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PCS Collectibles has announced another Street Fighter Chun Li Statue. Staying within the season pass, we get yet another costume change for this dangerous woman. Player 2 takes control of this statue as we get her black and gold bikini outfit. The statue will be 18' tall is based around the Street Fighter arena Kanzuki Beach. This Chun Li features the same mold as the other ones we have seen before with the biggest change being the outfit. The other additions include the black bows, added bracelets, and matching white sandals. The artist behind the piece does bring Chun Li to life with a blend of animated and realistic style. This is another Street Fighter Statue that will enhance any gamer's collection.

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Chun Li is back and ready for action with Player 2 behind the wheel. The added costume changes do give collectors a new piece to add to their set. I'm surprised that they keep using the same Street Fighter character instead of added another fighter in the ring. I wonder how many more costumes we will see before we get a new character. The Chun Li Player 2 Black and Gold Statue from PCS Collectibles is priced at $455. She is set to come out between May and August 2021 and pre-orders are live and can be found here.Chun Li Black & Gold, photo from PCS Collectibles.

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Chun Li Black & Gold, photo from PCS Collectibles.Chun Li Black & Gold, photo from PCS Collectibles.Chun Li Black & Gold, photo from PCS Collectibles.'Think you can keep up with me?' 'Sideshow and PCS Collectibles present the Chun-Li: Player 2 Battle EX Season Pass 1:4 Scale Statue, bringing the world of Street Fighter collectibles to the beach. Even while taking a break from battle at Kanzuki Beach, there is always time for training! The Chun-Li Statue measures 18' tall, displaying her expert balancing techniques on the back of a swimming turtle. This highly detailed video game collectible is based on one of Chun-Li's wearable outfits in Street Fighter V.'

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'Faithfully recreated based on her in-game character model, Chun-Li is dressed in a sculpted black and gold bikini accented with bows, bracelets, and even a pair of matching white sandals. A graceful martial artist in peak fighting form, her athletic physique has been rendered in expert detail to blend realism with SFV's distinct animated style. Chun-Li's hair holds a beautiful white hibiscus flower, and her black manicure and pedicure are perfectly coordinated to complete her relaxation-ready look.'Chun

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