Blackmagic Ultrastudio 3d Software Download

Post-production technology is changing with the shift to file-based workflows, Thunderbolt data paths, and adoption of 4K. To address the varied needs that range from one-man-band shops to large facilities, Blackmagic Design has developed the UltraStudio Thunderbolt product family. Download Blackmagic Desktop Video - A practical and straightforward set of tools that help you to capture and playback various video and audio files, as well as create 3D clips.

Hi there.
DownloadYes, I searched for 'Media Express' at the FAQ. 'No results found'. Yes, I did also search this forum before posting for 'Media Express' and was hit with so many posts unrelated to what I am after that I gave up.
Yes, I have registered my Intensity Shuttle Express USB 3.0.
I must be missing something really obvious. Surely this software should not be this difficult to find, requiring users to go to the effort of setting up a forum account and posting a message asking for help about it?
There's no way to email Blackmagic about this, so here goes - probably the millionth query asking for a logical, clear pathway to downloading and installing the fabled 'Media Express' software which I should have immediate access to according to my packaging for my Intensity Shuttle: 'Includes Media Express for easy capture and playback'.
Media Express, however, is *not* included as a download, only Desktop Video Setup is included.
The Blackmagic website does *not* have a link to this, that I can find... and the software download card which came with the device only gives me a download link for Desktop Video Setup. The BM website is a bit of a nightmare to navigate - you can't even search for Media Express - which is essential to have to be able to use this device on a Mac.
This link goes nowhere - literally:
https://macdownload.informer.com/blackm ... /download/
Please help. I had expected to be able to start using this device immediately after setting everything up. This all seems really strange - why isn't there a clear Media Express download link at the main website?

In case you have’t heard, Blackmagic Design has released a few professional video software updates in the past couple of weeks including Desktop Video, Davinci Resolve, and UltraScope.

Desktop Video 10.3 includes everything you need to set up your DeckLink, UltraStudio, Intensity and H.264 Pro Recorder for video capture and playback.

Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorder Software

What’s new in Desktop Video 10.3

  • Support for the new DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G including the following new video formats:support for 2160p60 Ultra HD 10 bit YUV 4:2:2 via 12G-SDI and Dual Link 6G-SDI.
    • support for 2K DCI 30p 12 bit RGB 4:4:4 via 3G-SDI and Stereoscopic 3D via Dual Link 3G-SDI
    • support for 1080 HD 30p 12 bit RGB 4:4:4 via 3G-SDI and Stereoscopic 3D via Dual Link 3G-SDI
  • General performance and stability improvements.

Download on Blackmagicdesign.com

DaVinci Resolve 11.1.1 provides minor performance enhancements including XML improvements for Final Cut Pro X importing of color data, improved stability for corrupt .dng files and support for the new Panasonic VLUT 3D LUT format. Blackmagic recommends all users move to this release.

Blackmagic Ultrastudio Download

Our experts at MelroseTEC deliver complete turnkey information and communications technology solutions including: IP Networks, wireless, VOIP, and Cloud Services. Interested in learning more? Visit our MelroseTEC section and start solving your business and operational challenges.What’s new in DaVinci Resolve 11.1.1

Blackmagic Ultrastudio Express

  • Support for Panasonic VLUT 3D LUT format
  • Trim Clips feature is now called Consolidate clips
  • Improved RED clips consolidation
  • Source caching improvements with concurrent temporal processing
  • FCPX XML importing improvements for color information
  • Phantom CINE file decode improvements
  • ColorTrace support for Dolby Vision EDR grading
  • Scopes settings are now restored correctly in dual screen mode
  • Improvements in stability when reading a corrupt DNG frame
  • Object tracking points now display during stabilisation
  • Color picker improvements in ACES mode General performance and stability improvements

UltraScope 1.8 provides support updates for both Mac and Windows PC computers.

What’s new in UltraScope 1.8

  • enables Pocket UltraScope to be used with Ivy Bridge USB3 chipsets resulting in a much larger choice of Windows laptops.
  • provides support for Apple 15” MacBook Pro with Retina display which will display full screen 6-up view when the resolution is set to 1920x1200
  • provides support for 13” MacBook Pro with Retina which will display the 2-up view