (Invoker)
- added Wizard's Vespa (Keeper of the Light)
- added Spooderman (Lifestealer)
- added Hunter and Puppy (Lone Druid)
- added Galactic Beetle (Luna)
- added Guardian of the Scorched Earth (Magnus)
- added Butterfly Cruiser (Mirana)
- added Hanuman the Cursed (Monkey King)
- added Magma Colossus (Shadow Fiend)
- added Latex Stalker (Night Stalker)
- added Obsidian Deadmaus (Outworld Devourer)

Dragonclaw Hook Dota 2

Version 3.3.9
- added Bloodbag Mummy (Undying)
- added Frazzil Durstbrew (Alchemist)
- added Electric Fabrication (Ancient Apparition)
- added USA Party Boy (Antimage)
- added Space Explorer (Arc Warden)
- added Axe N' Roses (Axe)
- added Hot Potato Seeker (Bloodseeker)
- added Krysa Soldat (Bounty Hunter)
- added Super Bowl Cameraman (Brewmaster)
- added Rigwarl the Carpenter (Bristleback)
- added Queen Arachnia (Broodmother)
- added Chaos Chainsaw Massacre (Chaos Knight)
- added Wacky Racer (Chen)
- added Galactic Conjurer (Dark Seer)
- added Bruce Dazzlesteen (Dazzle)
- added The Steadfast Tin Gladiator (Dragon Knight)
- added Hot Pink Traxex (Drow Ranger)
- added Kaolin Messi (Earth Spirit)
- fixed Shadow Fiend's Arms of Desolation ground scratch animations
Version 3.3.7
- fixed Pudge's Arcana ground scratch, idle scratch and attack animations. BUT this caused the haste animation to like it's injured.
- fixed Morphling's Crown of Tears walk animation
- fixed Antimage's Etched Crescent of Yoskreth
- fixed Juggernaut's Arcana ground scratch animation
- added Birdwoman (Phoenix) - made by Andi

Dragonclaw Hook Dota

- more server improvements
Version 3.3.5
- some server improvements
- made Ultra Mode and Terrorizer Free. But you can still donate to disable ads and show your support!
- added Gopo Pudge by bwsh
- added Halloween Pudge by alw & bwsh
- added Sexy QoP Announcer and Mega Kill Announcer
- added Neon Rider (Abaddon) - made by Andi
Version 3.3.3
- fixed Morphling's Crown of Tears
- fixed Morphling's Blade of Tears but ONLY WITH REPLACED PARTS
- fixed Sven's Vigil Signet
- partially fixed Lifestealer's Immortals but ONLY WITH REPLACED PARTS
- added Toilet Shrine
- added Dragon Tower
- added Remove option to Replace Parts feature
- fixed Pudge Arcana sound
Version 3.3.1
- added Pudge Arcana: Feast of Abscession (Animations don't work!)
- made a new feature: Terrorizer, it allows you to customized the colors for Terrorblade's Arcana (will make a video soon!)
- fixed Spectre's Transversant Soul Of The Crimson Witness chest not being red
- added AWOLNATION - Magic Sticks of Dynamite Music Pack
- fixed Huskar's Searing Dominator
- added the other styles of HUD of the Burning Scale
- fixed Ancient Apparition's Shatterblast Crown
- added Terroblade's Demon of the Fallen Light
Version 3.2.9
- fixed Axe's Mantle of the Cinder Baron
- added Fog Spirit (Ember Spirit)
- split Juggernaut's Samurai of the Wind into parts
- added Tusk's Hammer of the Guarded Word
- added Antimage's Oathbound Defiant
- added Magnus' Ornate Cruelty
- added Timbersaw's Siege Engine
- added Earthshaker's Tectonic Implications
- added Sniper's The Silver Fox
- fixed Sect of Kaktos's Claws
Dragonclaw hook steam market - fixed PA Arcana Effects
- added PA Fiery Arcana
- fixed Broodmother's Lycosidae's Favor
- fixed Nyx Assassin's Dagon
- split Juggernaut's Lolipop into parts
- made 2 new Announcers: Stephen Hawking Tribute and Malparidos
- added Pangolier's Etienne's Revenge
- added Invoker's MG Spells
- fixed Wraith King's Blistering Shade
- fixed Pudge's hooks animation, except for Ripper's Reel (for real this time)
- added Juggernauts's Call of the Bladeform Legacy
Version 3.2.7
- fixed a bug that would cause the program to get stuck at 'Checking Steam Path' (config.vdf related)
- fixed Magnus' Seismic Berserker
- fixed Bristleback's Piston Impaler
- fixed Clockwerk's Paraflare Cannon
- fixed Tusk's Odobenus mods and Tiny's Storegga thanks to Mary Bloodyska
- fixed Shadow Fiend's Demon Eater and Arms of Desolation combination
- fixed Juggernaut's Pilgrimage of the Bladeform Aesthete Crit Animation
- fixed Juggernaut's Fireborn Odachi Animation (except for Run Animation)
- made 1 new server for Americas and 1 new server for SEA
- added new option in Settings: Change Location. Use this in case your location is not guessed right
Version 3.2.4
- removed some ads
- added snowing effect
- added Frostivus 2017 Treasure
Version 3.2.2
- fixed Abaddon's Blade of the Demonic Vessel Mist Coil projectile
- fixed Alchemist's Darkbrew Enforcer Effects
- fixed Axe's Forged in Demons' Blood Set sound and Counter Helix effect
- fixed Axe's Axe of Phractos
- fixed Axe's Wyvernguard Edge
- fixed Axe's Rampant Outrage Sound
- fixed Dragon Knight's Kindred of the Iron Dragon
- fixed Earth Spirit's Jade Reckoning Sound
- fixed Earthshakers's Gravelmaw Sound
- fixed Earthshakers's Bracers of the Cavern Luminar Blur and Sound
- fixed Kunkka's Inverse Bayonet Sound
- fixed Magnus' Shock of the Anvil Sound
- fixed Magnus' Shock of the Anvil Attack Sound
- fixed Night Stalker's Black Nihility Sound
- fixed Omniknight's Adoring Wingfall Sound
- fixed Phoenix's Solar Forge Sound
- fixed Slardar's Grasping Bludgeon Sound
- fixed Sven's Fearmaker Attack Sound
- fixed Sven's Vigil Signet Sound
- fixed Timbersaw's Controlled Burn Sound
- fixed Tusk's Whisky the Stout Artifact Sound
- fixed Undying's Pale Augur Sound
- fixed Undying's Pale Mausoleums
- fixed Antimage's Bashers of Mage Skulls Attack
- fixed Bounty Hunter's Shuriken of the Hidden Hunter
- fixed Bounty Hunter's Creeper's Cruel Shuriken
- fixed Drow Ranger's Monarch Bow Effect
- fixed Ember Spirit's Blade of the Rekindled Ashes Attack
- fixed Gyrocopter's Atomic Ray Thrusters Sound
- fixed Juggernaut's Relic Blade of the Kuur-Ishiminari Attack
- fixed Luna's Glaive of the Lucent Rider Attack and Moon Glaive
- fixed Luna's Blades of Eternal Eclipse Attack and Moon Glaive
- fixed Luna's Glaves of the Crescent Moon Attack and Moon Glaive
- fixed Luna's Blades of Nightsilver's Resolve Attack and Moon Glaive
- fixed Mirana's Crescent Bow Sacred Arrow
- fixed Mirana's Stryff the Owlion Leap Sound
- fixed Mirana's Moon Griffon Leap Sound
- fixed Mirana's Pulsar Remnant Sound
- fixed Monkey King's Arcana Primal Spring Sound
- fixed Phantom Lancer's Phantom Concord
- fixed Razor's Severing Lash
- fixed Razor's Severing Crest
- fixed Riki's Shadow Masquerade Sound
- fixed Shadow Fiend's Arms of Desolation Attack
- fixed Slark's Hydrakan Latch
- fixed Sniper's Muh Keen Gun
- fixed Templar Assassin's Wings of the Fluttering Amethyst
- fixed Templar Assassin's Focal Resonance (NOTE: It's listed under ARMOR)
- fixed Ursa's Swift Claw Attack Blur
- fixed Vengeful Spirit's Scree’auk’s Talon Effect
- fixed Weaver's Crimson Pique Sound
- fixed Ancient Apparition's Shatterblast Crown Effect
- fixed Crystal Maiden's Yulsaria's Mantle Attack
- fixed Dazzle's Darkclaw Emissary
- fixed Jakiro's Pyrexaec Floe Sound
- fixed Leshrac's Tormented Staff Attack
- fixed Necrophos' Moldering Mask of Ka Attack
- fixed Necrophos' Wings of Ka Effect
- fixed Ogre Magi's Auspice of the Whyrlegyge Spin Effect
- fixed Outworld Devourer's Golden Shards of Exile
- fixed Puck's Wings of Reminiscence Ambient
- fixed Shadow Shaman's Lamb to the Slaughter
- fixed Techies' Swine of the Sunken Galley Sounds
- fixed Visage's Tolling Shadows Attack
- fixed Warlocks's Ishul-Shog the Watcher Golem
- fixed Warlocks's Bronzemonster of the Wailing Inferno Golem
- fixed Warlocks's Ahm'Hedoq the Maw Golem
- fixed Warlocks's Hellborn Grasp
- fixed Windranger's Sparrowhawk Bow
- fixed Windranger's Lyralei's Breeze Sound
- fixed Windranger's Stinger Sound
- fixed Zeus' Tempest Helm of the Thundergod Ulti Sound
- fixed adwall
Version 3.2.0
- added Winnie the Pooh (Lone Druid)
- added Eye of Skadi (Medusa)
- added Xcalibur (Meepo)
- added Midas King (Monkey King)
- added Death (Necrophos)
- added Radiant Spy (Nyx Assassin)
- added High Mage (Ogre Magi)
- added Light's Sacrifice (Omniknight)
- added Guardian of Metal (Omniknight)
- added Firewing Destroyer (Outworld Devourer)
- added Desert Assassin (Phantom Assassin)
- added Mortred (Phantom Assassin)
- added Ice Phoenix (Phoenix)
Hook - added Scarecrow (Pudge)
- added Bone Wings (Pudge)
- added Scream Mask (Pudge)
- added Crystal Maiden Suit (Pudge)
- added Demon's Call (Pugna)
- added Saint Razor (Razor)
- added Storm Warrior (Riki)
- added Valeera (Riki)
- added Valeera - Bladebreaker Order (Riki)
- added Valeera - Gelid Touch (Riki)
- added Valeera - Frozen Blood (Riki)
- added Valeera - Monstrous Reprisal (Riki)
- added Valeera - Rightful Heir (Riki)
- added Valeera - Cunning Corsair (Riki)
- added Valeera - Covert Saboteur (Riki)
- added Valeera - Tahlin Occult (Riki)
- added Valeera Russian Voice (Riki)
- added Diablo (Roshan)
- added Space Rubick (Rubick)
- added Sand Fiend (Shadow Fiend)
- added White Walker (Shadow Fiend)
- added Lightbringer (Shadow Fiend)
- added Toxic (Shadow Fiend)
- added Demonwrath (Skywrath Mage)
- added Naga Guardian (Slardar)
- added Gold Hunter (Slark)
- added Headhunter (Slark)
- added Nova (Sniper)
- added Ghastly (Spectre)
- added Aurantico Militis (Spectre)
- added The Yellow Storm (Storm Spirit)
- added Sun Assassin (Templar Assassin)
- added Arctic Shock (Templar Assassin)
- added Demon Illidan (Terrorblade)
- added Demon Illidan RU Voice (Terrorblade)
- added Killer Whale (Tidehunter)
- added Lurkablo (Tidehunter)
- added GopoTide (Tidehunter)
- added Red Tinker (Tinker)
- added Ironwood Branch (Tiny)
- added Banana (Tiny)
- added Russian Bear (Ursa)
- added Skywrath Venge (Vengeful Spirit)
- added Pixelrunner (Winranger)
- added Into the Wild (Winranger)
- added Red Wisp (Io)
- added Winter Wisp (Io)
- added Rapier (Wraith King)
- added Corrupted Ashbringer (Wraith King)
- added Skeleton King (Wraith King)
- added Leoric (Wraith King)
- fixed Antimage's Fervent Conscript
- added Galactic Io
- added Red Artemis (Windrunner)
- added Green Artemis (Windrunner)
- added Aurantiaco Ranger (Drow Ranger)
- added Royal Queen (Queen of Pain)
- added Bloodstone Weapons (Bloodseeker)
- added Golden Arms of Desolation (Shadow Fiend)
- added Dota 2 Cinema Spells (Queen of Pain)
- added Cave Tiny (Tiny)
- added Illidan (Antimage)
- added Strygwyr (Bloodseeker)
- added Pandaren Brewmaster (Brewmaster)
- added WoW Mace (Chaos Knight)
- added WoW Shield (Chaos Knight)
- added Amethyst Fire (Clinkz)
- added Arctic Burn (Clinkz)
- added Nuclear Meltdown (Clockwerk)
- added Kitty Maiden (Crystal Maiden)
- added Crimson Maiden (Crystal Maiden)
- added Death Metal Maiden (Crystal Maiden)
- added Heavenly Doom (Doom)
- added Diablo (Doom)
- added Sylvanas (Drow Ranger)
- added Sylvanas - Algid Falcon (Drow Ranger)
- added Sylvanas - Black Wind Raven (Drow Ranger)
- added Sylvanas - Scarlet Ranger (Drow Ranger)
- added Sylvanas - Death's Shadow (Drow Ranger)
- added Sylvanas - Eldwurm's Touch (Drow Ranger)
- added Sylvanas - Gifts of the Shadowcat (Drow Ranger)
- added Sylvanas - Bolt's Guise (Drow Ranger)
- added Sylvanas - Jewel of the Forest (Drow Ranger)
- added Sylvanas - Lone Traveler (Drow Ranger)
- added Sylvanas - Loner's Vanity (Drow Ranger)
- added Sylvanas - Bloodfeather (Drow Ranger)
- added Sylvanas - Radiant Sentinel (Drow Ranger)
- added Sylvanas - Spikes of Frost (Drow Ranger)
- added Sylvanas - Sylvan Guard (Drow Ranger)
- added Sylvanas - Boreal Watch (Drow Ranger)
- added Sylvanas - Frostborne (Drow Ranger)
- added Sylvanas - Master Thief (Drow Ranger)
- added Sylvanas - Sunwell's Protector (Drow Ranger)
- added Glacial Quake (Earthshaker)
- added Earthshocker (Earthshaker)
- added Spacial Rifter (Faceless Void)
- added Lolipop (Juggernaut)
- added Samurai of the Wind (Juggernaut)
- added Akamanah (Legion Commander)
- added Divine Brittle (Lina)
- added Ice is nice (Lina)
- added Flower Flame (Lina)
- added Goddess of the Underworld (Lina)
- added Avada Kedavra (Lion)
- added Outlandish Gourmet
- added Arctic Recluse
- added The Undying Light
- added Barren Survivor
- added Golden Nirvana
- added Raucous Gatecrasher
- added Stygian Maw
- added Ironbarde Charger
- added Enduring Solitude
- added Fervid Monarch
Version 3.1.8
- fixed Lycan's Shapeshift and Wolves
- fixed Shadow Fiend's arcana model
- fixed KOTL's Mounts
- fixed Chen's Mounts
- fixed Disruptor's Mounts
- added The Sunbreeze Birthright
- added Loading Screens
- added Curious Snaptrap
- added Pholi the Squire but it's buggy (it's huge)
- removed popup ads until fixed properly
- added new 2 features for Logged Users: Shuffle/Remove All and Sync Saved Mods
- fixed Pudge's hooks animation, except for Ripper's Reel
- made some other small improvements
Version 3.1.6
- fixed Rambling Fatebender Staff
- added Winter King (Wraith King)
- removed some ad networks
- added Ancient Artifact (Rubick)
- added Azzinoth's Purple Blades (Antimage)
- added Polar Bear (Ursa)
- added Emerald Dragon (Dragon Knight)
- added Ultimate Red Dragon (Antimage)
- added Jaina Proudmore Speech (Crystal Maiden)
- added Full Metal (Techies)
- added Allure of the Deep
- added The Plaguemonger
- added Havoc of Dragon Palace
- added Exponent of the Endless Stars
- added Rambling Fatebender
- added Fathomless Ravager
- added The Brinebred Cavalier
- added The Keen Commander
- added Foulfell Corruptor
Version 3.1.4
- reworked adwall
- added a new feature in Settings - Build VPK: builds vpk file and copies it to dota folder
- added Golden Wings of the Manticore
- added Empire Destroyer (Wraith King)
- added Daedra (Dragon Knight)
- added Steel King (Sand King)
- adwall fix
Version 3.1.2
- added Storegga (Tiny 4th Form)
- added Darkwing Spitter (Visage Familiar)
- added Centaur Scout (Centaur)
- added Centaur Dune Runner (Centaur)
- added Centaur Shaman (Centaur)
- added Darkwing Golem (Visage Familiar)
- added Temple Guardian (Omniknight)
- added Sabaku Captain (Antimage)
- added Sabaku Thief (Antimage)
- added Sabaku Archer (Drow Ranger)
- added Silkmire Spitter (Broodmother)
- added Silkmire Marauder (Broodmother)
- added Ankaboot (Broodmother)
- added Reefbottom Ravager (Broodmother)
- added Frostbitten Shaman (Witchdoctor)
- added Ice Giant (Witchdoctor)
- added Alpine Growler (Lone Druid True Form)
- added Growler Cub (Lone Druid Bear)
- added Forest Bear (Lone Druid Bear)
- added Bonemal Seer (Ogre Magi)
- added Skeleball (Tusk Snowball)
- added Odobenus Wraith (Tusk)
- added Odobenus Frost Mage (Tusk)
- added Odobenus Footman (Tusk)
- added Galvanite Gaoler (Undying Flesh Golem)
- added Reefwatch Renegade (Slardar)
- added Swoledar - 4 Styles (Slardar)
- added Sathington (Bristleback)
- added Brigwyr (Bristleback)
- added ID language thanks to Rafif Zhuhair Satria
- added a new feature: Refresh Scripts: whenever Dota makes an important update and breaks the program, click on 'Refresh Scripts' and everything will be fine. So no more waiting for compatibility updates.
- added ads in program too, but can be removed by Donating. After donating, I'll send you an email with the password and you can use it to login and remove the ads (see in Settings)
Note: Those who already donated please check your email!
- made Red Death for Necrophos
- fixed a bug where Customize was not changing parts properly
- fixed CM arcana animation
- added Origins of Faith
- added Golden Origins of Faith
- added Primal Paean
- added Mantle of Grim Facade
- added Golden Mantle of Grim Facade
- added Alluvion Prophecy
- added Pyrexaec Floe
- added Bitter Lineage
- added Concord Dominion
- added Bracers of Aeons
- added Magus Accord
- added Strongback the Swift
- added Golden Staff of Gun-Yu
- added Golden Full-Bore Bonanza
- added Malefic Drake's Hood
- added Malefic Drake's Hood of the Crimson Witness
- added Bracers of Aeons of the Crimson Witness
- added Stuntwood Sanctuary of the Crimson Witness
- added Blastforge Exhaler of the Crimson Witness
- added Transversant Soul of the Crimson Witness
- added Staff of Gun-Yu of the Crimson Witness (Not released officially)
- added Tsukumo the Moon Cloud
- added Nukumo
- added Roshan Skins (including Golden Roshan)
- Compatibility update
Version 3.0.9
- Compatibility update
- fixed a bug with the auto-update that occurred when you skipped a version
- fixed Contribute link
- fixed Kunkka's Bestowments of the Divine Anchor effects and icons (they are attached to the weapon)Dragonclaw Hook Mod
- added Unused Silly Icons for Wraith King
- added RO language thanks to myself
- added CN language thanks to Tay Woei Xuan
- added FAQ again in the header menu
Version 3.0.7
- added Iceflight Edifice
- added Baneful Devotion
- added Crimson Cyrridae
- added Transversant Soul
- added The Barren Vector
- added Golden Cyrridae
- added Vigil Triumph
- added Mercurial's Call
- added Abyssal Vortex
- reworked Voice Sounds for these Arcanas: Juggernaut, Legion Commander, Shadow Fiend, Phantom Assassin, Terroblade and Zeus. Reduced file size by 95% and hopefully this will create less lag for slow PCs.
- fixed error with Multikill banners from previous versions
- added 2 custom mods: Invoker Custom Icons and Pink Alchemist
- Added RU language thanks to Fagget Right
- Made a new server for file downloads
Version 3.0.5
- Compatibility update
- fixed Foreteller's Oath Deathward
- fixed all items from Version 2.5.3
- fixed Batrider's Manta Marauder
Version 3.0.3
- added ES language thanks to Zeref
- added TI7 Immortal Treasure II (including Gold items)
- fixed Juggernaut Arcana - Bladeform Legacy
- fixed Couriers and Wards with styles
- fixed Invoker's Dark Artistry Head
- added Io Arcana - Benevolent Companion
- added Kunkka's Prestige Item - Prize of the Saltworn Mariner
- compatibility fix
Version 3.0.1
- fixed Browse button not working for Steam modal
- added Multikill Banners
- added Creep Denies
- added Announcer: Tusk (was missing for some reason)
- added Elemental Fury Music Pack
- added TI7 Collector's Cache (Batrider is a bit buggy)
- fixed Terrorblade Arcana
- fixed Phantom Assassin Arcana
- added Ghost Search option (works like in Dota. For example, go to Heroes tab and write something)
- added multi-language support (not complete though)
- added BR language translation thanks to Paulo Bruno
- added styles select to parts