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Get the latest Need for Speed: Most Wanted cheats, codes, unlockables, hints, Easter eggs, glitches, tips, tricks, hacks, downloads, hints, guides, FAQs, walkthroughs, and more for PlayStation 2 (PS2). CheatCodes.com has all you need to win every game you play!

Cheat Need For Speed: Most Wanted PC & PS2 Lengkap 1 Agustus 2020 2 min read Need for Speed: Most Wanted adalah game yang bisa dimainkan di berbagai platform seperti PS2 dan PC Windows, bergenre balap dengan gameplay Open World yang dikembangkan oleh Criterion Games dan diterbitkan oleh Electronic Arts. Untuk membuat game ini terasa lebih seru dan lengkap gunakan cheat need for speed most wanted untuk pc dan ps2 berikut ini. Cheat Game Need For Speed Most Wanted. Untuk melengkapi permainan need for speed, para player sering kali menggunakan cheat need for speed most wanted. Untuk itulah pada artikel ini akan dibahas lengkap cheat yang bisa.

  • After you beat the Rockport's Most Wanted level, Heat level 5 will then consist of both the Federal Authorities and Cross' Street Racin' Unit. Regaining control. When approaching a corner at a high speed, quickly assess whether or not you can get through it cleanly as fast as possible and without touching the inside or outside barriers.
  • Cheat Need For Speed Most Wanted PS2 Lengkap Bahasa Indonesia Cheat Need For Speed Most Wanted PS2 Lengkap Bahasa Indonesia. Inilah kode Cheat Need For Speed Most Wanted PS2 Lengkap Bahasa Indonesia. Semua Mobil $100.000 Pada menu “press start” tekan: R1, L1, atas, bawah, atas, bawah, atas, bawah. Back Room (transmission, engine.

Use the above links or scroll down see all to the PlayStation 2 cheats we have available for Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Unlock BMW GTR (Race Version)

To get all the bounty you won't get in a cop chase. Go to thebus station and go up the ramp and through the glass all the way to the edge before you fall off stop an the edge. Sit there for as long as you wont and the cops can't get you but the code three cops can come up there if they come up there with you but the others cant! After you got the amount of bounty you wont get out of the station and evade the cops and you got all the bounty!


When the cops are runing from you hit the o button turn around relly fast and the cops will chase and you will get more bounty points.


When approaching a turn you want to go on the outside then when on the outside before you turn slow down a little bit then turn into the inside of the corner and that is how to do a good drift!

Unlock Toyota Supra

Beat Blacklist Boss #8.

Unlock Subaru Impreza WRX STi

Beat Blacklist Boss #3.

Get All Rivals Cars

The key to this hint is that whenever itsays 'Challenge Rival' go to the save menu andsave the game. Whenever you beat the rival itgives you three markers. What I do is that Ichoose two of them. If the pink slip is notthere reset the game. Beat the rival again andpick the marker that you didn't pick. This works75% of the time.

Final Pursuit

After you beat Razor, you will see a clip of howyou get your M3 GTR back. Then you will see Sgt.Cross arrest every Blacklist Racer in one spotand call on every unit available to arrest you.After 5 minutes, Mia will notify you to headtoward and old, broken bridge. (Note: The bridgeis near Rosewood so hang around there).Since you cannot go to any of your safe housesor hideouts because your 'Evade' meter isn'tallowed to fill up, your only option is to jumpthe ramp. Once you get to the bridge, you willsee a clip of your M3 GTR jump the ramp. Afteryou see that, you will know that you havesuccessfully outran the final pursuit.

Extra Money

If you want extra money, sell your car but first sell its parts then the car.

Turning Corners Good

When you are turning a corner, use speedbreaker to drift around the corner, then us nitrous to straighten out your car and continue in a straight line. This also works on curves.

Running Roadblocks

When you are faced with a roadblock, you simply hit speedbreaker and try to get in between two cop cars so that you slide right through the gap.

Give Up

If you're in a pursuit and the cops are on you, don't reset you're car. Once you do, you're busted meter will slowly fill and you will lose the chase.

How To Beat Challenge Series #40

Code most wanted ps2 lengkap indonesia

First, go through the water tower in front of the fire station and turn right. Then, bring up your GPS. Near you will be a bunch of triangles (pursuit breakers) on the map. If you go up and left on the map, you will see two triangles close to each other. Pick the bottom one. Go, and you will find the large tire. Whether you use it or not, you go right after the tire, then take two lefts. This will lead you to a small circle. Keep going around, killing cops as you go, but do not stop moving. You will need to leave the circle when ever reinforcements come so they don't overwhelm you, but you must always return to the circle. At about the 9:50 mark of the challenge, head in the direction of the baseball field. Go through both signs of the field, which will kill all of the cops that follow you. Then, use the hiding spot on the other side of the stadium to evade the pursuit and win the challenge.

Final Pursuit - Running Out The Clock

Step 1: Knock out every single vehicle with pursuit breakers as quickly as possible.
Step 2: Find a place to lay low - stay there until reinforcements come.
The purpose of this is to make the chase shorter and easier, since if you drive on the street for two seconds, you'll find a cop on heat level 6.

How To Lose Your Car's Heat For FREE

Step 1: Get in cop chase.
Step 2: Get arrested.
Step 3: Wait until one of the cops is throwin' you around to reset system.
Works 80% of the time.

How To Pass Challege Series #40

First, you start with the McClaren. You take your first right, then take another right. First, you need to find the big tire crashbreaker. Whether or not you use it doesn't matter, but you must go right, then left twice. This route will take you to a small circle. You can go around the circle for most of te time except for when after the reinforcements come. Cops will line up sideways in the road, ot knowing what to do, so you can plow through them. When the chase is at about the 9:45 mark, exit the circle in the direction of the baseball stadium. Knock down both signs, then use the hiding spot of the other side of the stadium.

How To Get All Junkman Parts For Cars In Your Quick Rae Garage

Simply beat the burger king challenge, which is number 58.

Flipping For Elbow Room

When the cops are not giving you much room to work with flip your car over. When it auto-restarts you can go through the cop cars and you will get a few seconds of elbow room. This may sounds stupid but I have done this trick multiple times without fail.

Crazy Flip

Sometimes, when you run over a curb, you don't just run over a curb. Because when I 'ran over a curb', i did a huge twister in mid air! Try running over curbs in ROSEWOOD and you'll see what i'm talking about.

Get 8 Infractions

This is how to get all eight infractions.Speeding: pass a cop at 150 mph.Excessive speeding: pass a cop at 180 mph.Reckless driving: pass a cop at 200 mph.Hit and run: hit another car near a cop.Driving off roadway: drive on the grass (golf course)Ramming a police car: hit a cop carEvading police: get out of the cops line of sightDamage to property: hit cones, trees, lights etc.Receiving all eight will put you at number 1 for most infractions in a single pursuit on your rap sheet.

Avoid Crashing Into Walls

Before you crash into a wall, quickly press the'O' button. Time will slow. (And so will yourvehicle)

100% Rap Sheet

To get 100% in your rap sheet, you must be rankedfirst in all categories in the LIFETIME sectionof the rankings, not the SINGLE pursuit section.

Avoid Sargent Cross

When Sargent Cross's team pulls up in front ofyou, throw the car into a powerslide U-turn. Thiswill help you avoid being boxed in by theanti-street-racer squad.


When coming up on a roadblock, hit the rear partof the cop car. This will throw the cop car outof the way and you will not lose speed.

2P Free Roam

First go to quick race and choose sprint. Thenchoose the race that says boundy and marina,then get to about 77% of the race complete andmake a hard right next to the breakable glasstake the alley and then your free roaming justdon't go through the yellow arrow lines or youwill have to do it again.

Unlock Vauxhall Monaro VXR

Beat Blacklist Boss #13.

Unlock Porsche Cayman S

Beat Blacklist Boss #5.

Unlock Porsche 911 Carrera S

Beat Blacklist Boss #10.

Unlock Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

Beat Blacklist Boss #14.

Unlock Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

Beat Blacklist Boss #11.

Unlock Mazda RX-7

Beat Blacklist Boss #8.

Unlock Lamborguini Murciélago

Beat Blacklist Boss #6.

Unlock Mustang GT

Beat Blacklist Boss #4.

Unlock Dodge Viper SRT 10

Complete 100% of the game.

Unlock Corvette C6

Beat Blacklist Boss #12.

Unlock Audi A4 3.2 FSI Quattro

Beat Blacklist Boss #15.

Unlock Aston Martin DB9

Beat Blacklist Boss #12.

Unlock Rockport City

Beat the #13 on the Blacklist.

Change Race Options

When doing race events in career mode, there isa way to change the amount of traffic, catch-upon/off, and number of laps.For example, there is a race in 'Race events' inthe blacklist menu. It is a sprint type race,and the track is 'Seagate & Camden'. Go back tothe main menu, and select quick race. Selectcustom race, and do a sprint on 'Seagate &Camden'. Set the options you want (i.e. Notraffic, etc). Do the race. Go back into careermode and do that same race in the blacklistmenu. Those options you selected in quick racemode will apply here. You can have no traffic,and turn off catch-up. It also means if you havea 4-lap circuit race in career mode, you can dothis cheat and only have to do 1 lap.

Skip Police Chase After A Maximum Possibility Police Encounter Race

When you race any race that has maximumpotential for police encounter, a police chasewill ensue sometime during the race. After therace you will need to get away from them so thatthe win and money won will stay. To completelyskip this sometimes tedious process after arace, wait until you see the 'auto-save' icon atthe top of the screen disappear. Once it hasdisappeared (completed auto-save), hit reset andreload your profile. The race will show completealong with the money credits in your bankaccount.

Perfect Launch

Watch your tachometer when at the starting line.Get your needle in the blue right when the racestarts to get a perfect launch and gain sometime against your opponents.

Avoiding Police SUV's (RHINO Units)

In a police pursuit, if you find youself goinghead on into RHINOs, hit your NOS. That willmake it go flying in the oppisite direction(sometimes flipping!?).But you have to have apro, ultimate or junkman NOS system.

Extra Trade In Cash

If you win a rivals car and you don't want tokeep it or you're going to sell one of your oldcars, run down to one of the local body shops andsell your rims, body kits, spoilers, etc. You canalso get trade in cash for changing them.

2P Free Run

In West Park & Lyons, race until you go around75%. Stop at the intersection. Look for a roadright next to yours. Drive to it. Drive aroundthe left corner and you're outta the race track.There will be no traffic.

Free Ride

Go to northeast Rosewood. Cruise around untilyou find some fences, or a building you candrive through. You're gonna' be in a golfcourse. Cruise around! Don't worry about yourcop meter (at the top) if it starts ticking.Just slow down a bit, but if you entered thegolf course through one of the buildings, becareful, 'cause a lot of cops hang around there.Drive slow to get through the buildings.


To get an extra $10,000 in career mode have a NeedFor Speed Underground or Need For SpeedUnderground 2 career game saved on your memorycard. After the prologue you will get $10,000.

Pursuit Blockades/Spike Strips

To go through a police Spike blockade you musthit the rear of the car or let a cruiser get infront of you before you hit the block.

Unlockable Heat Levels

The following heat levels can be unlocked by beating certain Blacklist racers.

Code Most Wanted Ps2 Lengkap Iso

Last Mission

After you beat Razor and the cops come, Cross(themain cop) should tell his partner (thegirl) 'send every cop we have after him' (you),once he says that a LOT of black corvettes shouldfollow and try and catch you and you can't runaway from them, but after a while of them chasingyou, Mia should call you and say 'don't worryjust head to the broken bridge' (it should appearin your map after the call) head there and youwill beat the mission!

Sonny's And Taz's Car

If you wanna get both of Sonny's and Taz's car,this is what you do, first beat Sonny and whenthey put the 3 markers and you gotta pick 2markers out of those, Sonny's car is in the thirdmarker, when you choose the third marker itshould say 'you just got the rival's car.' Thendo the same for Taz. Taz's car should also be inthe third marker.

Bring Down Wanted Level

If you have a high wanted level and you don'twant to change you car, just go to a shop andspray and re-spray your car until you get yourwanted level to where you want it. You can stillhave the same color as what you went in with.Depending on your level, you should spendbetween $500-$3000.

Get 100,000 Dollars

At the start screen, press R1, L1, Up, Down, X(3).

Game 100% Complete

At the press start screen, press Left, Right, Up(3), Down(4), Left(2), Right(3), Up, Down.

All Cars

At the start screen, press L1, R1, X(3), Up, Down, Up, Down.

Get A Lamborghini Gallardo

At the start screen, press R1, R2, L1, L2, X(3), Square, Up, Down.

Burger King Challenge

Enter at the start screen: Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right.

Castrol Syntec Ford GT

Press Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Downat the 'Press Start' screen.

Beat Bounty And Milestons

At the press start screen, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down.

One Stop Shop Marker

Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Up, Down at the'Press Start' screen. A special marker for theJunkman Engine part will appear in the back roomof the One Stop Shop in career mode. Note: Thiscode can only be enabled once per career.

Get A Back Room For Transmission, Engine, Tires, Body Kits

At the start screen, press R1, L1, L2, R2, Up, Down, Down, Up, X(2).

The Porshe Carrera GT

The Porshe Carrera GT is only unlockable bybeating #3/Ronnie.


You can get the BMW M3 GTR after beating #1/Razor.(Note, there is only one BMW M3 GTR in the gamealthough if you sell it you get $250,000.)

Get All Junkman Parts

Once you beat the Burger King Challenge you'llhave all the Junkman parts.

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