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For all music lovers, Virtual DJ is a complete solution for mixing music on your desktop instead of carrying a full set of DJ decks and a mixer. It is also the perfect tool for newcomers to learn how to mix music live by using their personal mp3 collection.
VirtualDJ has a single menu interface with modular features offering the user from the beginning everthing that he needs in order to start a mixing session. Just load the decks with tracks from the library and hit the play button.
For a smooth transition between tracks you can check the BPM counter and set the right measure for both tracks. For a perfect usage the visual wave gives you additional control in any transition. You can also cue up parts of the songs, set the treble and the bass level or even apply several sound effects like: flanger, echo, filters, etc. In order to show off like a real pro you can also use turn-table effects like backspin, brake, flippin double, overloop, etc. But all these features mean nothing for a newcomer, therefore the software offers an auto mix solution which makes all the work for you in transitions. But the results may vary from acceptable to non-listenable.
Being a DJ tool, with VirtualDJ you can also scratch live. You can either use the virtual tables or use the scratch mode which gives you higher control on every move. But the aplication has also its downsides. It remains very faithful, in terms of geometry, to the real decks and mixer setup featuring a crowded interface with lots of small buttons. Therefore manipulating the buttons with the mouse tends to become annoying in most of the cases.
The new VirtualDJ adds also support for video effects and transitions which can be displayed on a second monitor or on a TV system. But much more interesting is the recording feature which gives the opportunity to any newcomer to record and analyze his own mixes. In this way you can find out your mistakes and learn how to improve your skills. With the recording option you can also share any of your creations by burning them on a CD, streaming them on the internet or by saving them in mp3 format.
Pluses: For the first time VirtualDJ is delivered as a free non-commercial application with lots of extra features. The basic functions for newcomers and the support for up to 6 virtual decks makes it a powerful DJ tool.
Drawbacks / flaws: Many small knobs cover the interface wich are hard to be manipulated with the mouse.
In conclusion: An accessible DJ tool for beginners with lots of extra features which can be easily used as an alternative for a physical DJ setup.
version reviewed: 7.0
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Descargar virtual dj home 7 free downloadDescargar Virtual Dj Home 7

Virtual Dj 7 Pro

Descargar Virtual Dj Home 7

Descargar Virtual Dj Home 7 Para Windows 7

Installing the Virtual DJ Home download: Atomix Productions provides their software as a Windows Executable file and therefore installation is as easy as downloading the file installvirtualdjhomev7.4.7.exe and running it directly after retrieving it. Descargar Efectos Para El Virtual Dj Home 7.rar descargar samples y efectos para virtual dj home free 7, efectos para virtual dj home 7 descargar gratis, como descargar efectos para virtual dj home 7 DOWNLOAD Como descargar los mejores efectos de sonido para virtual DJ 7 2016 7. Como descargar efectos de video para virtualdj 8.1. Oies broo tengo un problemita y espero y me logres ayudar. Mira es q pues acabo de descargar los skins y pues ia los guarde todos en la carpeta de skins del vitual Dj y pues abri mi virtual para ver q tal se veia los skins y me lleve la sorpresa de ningun chingado skins aparece solo estan los q ia vienen integrados al virtual espero y me puedas ayudar. Y pues tu blog esta genial.