Cricket 07 Patches List

  1. All these years the Games, Patches & Stuff for EA Sports Cricket 07 are available for free. To make such a huge collection of games and patches at one place, it takes a lot of hard work and the work is time consuming. In COVID times, our work as significantly increased and we.
  2. There are all EA Sports Cricket 2007 Patches that I have uploaded so far. All are best patches.
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If you want to have cricket 2007 patches, then you are at right place. Here you can download the latest cricket 07 patches for free.

Yes you heard right you can download these patches for free and these patches are of high quality which will increase your gaming experience. You can download the latest series, tournament, kit, overlay patches here.

  • EA Sports Cricket 2017 patch for cricket 2007.
  • ICC Champions Trophy Patch 2017 for cricket 2007.
  • VIVO IPL 10 (2017) patch for cricket 2007.
  • Bangladesh Premier League 2016 BPL Patch.
  • KFC Big Bash 2016 - 2017 patch for cricket 2007.
  • Pakistan Super League 2017 patch for cricket 2007.

Seriously, It’s among the best cricket 07 patches and I would rate it higher than Cricket 2018 by Rofijee. Additional note: This mega patch was a paid one when team HD Studioz released it, later they made it free. Thankful to HD Studioz that they are providing such amazing mods for free.

Do you want to download new stadiums for cricket 2007? Then you are at right place.

Here you can download Indian, Australian, South African, England, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE, New Zealand, etc.

Below is the list of stadiums you can download.


1. Melbourne stadium with electronic ads.
Preview & Download

2. Hobart Stadium.
Preview & Download

3. Adelaide Stadium.
Preview & Download

4. Perth Stadium.
Preview & Download

5. Docklands Stadium.
Preview & Download


IPL 2016 Stadiums like Chennai, Kolkata, Mohali, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad are also included, and you can download from below.
Preview & Download

South Africa:

This stadium patch contains 4 South Africa’s stadiums. It has Kingsmead Durban, Centurion, Cape Town, and Johannesburg stadium.
Download & Preview

New Zealand:

This pack contains 3 new Zealand stadiums, and these are HQ. This package includes Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland stadium with all features.


1. Dubai sports city stadium.
Preview & Download
2. Sharjah Cricket Stadium.
Preview & Download


This patch contains 3 Bangladeshi stadiums with HD textures. It includes Sher-E-Bangla, Sylhet, and Chittagong stadium.

But unfortunately we don’t have previews at this moment, but we would try to provide as early as possible. Download these stadiums now from below.
Download Bangladesh stadiums.

Cricket 07 Patches List

Sri Lanka:

This patch contains only one stadium, but we would try to provide more stadiums. At this moment it contains only Pallekele stadium.
Download & Preview


This stadium patch has new Iqbal and Faisalabad stadium for cricket 07 which you can download for free with an actual download link.

1. Iqbal Stadium.
Preview & Download
2. Faisalabad Stadium.
Preview & Download


This is an update patch for some England’s stadiums and contains new stadiums.
Preview & Download

West Indies:

Now comes to add some windies flavor with their new stadiums. Download and preview stadiums from below links.
Download & Preview

Final Words
So, that’s an end of this post. If you have any stadium, then you may contact us. All credits will be given to maker.

This year we make best efforts to make this ea sports cricket 2017 patch best patch ever created for EA Sports Cricket 2007 patches.

You have never seen those textures and features which we have added in this patch.

This new path is loaded with lots of new features, and some of them are listed below.

Features in Ea Sports Cricket 17 Patch:

1. Latest Tournaments: It has latest games like ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Vivo IPL 2017, Caribbean Premier League 2017 T20, Knockout Cup, Carlton Mid ODI Series, Champions League T20, KFC T20 Big Bash League, Ram Slam T20, ICC Champions Trophy 2017 and The Ashes.

2. LATEST KITS: These kits are assigned correctly for all the teams in this Patch. These kits were of high quality which will further improve your gaming experience.

3. It has few Special Teams in The patch Like ICC T20 XI, ICC ODI XI, ICC Test XI, ICC Legends XI and other teams from tournaments like IPL and CPL.

4. All Team logos are HD and are assigned correctly to the teams.

5. All stadiums are modified and created for giving a realistic experience to our users. It has new stadiums for all countries.

6. A roster with real names + transfers updated. Now not only the list is updated, but the stats of players are also updated.

7. This ea cricket 2017 patch have HD Pitchads, stumps and LED stumps and bails for some tournaments. It has a new greenish outfield which will give you the best gaming experience.

8. All new faces added and realistically assigned to the players and you can’t find any difference.

9. There will be fixtures for all tournaments, and these fixtures are just like real one.

10. A2 256 ULTIMATE HD BATPACK 2015 is used to correctly assigned the bats to the players which they use in real life.

11. Now in this patch, your gameplay will also be improved because we have added new features which bring batting more difficult.

12. EA SPORTS CRICKET 07 Graphic Selector can be used for changing the Overlay, Pitchads, Stumps, Match Conditions in this patch.

13. Beside this, You can Have Training Sessions, Play tours, and others things.

14. There will be the Pink Kit for South Africa, the Lavender kit for Delhi Daredevils, Green kit for Royal Challengers Bangalore when you will play in Johannesburg, Mohali, and Delhi respectively.

15. You will see different umpires at various venues with the help of umpire changer.

16. Besides this, special T20 Kits for Australia, SA, England, and New Zealand at Different Stadiums.

17. There’s more and more stuff to explore because this patch is full of excitement and thrills.

How to download and install EA Sports Cricket 2017 patch for cricket 2007:

  1. Firstly download this patch below link.Download EA CRICKET 17
  2. After downloading this patch extract, it wherever you want.
  3. After this copy the A256 HD Batpack in your game folder.
  4. Now after this download the new roster and copy it to your document folder.

So, download this EA SportsCricket 2017 patch today.

The most popular league after the IPL, Big Bash League 2016-17 patch is now available for download on our blog for free.

This patch contains HQ stuff for EA Sports Cricket 07 and is going to be the one of the best cricket games for pc. This makes your game realistic and provides a great experience of gaming to their users.

It includes latest kits, roster, menu, faces, fixtures, LED stumps and bails, etc.


To use this KFC big bash league patch you need some following items.

  1. A freshly installed version of EA Sports Cricket 2007.
  2. AC 256 HD Batpack.
Ea cricket 07 patch

If you already have these above items, then you don’t need to download them again.

Features of this bbl 2016 patch:

Kits: This patch contains latest kits assigned correctly to teams. So whichever team you are choosing you will get real kits with their sponsored logos and shirt numbers.

Overlay: The most important part of the patch is an overlay. Because it provides a real lifelike feeling. And in this bbl patch, you’ll find HQ Overlay with the main menu.

Stadiums: This patch is not complete without stadiums. So we add HQ BBL 2016 stadiums that will bring this patch to real world 3D game.

Cricket 07 Patches List

Outfields: If you are playing your game then you may want to have real like outfields. This patch provides HD outfields for all stadiums.

GFX Set: If you are a regular user of this blog then you may probably know what gfx set actually is.
Gfx set contains stumps, bails and pitch ads. And in this BBL Patch 2016, you’ll find HD LED stumps and pitch ads.

Roster: This patch contains latest KFC bbl 2016 Players with original names & faces.

Fixtures: To provide a realistic experience we’ve added Real fixtures in this bbl 2016 patch.

How to install this big bash league game 2016-2017:

  1. Download & Install AC 256 HD Batpack.
  2. Extract the downloaded Patch of big bash league to your ea cricket 07 root directory of your choice.
  3. Run “BBL.EXE” and install the patch in your EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007 Root Directory.
  4. Copy the roster folder & paste it in “EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07″ folder located in My Documents.
  5. In the game, Load the roster first, & then start playing Realistic BBL Patch.

This is one of the most advanced patches, and we keep updating it and provide necessary information to our users.

After this patch, we also try to make new women’s BBL Patch which will double your joy.
Ok, now you have done all the things to have this patch now enjoy the perfect gaming experience.

Do you want to make your game super easy? Then you are at right place. Here we present a latest EA Sports Cricket 2007 cheats codes for free. These codes will help you while playing your game.

How to Use Cheat Codes For EA Sports Cricket 2007?

  1. Open the folder and run your game.
  2. Go to the main menu option.
  3. Keep your mouse at the “My Cricket Option” but neither click nor press enter.

So, this is the way to enter cheat codes. And below are some cheat codes you can use while playing your game.

1. Rko fly
By using this system, your fielder has flying fielding effects and brings fielding tighter.

If you want that your bowler always has 100% stamina, then you should definitely use this cheat code. This will help you to bowl exceptional stamina deliveries.

This will help your player to have 100% strength while batting and would assist in running and timing of cricket ball.

By using this cheat, you will observe that your batsman runs so fast and never got run out while taking a run.

5. Afridi
This will help you to boom, smash the ball out of the park like Afridi does.

When you enter this cricket, 2007 cheats code, you will see that your fielders have flying attributes when you set the auto fielding option.

When you have a small total to defend you may use this. Because it will help you to the ball at 200Km/h with any bowler, expect spinners. Note this cheat don’t work against the Pakistan team.

Use this and see that whenever you cross the red line mark while bowling the umpire does not give any no ball. It will help you to the ball at 200Km/h or greater.

If you love to hit fours then by using this, you can run the ball towards the boundary in a flash.

10. GUL
This will help you to ball.all those special deliveries whenever you want.

So, these are some cheats for Cricket 2007. You can also download these cheats.

We post new cricket 07 patches for our users. They can download Mega patches, overlay patches, gfx set patches, logo patches and much more here.

1) Mega-Patches: Mega patches are those which are based on the particular tournament and contains all the stuff for teams, stadiums, etc.

2) Overlay Patches: The next patch which comes to my ea cricket 2007 patches list is overlain patch. An HQ TV overlay provides a unique experience to the user.

3) Stadium Patches: These patches provide HD textures to your game by HQ stadiums. On our blog, you can download stadiums with electronic ads also.

4) Gfx Set: You can't miss this because the pitch ads and stumps provide a unique experience. You can download latest LED stumps patch here.

5) Logo Patches: The thing which you first want to have is logo patch in your game. The cricket 2007 logo patches are HD and are free for use.

1) Free: Our patches are free for download. You don't need to pay anything for it.

2) HQ Patches: We provides high-quality patches on this blog for free. Whatever you download it is HQ.

3) User-Friendly: These cricket 07 patches are nothing if they fail to provide UFE. But our patches are HQ and provides a user-friendly experience.

4) New .rfe: These are team select models and pre-added to these patches. These .rfe are team select, and menu selects models.

5) Kits: These are new HD kits assigned correctly to teams. The kits have their original sponsored ads and appear like real.

6) Faces: All players have their unique looks. The player like Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson have their original and updated looks.

7) Overlay: New overlay and main menu are also added to these cricket 2007 patches.

HD Logos: Whatever you find on this blog is HD. And here you can find HD logos allotted to teams.

8) Roster: The roster is the most important thing in a game. We provide an updated list for all the teams.

9) Fixtures: The fixtures offer tournaments to a game. And here we also offer Real fixtures of all the tournaments.

Beginning of M.S.Dhoni Cricket Era

The 2007 ICC World Twenty20 was the inaugural Twenty20 International cricket world championship, contested in South Africa from 11 to 24 September 2007.

Rewind the Captures

Ea Cricket 07 Patch

Cricket 07 Patch Download

Features of the Patch

  • All team players are accurate with proper squad assigned with actual shirt numbers.
  • Kits of all teams are accurate and updated.
  • Tournament participating teams logos are assigned properly.
  • Updated venues played in real game fixture.
  • Graphics used are accurate as on in real game.
  • Each player bats are assigned accurately.
  • Actual TV overlay and scorecard overlay.
  • Fantastic gameplay! Have fun.

Installation Procedure

Cricket 07 Patches List Printable

  1. Initially click the below provided link, to download the freshly installed game file of EA Sports Cricket 07.
  2. After downloading, Extract the files to a folder where you want to play the game.
  3. Now click the another link provided below, to download the patch file of the Tournament.
  4. After downloading the patch file, Extract the files in the folder where yo have already extracted the files of EA Sports Cricket 07.
  5. Simply replace the files, asking to replace.
  6. Roster file for the patch is included, So cut & paste it in My Documents ea cricket folder.
  7. Use separate game folder for each tournament to have the real fun of the game.
  8. Don't install any other patches in that folder.
  9. Finally, Go to the folder play the game using Cricket07.exe application file.

Download EA Sports Cricket 07

Cricket 07 2019 Patch

Download ICC T20 WORLD CUP 2007